11 Sep 2009


I have the bestest kindest loveable parents-in-law. Know why? Cute ma know that I looonged to go back to Apollo's home for a few days so she specifically said that I can 回娘家 (aka go back to a married woman's parent's home) for a few days while hubby off to Kuching for an interview today.

I've only packed a few days clothes but my in-law's house is not far away and I could just go back again when I needed more. As some of you may be aware, the moment I reach to Apollo's house, I went to the fridge sraight away - to get a big mug of ice-cream Cremo's coconut my favorite to cool myself down from the extremely hot evening. \grin Ice-cream is always the best food comforter regardless of the weather. Might not on cold days. I always find it satisfying and making my mood happy after having it. But eat with care. Very very very fatty.

I can already imagine when AJ got older later, he will do the same thing as well. He would go screaming excitedly "Are we at granpa's house yet?" "How far is it?" Why so long?" "Then he would go "Are we going to granpa's tomorrow?. I wanna go" the moment we leave the house. LOL

Well, the most important thing of all is to be able to eat mom's nicest food. I miss every bit of it the moment I finished my secondary education left home to further study, found love and now having my own family. T.T Enjoying every single moment! Can you believe that my mom woke up every 5 ish in the morning to cook rice and oriental dishes for breakfast for my brother and sister before they go to school? A healthy meal for all before she goes to work and comes back to cook dinner after work or after aerobic. Her work never finishes. To be able to work and caring the family at the same time is a very challenging job. My biggest idol! Apollo also for supporting me to be me today. I'm so proud of you two. Love you lotsa lotsa. muacks!!! Soo nice, isn't it? I will aim to do the same thing to AJ plus any future children (if any).

But anyway, the another good thing is I am lucky to have such a good & sporting in-laws flexible enough to allow me to go back to my parent's house for a few days. Eh, to be clear with you guys first, I didn't have any arguments with my in-laws leaving me to go back to my parent's home. It's a casual visit. CASUAL VISITS!!! Cute ma and ah bui missed AJ so much that they called me for 3 times already only a few hours I arrived here. Furthermore, AJ was feeling not well so they are EXTREMELY very worried. Nowadays, AJ is the biggest boss / king in both the Ling's and Lee's family.

Speaking of AJ, he has been feverish and extremely case of diarrhea since last night. I suspect it's due to his teething. He wasn't sucking to his dummy a lot this morning. He is really sleepy but his gum hurts soo much that he cried until he went asleep. poor him. I wanted to help but I don't know how I could help so I ended up carrying him for the past hour soothing him to sleep. He was still crying when he was half asleep. I hope he will be feeling better soon. Please pray with me guys so that AJ will be feeling better soon.


6 Sep 2009

young can cook, old can cook, anyone can cook

the chicken wine soup....banyak sedap oooo (soooo delicious)


2 Sep 2009

The 2.5 weeks holiday stroke job hunting in KL

Renown to everybody yes time indeed flies quick la time waits for no woman la it's true the 2.5 weeks gone pretty fast and I am not denying the fact that I am pretty upset to leave KL tomorrow but also excited to visit the place where I grew up meeting my families soon the slow mo laid back life in Sarikei.

So for the past 2.5 weeks, we went to quite a number of places and had lots of food. Went to Times Square to have our hair cut, the Curve to meet my ex-coursemates, Sunway Lagoon, pasar malam in SS2, Sungei Wang, Low Yat Plaza, Genting, Jusco & Tesco in Cheras. Not to forget, we've been eating a lot of foods and because we're not burning them effectively, we have gained a lot of weights in just 2 weeks. Pretty shocking, isn't it?

While we are hard at enjoying ourselves here, I myself am also hard at hunting for jobs. I have been to interviews but still awaiting for responses. Why is it so hard to look for a position that I really want? Is it because I don't shine enough? Or am I requesting too much? or is it because I look ugly doesn't look like the person as mentioned in my CV?

I am pretty down now. Probably it's because I couldn't secure a job. I feel like I want to bump me head to the wall with the strongest moment and fell down and get to sleep or punching into the mirror breaking the mirror into pieces but I don't dare to do that as I don't want to end up with bandages then screaming for pain then having people looking pity at me then interviewers seeing me weird with the bandages wondering like I went to clubbing then got into fight with another pretty sexy lady trying to flirting with a handsome guy or I hurt myself by falling down the stairs or when I scold AJ with the cloth hanger or a belt =.= Ceh...sounds like I am an evil mother. Ridiculous!!!

I know it's just matter of time. I have to be patient and wait and see. I must wait!!!! NO MATTER WHAT!




until when????? Sampai bila? 到什么时候? aiseh...my Chinese is still looking good. easy la...using malay --> english --> chinese translation on the web la...so freaking easy...haha...

haha...I'm good good....honestly. I am just being the usual complainant. I will be optimisic and I know the best has yet to come. Enjoying the long holiday and the food in Malaysia like I never had it before...Woohoo!!!

Anyway, I'm glad to meet you guys (in no particular order):
- Ong Chen Hui
- Alice
- Mr. Wong
- Chieng Heng Bing
- James Ho
- Pearl
- Lee Siah
- Rosverny Choo
- Brandon Choi
- Jason Lim
- Jaren Chia
- Ah Pong
- Trish
- Brandon Lim
- Felicia Chin
- Banned Ling
- Evonne Kong
- Brenda Leong
- Rudolf Ronald

Those I haven't met, don't be upset. I'm sure we'll meet again. I see you when I see you. Muacks...

Sarawak, here I come! Can't wait to have the Hiek Lik's kam pua, Ah Zheng's son's cha mien, Sarawak laksa and most of all, my dad's free ice cream. yum yum...we may be going to Sibu meeting my schoolfriend's son and to Kuching meeting some of my few friends over there. It's gonna be good to meet our families and friends soon....

We're still not sure where to settle down yet. Still deciding either KL / Sarawak. I know time will tell. Time will tell...and will update you guys when we have reach to our decision.

ok...back to the FB MindJolt Bubble Spinner / Sims 3


1 Sep 2009

The Bubble Spinner

The north-east-south-west blowing wind has surprisingly influencing us 4 lately including me being the most lousy player of any whatsoever game to play the facebook Bubble Spinner game. It started with Alice being the top champion then Mr Wong ages ago. As we're on holiday in KL at the moment and job hunting, hubby passed his overly long free time playing the bubble spinner.

After so many uncountable attempts & failures, he finally succeeded in being the top among our friends. and Alice felt being challenged pantang dicabar wor so she played the bubble spinner whenever she has her hands on the computer ignoring her usualself daily routine playing her second life in the Sims3. Still trying to beat her beloved brother highest score. LOL....

Bubble spinner - a bubble shooter with a fun twist works with the same concept as the tetris game. The goal is to prevent the balls reaching to the walls around it and the balls will be removed if 3 or more same colored balls are grouped together. Depending on the force from where you shoot the ball, the bubble spinner will be twisted either clockwise or anti-clockwise so that you can work around with the colors. You score points based on the number of balls you removed. Very interesting, aint it?

I wasn't interested until I tried it myself and I am myself is sort of addicted already even only on the first few attempts. You would go eeeeekkk screaming noooo when it's going to hit the wall or go oppps if your hit missed. haha

My current score is 274 currently which I consider good on the second attempt. and guess what, I have already beat one of my friend's score. teeheee..if you haven't try it before, you should give it a go...

Behold, everyone. I'm gonna catchup with you guys soon. Sooon.......I mean it so hard that I will play it every minute everyday 247 regardless how busy I right at the moment my eyes are open and before my eyes closes for at least 8 hours. as if I thaaaaattttttt free.... =.=