11 Jul 2008


Finally, the sun is back. We've been longing to enjoy a bright and sunny day. AJ's even complaining for not being able to go out. =.=

We went to get Alice's ultimate creations. You know what..It is a present to me. Mine only!! wahaha....Jimmy's getting jealous already. Thanks Alice. * Muacks *


We continued to argos after lunch. Got AJ's a new compact buggy -preparing ourselves for the coming up trips - Exeter and North England. This buggy originally costs £69.99 and was on sale for £49.99. I only spent £14.99 cash where the rest of the amount was paid by the nectar points I have accumulated over 2 years. Only £14.99 for that buggy. Woot...I love Argos and Nectar!

Included rain cover & footmuff (not displayed)

AJ loves it as well. Hmmm...comfy comfy...

So, what's tomorrow? The painting has attracted Val, so we decided to have a go tomorrow (2nd time for Alice). Sunny day tommorrow please and for the rest of the summer. * finger crossed *




Alice said...

haha i feel bad for not giving ah go one. But you guys can always share share right? hehehe I painted it with love lehh so must be extra careful ooh haha

woot~ cant wait for tomorrow's outing and the coming up outings. let's turn Val into a camwhore too hehehee

-esjen- said...

lucky AJ.. got to have 2 "cars" now..

Margaret said...

Alice: that bowl is mine liao..don't care ah go..let him jealous

Jen: baby nowadays ah...very lucky