14 Jul 2008

Mount Batten

Muahaha...It was really good weather yesterday. ^__^ Jimmy and Alice were Wii-ing till 3am but I can't wait to have another good day - camwhoring!

Where should we go? That's it! Mount Batten

Woot! The panoramic view of Plymouth, The Hoe The family together

The rock eyes...cool as usual
Woot! ada handsome?

Alice action!
Ta-dah.. parachute attempt failed. The Superwoman yes!
OK OK! Back to AJ

Next destination? Car wash
Wahaha! Caught Davy... ehem ehem. you know lar..that's what guys do when in need
>.< The youngest driver in the world
Wiewit! Don't play play ah

Another day of success. What's next? Packing to move to a new flat & prepare to go to Exeter tommorow.

p.s. Jen, jealous leh...come back to Plymouth lor. We miss you a lot dy.



-esjen- said...

Walao ehh.. The Hoe... is so nice.... i am so freaking jealous now.. ARGHHHHH.... eh... the Alice doing the parachuting thing... u look behind the ah mu and ah pek were looking like... "wtc THIS GIRL DOING???" hahaha...

AJ's Rock's Eye... still very de cool..

Alice said...

eh jen they are NOT apek amu yet laa.. hahahahaa

-esjen- said...

how u know they not ah pek ah mu wor... they look like ang mo punya ah pek ah mu ler.. hahaha