28 Jul 2008

Presenting our new flat

EVERYONE! As promised, let me present to you all our new flat. I know, you must be very excited. ^__^

1st of all, let me show you how close we are from almost everywhere.
Perfect location! [click the image for larger view]
The living room. Borrowed the TV from a friend.
Looking forward to own one soon. Watch this space!
AJ's play area. Spacious...spacious..
Kids, nowadays... =.=
Master bedroom
With baby cradle oso =P AJ loves it!
The look from our bedroom, courtyard - summer BBQ coming up!
Kitchen - waseh..can cook comfortably now
Bathroom - again, spacious compared to our previous shower room

We have another bedroom at the back, currently being used as store room. Such a waste...haha..The bedroom was intended for Alice but she prefered the living room using our futon sofa. Probably due to the room's structure... never mind, at least now we got spare for our guests.


Special thanks dedicated to Ken, Rudolf, Val & Davy for helping us moving. Not to forget also, Mary for her lovely meals for home welcoming party.



-esjen- said...

wao... it's so so so spacious... i loved it...

i wan i wan i wan...

Margaret said...

haha...we loved it too...Come, Come, Come. Jen, if you come back to UK, stay with us as long as you want.