30 Nov 2009

Blue Monday

Had iced lemon tea & chicken floss mee for supper yesterday night & ended up having broken sleepless nights yesterday. T.T I knew it! I knew it! How can I be so stupid by drink caffeine drink at night knowing that I’ll be awake for the whole night after that? Oh dear…this is the most stupid mistake of the day, isn’t it?

With just a drop of the caffeine, it made me staying awake all night and yes, it’s frustrating having the need to go to work the next day with the lack of sleep!

The good thing is I’m not alone..kekeke….Jimmy too…buahaha…while AJ sleeping soundly & peacefully at one corner with lying on his stomach & drooling somemore! I was wondering what he’s dreaming about? So both of us ended up turning around on the bed trying to get some sleep.

We managed to get to sleep... it was nearly 2 or 2 something I believed. Peaceful sleep at last then suddenly, AJ cried every few minutes in dawn. Argggh!!!! I was nearly on the verge to bump me head to the wall because I couldn't sleep properly.

Why AJ cried? He has been coughing for the past few days and it's getting worse. Broken nights for him meaning he has difficulty in breathing. meaning flu. flu & cough. Poor little fella.

*shyet* Mom & Cute ma are going to be upset seeing this. Then they'll go...eh siang lo, zho mian ti lou pan? neh neh neh bla bla bla....yeah..I shouldn't have said it, but I have already said it soooo whatever....

Rest assured, visited doc and confirmed sore throat. So medicine for the rest of the week.

I took a few photos using my phone just now but I just realised I don't have the right cable to transfer them to my computer. ==" What a day.


25 Nov 2009

10 things you love about AJ

From inside out. Unfortunately, no pictures taken at the time it happened (I’ll explain next time)…use your imagination \wink

  1. A talented actor :: He imitates cat’s voice each time he sees a cat and it’s perfect! Miaw~~~~
  2. Unspeakable runner :: If he saw me going out through the back door or front door, he runs at his highest speed (10km/hour) like he’s chasing his fast-rolling penny, making sure he gets there on time before the door closed. At the time which this happened, he’s only down to his nappy.
  3. Mr Knows-it-all :: He knows it’s time to go out when he heard the sounds of the keys and would stop everything he’s doing / dropping whatever he’s holding. He knew it’s tired walking up & down the stairs, so he would sit there until you carries him to the other end.
  4. Loved by all teachers in the nursery :: His character, curly hair, “scolding” speech. He is praised for his cute character & good behaviour, finishing his meals. On each evening when I pick him up, I received good comments about him. Oh..there's only one so far when he didn't finished his meals.
  5. The cute side :: On really rare occasions, he would waves goodbye to me when I dropped him off at the nursery. Only 3 times for the time being. He’s sooooo cute whenever he waves at me.
  6. The cool side :: He ignores me when I waves goodbye at the drop-off. He would purposely looks at other places, not making eye-contact at me. T.T
  7. Don’t mess with me, mate :: He shows his tantrum, crying, scolding the teacher when the teacher called his name at nearer to home time thinking that I’ve arrived to pick him up when it’s not. He thought his car has arrived at the nursery but it turns out to be his friend’s car. This also happened when he saw his friend going home one by one. Don’t play play huh…
  8. The kind & gentle side :: when he saw me helping Jimmy’s grandmother to her chair or down the stairs or when I asked him to carry something at the store, he would lend a hand. You should see the way he tried to help. Blessed~~~
  9. The rebellious side :: You asked him to throw something into a bin, he hides it in the cupboard. haha
  10. The divorce settlement :: which is the best thing of all, he’s no longer sucking to his dummy. The divorce (talak tiga) to his “wife” was finalized last week. Woots…This happened on an incident. I’ll share with you all the experience in the next post.


19 Nov 2009


Hi everyone...

am still alive for sure! Zzzzzzillions of apologies.

I know I know...it has been long time since I last update. How long was it? 2K years! gosh, has that been so long already? I guess I have to admit that I was busy with everything...AJ with dengue fever, driving for 5 hours in Kuching, sorting AJ’s nursery arrangement, house moving, house cleaning, home furnishing, adapting to my new work environment..busy busy busy. 24 hours a day is definitely not enough for me.

Right, I'm not going to make this post boring by talking endlessly about things for the past 2k years...I’m not going to make my blog smelly shooing you guys away forever. Instead, I’m going to enlightening you all with some pictures you’ve been waiting for.
here's the latest family photo
a birthday cake from Lik Jian, our good friend whom AJ loves his company all the time
cutting the cake - me or AJ?
AJ: it's mine!!!...wahaha...
AJ: watch me. I'm gonna get the biggest slice.
AJ: actually it's mama's birthday cake...I'm practising my cutting for my upcoming birthday
AJ can't wait to try it himself.
yummy yummy...i like it

Thanks Lik Jian for the lovely cake & photos. Really appreciate it and Happy belated birthday to me myself. Yes, I'm getting wiser hehe...not older.

Still, I have lots of things to write but i’ll save up to the next few posts. They are those no one ever knows. Including both my family! Till then.