30 Jul 2008

Lead your life to the fullest

As a mother, I understand that taking care a baby or more is very stressful and tired. It is a lifelong responsibility. Other than that, you have to take care the well-being of the rest of the family. Even so, there are times where you will enjoy his company and when you do, you'll know your efforts is priceless & worthwhile.

Tips on how to have your utmost unforgetable days.

Build up your energy 1st. Have a bowl of baby rice. Yum Yum...



Put all your weight to your opponent.
1, 2, 3 - YES!
Presenting the champion



*ignore the sleeping princess behind*



watch his favorite clips
Born to be a boss



yea yea...hehe =P

Haha...seeing those pictures makes me laugh & forget that I had a rough day. AJ, mommy loves you lotz & owez!


28 Jul 2008

Presenting our new flat

EVERYONE! As promised, let me present to you all our new flat. I know, you must be very excited. ^__^

1st of all, let me show you how close we are from almost everywhere.
Perfect location! [click the image for larger view]
The living room. Borrowed the TV from a friend.
Looking forward to own one soon. Watch this space!
AJ's play area. Spacious...spacious..
Kids, nowadays... =.=
Master bedroom
With baby cradle oso =P AJ loves it!
The look from our bedroom, courtyard - summer BBQ coming up!
Kitchen - waseh..can cook comfortably now
Bathroom - again, spacious compared to our previous shower room

We have another bedroom at the back, currently being used as store room. Such a waste...haha..The bedroom was intended for Alice but she prefered the living room using our futon sofa. Probably due to the room's structure... never mind, at least now we got spare for our guests.


Special thanks dedicated to Ken, Rudolf, Val & Davy for helping us moving. Not to forget also, Mary for her lovely meals for home welcoming party.


26 Jul 2008

Fuh...What a week!

Val: this post is a must read!

Yes! I have returned to my normal-self. Not that I'm down or sick. Just tired. Endless tired days. As you know, was busy moving during last weekends. Gosh...I really don't understand why this move has actually taken nearly 3 days to complete.

Why? I had to stop packing/unpacking every few hours for AJ. Baby at this age tends to favor mom ^_^ *yiseh...true what* and will cry to his utmost volumes continuously until he gets what he wants. Baby is the most powerful species in the world. Even greater than the King of all histories.

We had to cancel our trip to north England because of this. Everyone (except AJ) got sick. Fortunately, the room booked at Manchester was at discounted rate. But we still continue moving no matter what. *Blessed* Eventually, everyone has got better & enjoying every moments in our new flat. Goal accomplished!!!

I know Alice would be quite disappointed having to cancel the trip. So, we went to nearer cities with Rudolf & Val - Bath (again for Alice), Southampton & Portsmouth. 3 words to describe this cities respectively - marvellous, bad & ok. Love Bath especially. Here's why.

Roman Bath museum Can you find the similarity?
Perfect garden on the perfect day
Portsmouth - entertained by Rudolf (nb Rudolf is no no enemy to AJ)
The famous Spinaker tower in Portsmouth

P.s. I got thinner a bit - claimed by Alice & agreed by Jimmy. muahaha...

Haha...then hor...you know we won't have any Internet connection once we moved in. SyJen said Alice won't survive without Internet. Nearly...Alice nearly couldn't survived. Phew...she managed since we had 2 days trip to Bath, Southampton & Portsmouth. We were lucky that we had this done by the time we reach home. Else...Jimmy & Me will be in really deep trouble. Alice spent the whole night Internet-ing - revenge!

Let me tell you why we love our new flat:
  • Spacious - big big, lotsa area for AJ to moveabout
  • Proper bedroom - was dining/bedroom/living room T___T
  • Private courtyard - summer BBQ!
  • Xtra room for guests
  • Proper dining table - was sacrified to become AJ's changing table
  • Xtra space for AJ to sleep - baby cradle
  • Bath for AJ
  • 5 mins to central park
  • 5 mins to railway station
  • 15 mins walk to city
  • 15 mins walk to my office
Don't worry. I will post some photos of our new flat soon. Still need to clean the old flat before returning it back to the landlord. What a mess!

*** Dedicated for Val ***

Val, love your company here in UK. We have already missed you. Safe journey back to Hongkong & we'll see you soon. Very very soon. Guess what, we had a photo taken without you knowing. haha..naughty us.



18 Jul 2008


We are moving things tonight as pre-plan...and that's what we all doing at the moment

Alice - feeds AJ
Me - pack pack, wah very messy
Jimmy - gets all the energy he can to move tonight
It's going to be a tiring day for all of us.




Well, except AJ


17 Jul 2008

Awesome Exeter

"Exeter? Just a boring town with only a street of shophouses. Don't expect too much". This is what I said to Alice. All 4 of us, Val, Alice, AJ & me went to Exeter yesterday.

On our way to Exeter, AJ was very excited. Hoorah for AJ! no more train virginAJ's famous rock eyes
The massive Cathedral Church
With Val & ... not sure what this "Church" is called.
Happy AJ
Very very happy AJ

Our lunch at Wetherspoon (nb we finished all of it - the powerpuff girls)

We spent the rest of the day shopping & camwhoring while waiting for Rudolf off work. Exeter has changed since the opening of Princesshay last year. I'm sorry, Exeter for saying what a boring city you are.

p.s. Special thanks to Rudolf & Val for their warmest hospitality during our short visit in Exeter.


14 Jul 2008

Mount Batten

Muahaha...It was really good weather yesterday. ^__^ Jimmy and Alice were Wii-ing till 3am but I can't wait to have another good day - camwhoring!

Where should we go? That's it! Mount Batten

Woot! The panoramic view of Plymouth, The Hoe The family together

The rock eyes...cool as usual
Woot! ada handsome?

Alice action!
Ta-dah.. parachute attempt failed. The Superwoman yes!
OK OK! Back to AJ

Next destination? Car wash
Wahaha! Caught Davy... ehem ehem. you know lar..that's what guys do when in need
>.< The youngest driver in the world
Wiewit! Don't play play ah

Another day of success. What's next? Packing to move to a new flat & prepare to go to Exeter tommorow.

p.s. Jen, jealous leh...come back to Plymouth lor. We miss you a lot dy.