29 Sep 2008

I'm rich

This post was meant to be posted on Friday. But I forgot...T___T waaa.......totally forgot. Had a busy weekend. Anyway, who cares?? Remember...turn your time back to Friday.
Woot! Payday...

Wahaha…I’m rich – in my own world la…Not that I’m getting lotto or toto...Don’t mind if it is. I’m thousandnaire….woot~~~

Yes! It’s payday today! I’ve been on statutory pay since March and the pay was basically just enough for my rent. So poor that AJ and I were very much depending on Jimmy. Blessed daddy. When I arrived to my desk this morning, there’s the small yellow envelope I’ve been waiting for… my eyes went zing ££ zing ££.

My pay for this month is …. Eh…why should I tell you? No way, no way. It’s absolutely confidential & personal. But I’m so happy that I got paid (in full), so I thought to share my happiness with you all. Haha…..Don’t get offended, ok?

I’m going to tell you what I’m going to do with my money. CNY flight ticket, my winter jacket, winter clothes for AJ, possibly the dress for my wedding? If there’s a sale – I bet not at this time. So saving up till the boxing day. Then, I need to pay the rent, tax, bills, groceries…bla bla…..helping our young family surviving through the month. Also hopefully will helping Jimmy in providing our small family. Apparently, no much left for savings by the end of next month =.=, as expected.

Very normal. When you have your first salary, you’ll spend all of it. Then start saving the next month or so. I know I’ve started working 2 – 3 years ago. But since I was in such a long break, I’m going to pamper myself & the family with this pay.


Updates: AJ
AJ cold is still there but has got a lot better this week. His appetite grew and smiles happily every time our eyes met. He has been really good this week at nursery. He cried a while when Jimmy dropped him off on Monday. Then, he ended up watching his daddy walk away the rest of the week. Within seconds he arrived there, he just reaches out to the carer.

He used to start crying the moment he saw his daddy at the evening – wailing “take me home” or “where’ve you been? I miss you”. But now… “Oh hi daddy, you’re here”…huh…he just selamba…..selamba…… He saw his daddy walked in, sat beside him and yet he continues playing with the toys. =.=. Has he forgotten that he has a home to go back to?

T_T My cheeky son doesn’t want to go back home now. He prefers his nursery than his own home….haih…I can’t blame him. He spent most of his daytime at the nursery so has got used with the environment there. Since he’s such a good boy – settled in so quickly and superb compliments from nursery assistants, I’m relieved. Rewarding him something big. BIG KISS!!! Wahaha…. *Blessed*


Updates: Diet
I had two heavy dinner last two nights. Tried refraining myself to crave into those delicious meat dishes but couldn’t stop to have a bite. Joline was right. The more you avoid them, the more you crave for them. =.=

Now I fully understand why it’s so easy to get fat easily but ages to get back to shape. I kinda regret eating too much at my pregnancy. But I was eating for 2. Ah..I know I know…I keep looking for excuses. There’s no need to think back now. Regretting won’t get me shape back too. So, what I’ll do now….is diet diet diet seriously.

The reason because I couldn’t stop myself was it was our first visit to newly opened buffet Chinese posh restaurant in the city centre. It was also Rudolf’s mom farewell dinner before she went back home – Malaysia.

Oh yeah… about this new restaurant. Its design was posh & gorgeous. Seriously. It was refurbished to fit its name – Water Dragon. I felt welcomed when I first arrived. 5 big wooden crafted chinese chair at reception. A couple of waterfall wall glass caught AJ’s attention, then a big wall painted with sea scenery and dragons.

Services were excellent. Moving to their food section. Yes, it’s eat-as-much-as-you-want service. They taste way better than Buffet City – another buffet restaurant in the city, honestly. Their food section includes Chinese, sushi section, lovely desert – cakes, mash mallows dip with choc & ice-creams and the interesting part is special dish of your choice freshly cooked. All just in one bundle price. No additional fee except the drinks la of course. Isnt’ it great?

Yeah...so basically, just get yourself fat in that restaurant eh? wahaha….the food was great. Fortunately, I didn’t have the desert else my diet plan is crushed. But I craved into the meaty dishes especially the prawns my favorite, a mussel (only one, I swear), 2 fried chicken, 2 prawn on toast, few scallops, noodles and lotsa veges. See…I’m watching my figure. Not bad eh? But I felt guilty not following my diet plan.

What I did 2 days ago was a serious felony (Oh no, I’m now a felon!), so I’m going to put myself on a naughty chair for 1 month. Even if I in a restaurant, I’ll just have vege to go with little rice. Promise! No more excuse. Vege Vege Vege!


OK la...I know I missed the photos of the week also. My loyal fans must be grunting. Sorry lo...I'll make sure I'll do it this weekend. Promise! And some very cute interesting photos...You'll laugh till you cried...smile from ear to ear....haha.....Till then...wahaha...


24 Sep 2008

I now declared myself as carnitarian

To ensure that I’ll be looking good in my wedding reception next year, I’m starting a strict regime. Yes, thanks to Alice for her support. This is the best way I hope since I don’t have time to workout. Wake up 6:15, work 8 to 6, cook dinner, mother-and-son precious moments before his bedtime (8-ish), when he snoozes, bath, wash dishes, prepare our and AJ tomorrow’s lunches, left about 1 hour for homework and rest before bed. Fuh…very tight schedule.

When I told Jimmy yesterday that I’m going for vege until before cny next year, he went buahaha….buahaha….we shall see. I’ll prove to you that I’m carnitarian for the next 4 months. I’m not touching any meat from Monday to Friday. How’s that? Sounds good? So, vegetarian on the weekdays. Then one or two pieces of meat at weekend. Hehe….one month trial on this and we’ll see how it goes.


So the meats is very persuasive….I can see them wailing “Take me, I’ll make sure you smile the next few hours” or “Eat me, you’ll be fat forever”

Too much…too tempting…I wonder if I can take it. Today is the graduation day for Davy, Clif and Hong Chuan, our Malaysian friends and we are invited for a family dinner in a restaurant tonight. Should I make an exception tonight? Wah…This is only the first diet day and yet I’m already going against it! Should I?

I think I’ll eat a little bit of meat but not too much and vege on Saturday. Jimmy’s gonna be like “Oi….I thought you’re vegetarian from today?” ah…I know…I’ll stormed all veges tonight. Yeah!!!

I’ll give you the updates on this later.


Meanwhile, I read a very interesting article. It looks so comfy and cute so I get meself a copy of the image to let you guys have a peek peek. Full article can be found here The dressed chicken


23 Sep 2008

Monday again...

One of my collegue just became mom yesterday. Both mother and daughter are well. She said she had a difficult labour. Not sure in detail how difficult it is though. But believe me, when a mother it’s difficult, it is.

Somehow I felt that I was lucky because when I had AJ, it was quick. Gary's partner spent nearly 2 days and had c-section in the end. Chloe's mom had forceps to pull Chloe’s head out. Jimmy’s co-worker, Ken’s wife Lee spent a day pushing when she had her first son.

O_o Mine was 3 hours of labour. It was alright but I have to stay in the hospital for 4 days as my blood pressure was shooting high. I was really lucky, eh!

Anyway, congratulations to them. She & her husband named their baby as Eva Louise. Oh…I love Eva name.


Woot~~~ Can’t wait for the coming holidays. It’s coming soon and I’m looking forward to spend our holidays with our families back at home.

I’m looking for a gown that I can look good on it and then suit for any formal occasions. Something that I could wear it on my wedding reception. Whenever I have a look on those gorgeous dresses, these 2 bad guys keep teasing me. Who else? Jimmy & Teck Young thinks that I’m fat. Especially the belly area.

It’s like they are pointing big fingers pressing my head …press press press…till i’m so small…a dwarf or elf. So small…..

Doh…I do really need to keep fit. But I couldn’t find the time too. Work then AJ after. I can only rest when he snoozes. That’ll just about an hour before my bed time. So tired yet I’m still so fat.

Maybe I go for vege? But I’ll be missing the delicious meat meals….can’t lar…Jimmy will go like…..yummy on the roast pork or turkey roast lar…whatever la….*drooling*



Updates on AJ

He still has a little bit of cold. You know ah…seconds after he sneeze, I need to be fast enough to quickly get tissues to wipe of the nasal discharge from his nose. If not, he eats it back to where it is. Hingus! Hingus! Yucks!!! Go away you little dirty contagious hingus. You little devil is only causing trouble to my AJ.

Why the nose located just above the mouth? Sometimes I couldn’t catch it. And AJ tasted a little bit, and then he’ll do the weird face. :-S I have lots of tissues standby almost everywhere now. Just in case…wahaha….

Anyway, he’s back to himself. The moment he’s on his walker, he’ll be moving around like mad. Pull anything that grabs his attention. Jimmy was ironing the working clothes yesterday in the living room and left it to cool after that. As AJ knew that he’s mobile on its own (on his walker), he just run there, grabs its stand then pushed and pulled. Thump thump thump…..Wah… the board is likely gonna fall anytime. EARTHQUAKE. EARTHQUAKE. Kinteo…. Fortunately, he’s yet strong enough to do another 9/11 but can’t be sure in the next few days.



22 Sep 2008

Photos of the week 21-09-2008

Here we go again. Exeter's our destination! Yes, the weather was so marvellous, so we decided to go to Exeter for a day trip. So, cut to short....photos...photos...

Check out his two teeth

Brunch at a restaurant

Teck Young enjoyed his meal


Jimmy's the chef tonight - steak. :P
very nice - except the potato (not cooked). Thanks dear!


19 Sep 2008

AJ's 奶爸

Hot! Hot! Hot! It really shiny today. If you’re here, you know what I mean. Just like summer. This also means I can save my money to get my clothes dry without using electric dryer. God, I love Mr Sun here. Especially when you’re living in a 4 season’s country.

Yesh... I’m working today and pretty occupied. One of my colleagues is off sick, so I need to cover her to make sure any important tasks are taken care of by the end of the day. My team leader, Gary, off to Birmingham for 2 days training and won’t be back until next Monday. I’ve been picking up the things I’ve left behind on Monday. Thank God, now I nearly finished almost all of it.

I felt a lot better now. Having been smelling nothing for this few days, I can now pick up a little bit scent. What else? The scent of strong detergent when I cleaned my kitchen stove yesterday night. Just barely la =.= Yet I'm so happy. My nose is going to fully functioning soon.

Shortly, I'll be able to respond to Jimmy when he asked where something's smelly. I been saying no to him lately. Then he'll be going like "Oh yeah...your nose is blocked. Surely, you can't sense those shitty things." =.= I've been smelling unpleasant odour all this while!?! But leh...wahaha...as my nose was blocked, I won't know AJ's nappy is dirty..so Jimmy has to do the checking routine sniff..sniff...grr....


Updates on how the daddy & son doing at home today
Wahaha…of course I called a number of times at work. That’s very normal. Well not that freaky by calling every hour la. I ringed just to make sure they both are doing ok. Deep down inside my heart, I know they will be just doing fine. AJ’s now has a daily routine in which Jimmy just has to follow it. Meal time, nap, nappy change, play & so on. See? Very easy, eh?

If a 26 year old father can’t cope with an 8 months baby, I’ll chop my head down!

After two days of fasting, it’s the time AJ to have his favorite food and milk. Finished his meals. Nicely done, dear. His poo looks alright, as according to Jimmy. But I’m still putting my finger crossed. He was bright since yesterday. Back to old himself. Keep it up, son!

Since it’s Thursday, I’ve asked Jimmy to have AJ weighed at the health centre. You can say, yes it is Jimmy’s first time too to bring AJ there. He might be feeling awkward. It’s usually mom with baby, dad and mom with baby or dad with toddler. Read carefully…toddlers. I’ve never seen dad with baby yet so far. Probably Jimmy’s the first. Haha…

Yes, weighing. AJ lost a bit of weight. His last weigh was almost 3 weeks ago recording 8.4 kg. Now…only 8.3 kg. T__T He lost quite a lot due to his diarrhoea. It’s ok, son. I’m sure you’ll catch up with it soon. Gambate, son! You can do it! *finger crossed*

“That’s just a piece of cake” Jimmy said. “We’re now best friends”…Jimmy found it a bit difficult to bond with AJ sometimes. Reason being AJ is too attached to me. ^_^ Blessed~~~

Here, I would like to take this golden opportunity to CONGRATULATE to my dear husband, Jimmy, who successfully completed his house-husband tasks today – taking very good care of AJ. I now declared you PASS. ^___^ So so so proud of you.

And oh...Thanks again for praying us all this while.


Let’s hope for sunny weekend eh….so us 3 can do something interesting together. *evil grin*


17 Sep 2008

The unwell us 3

Curse AJ’s bug. Curse the bug to hell! Why do you continuously making AJ upset? He hasn’t been able to take his daily nutrients since whole day yesterday. He’s hungry…extremely hungry…desperate for deliciously tasty food & milk. Why don’t you just die or be a good bug – attacking all the bad bugs? Go away..go away…damn you

AJ had the diarrhoea attack again. He was well on Monday, spent the day blissfully at the day care. He had his dinner at home around 6:30 pm and went straight to bed after. As we, the adults, were preparing to go to bed around 9-ish, he woke up vomiting all the food he took previously on the bed. All of them! Astonishingly, no crying I was expecting. He was so sleepy that he snoozed seconds after a quick change.

And another vomit after he had his milk in the early morning around 3. This time the whole milk he just had. Followed by diarrheoa. Gave him dioralyte next after change, he took just a few sips. Then snoozed. An hour later, he throw up for the 3rd time.

Seen doc in the morning. Doc advised AJ to avoid solid foods and milk for the next 48 hours. O_o. His poo was sent to hospital for laboratory testing. We’re still waiting for results. Hopefully, no harmful virus is found. It has been just a day since AJ touched no food nor milk. He’s really hungry. He’s only satifsfied with 2 sachets of Dioralyte (14 Oz) one go at each meal time.

I took 2 mutual preference days in advance to be with AJ while he’s recovering at home. Also grabbing this chance convalescing myself. This also means I had to work this and next Friday. T___T Doh…who cares? As long AJ is back to his healthy mode, anything worth it.

The bug got into Jimmy now. Pray pray he too will get better. He'll taking a day off tomorrow resting and taking care of AJ at the same time. This will be Jimmy’s first time spending 10 hours alone with AJ. *finger crossed* AJ will be having his first solid food also after 2 day of surviving just water & lots of Dioralytes. Do you think the father and son will be doing ok?

Im gonna write down AJ’s routine so that Jimmy knows what to do in responding to his many different cries in a day. Wish I have hidden cameras to watch at work. I might as well ring to check every hour or two. =.=


Recession started to kick in. With credit crunch, the fall of property prices, food prices hiking up, I’m starting to worry now. Very worried. Very very worried. I was reading Daily Mail online on Monday about the Lehman Brothers, US biggest banking giant, UK third largest mortgage lender has filed into bankruptcy, leaving nearly 5000 people jobless & perhaps unpaid this month. That day is now known as the Black Monday.

I’m working in the same industry also...ah...not with the same company la....Am I going to the same route also? But the company I’m working is reported quite stable wor. Ish…this is very scary.

There’re now talks to merge the major lenders in preventing another big madness. Why hasn’t the government doing anything to this? Can’t they do anything to save this since they have been taxing us so high and higher every year? Why do they only say everything is in plan and I couldn’t see anything happening yet? Why did you speech with poise weeks before your election and then only silence? Actions speak louder than words, people!

God saves us.


15 Sep 2008

Celebrating Mooncake Festival 2008

Yeah yeah…I know…I know. The official name should be Mid-Autumn Festival. But who cares? I don’t mind actually la. As long I know what is it and when, it will be enough.

We don’t normally buy mooncake unless we rrreeeaaaallllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy want to. We have very tight budget. Savings for our future. You know la…the wedding reception, house, AJ’s well-being. No money no talk, mate. But I’m not saying that money is everything. Love is everything.

Back to the subject. Haih…I always got carried away. Why? Why? Why? There I go again.

OK…OK...It’s not cheap though to get one. Plus, not many choices. So, I always say the mooncake here is made from gold.

It’s our first celebration together with our previous son, so we thought ah… WTH. Once a year wouldn’t hurt much. Jimmy likes mooncake so he’ll finished all of them anyway. I don’t fancy mooncake actually except for snow-skin mooncake (aka ice-skin mooncake). But but but…that one is extremely expensive. Made from Diamond/Platinum.

In the end, we decided to get one - the normal one. It looks attractive from outside. Made from Malaysia. Hurm…Not sure from the inside. We shall see. *Raising eyebrows*

Jimmy couldn’t wait to have a try once we got home.
#1/ Outside view
#2/ AJ inspects inspects... "What's that?"
#3/ Let's see the inside
#4/ Not bad..not bad
#5/ Jimmy has his try
#6/ The double yolk mooncake - Jimmy's fav
#7/ AJ have a try also
#8/ *silence*
#9/ Yum yum! Yes, AJ likes it also...

They're quite good actually.

Orite, Happy Mooncake Festival. Have a good one.


It's my first day at work. Officially. For those who doesn't know, I was still on maternity leave until yesterday. Started working since 2 weeks ago using the 10 kits days. Having this flexibility, I was able to off early after finish my work or need to off if there's a problem with AJ.

Now, full time compressed working hours Monday to Thursday 8 to 6. I'm gonna off every Friday from this point onwards and get to spend more time with AJ. Now that AJ has settled, I can work with ease mind having AJ is with someone I entrust . He enjoyed going there now. He just watch his daddy walk off when he reach his nursery room. I'm startled. The staff said they are amazed on how AJ's settled in so quickly. Others cry for weeks. Yes, that's my boy!


14 Sep 2008

Photos of the week 14-09-2008

With Tommy the bear

Can you find Tommy?
2 sunflowers in my courtyard

My workspace - full of AJs
& my computer too ~~~

11 Sep 2008


Ouch…Alice beats me to it. I know I shouldn’t have told Alice at the first place.

Yes, if you come from Alice’s blog...yes yes yes (for endless times), yes..it's true. *jumping up high again and again* Woot~~~~

All 3 of us are celebrating our long lost Chinese New Year next year in the Boleh land.It has been 3.5 years since our last holiday back to hometown and indeed our plan to fly back home sometime next year. I’ve been nagging with Jimmy about that for ages! didn’t even dare to confirm with my mom because we have been delaying it for years till mom said “Only let us know when you’ve booked our flights. Coz your plan was scrapped every year” =.=

Gary, my team leader, had originally OK for my request on the long holiday and was waiting for Jimmy’s side to confirm. I was surprised when Jimmy came home yesterday saying “Guess what? I’ve got green lights from John Barton and let’s book the ticket tonight!” and I just went “Yes! Yes! Yes!” And AJ got shocked with my sudden scream and went a little bit upset. Paiseh paiseh...

Now that our flight has been confirmed, I’ll be able to say it out loud to my family. Yes, Dad, Mom, Bro and Sis, we are going back to see you soon! We can’t wait to say out loud the seconds our flights are booked. So, we called Alice at her time 5:30 AM. Wahaha...fortunately, she realised it wasn’t a dream. the feeling was so good having to be able to step to Boleh land soon.

It’s gonna be really merry next year – Family reunion, Wedding reception, AJ’s first birthday, AJ’s first time meeting his big families in person, bridal photo shoot and not to forget CHINESE NEW YEAR. Woot…OMG, I’ve not been celebrating CNY with my family for 5 long years, Jimmy with his 6 years. Gosh...

There’ll be 6 of us – Jimmy, AJ, Alice, Jeffrey, Ah Soon and Me, arriving Sibu airport that day and I wonder how are we going to Sarikei? 2 cars probably? Humm….I’m not going to worry that much. As that can be sorted within minutes. Ho ho ho….

I’m gonna teach AJ to say gung gung, ma ma, wai gung, wai ma, tai gong, tai ma….and oh..gu gu, shu shu, jiu jiu, yi yi…=.= I wonder if AJ can memorise them….Everyone can’t wait to see AJ. And I can’t wait to let AJ meet our friends and our big families.

Couldn’t sleep last night. Too excited!

Yum yum...kampua, laksa, ah zheng’s cha me, kom pia, bian bian hu....

Counting the days...


Updates on AJ

AJ is getting better now thanks to all your prayers. His diarrhoea stops now *finger-crossed* Still having his cold and cough for the moment but he sleeps quite well yesterday. A pillow was placed behind his head to free his airway. Only wake up a 2-3 times as he keeps turning around. Naughty him.

He went back to his usual-self since yesterday evening. Jimmy sent him to nursery this morning and surprise surprise he didn’t cry as he used to be when Haley, the nursery assistant, holds him. Probably, he now knows the routine eh? Good boy.

Thank God….

Babies likes to share this so now it’s my turn to get sick – cold & cough….I have a weak immune system =.=


10 Sep 2008

Meet Chloe’s Parents

Remember AJ’s far far away gf, Chloe? Yes, I just got the photos from Carol today. And a little bit updates of her precious princess. She has been upset due to teething. Poor Chloe. As parents, we can’t do much but to ease her pain. We hope she’ll be getting better soon. I know...I know...I’m talk too much. I bet you guys can’t wait to see her & her parents.

Ladies & Gentlemen, meet the Lee’s family - sharing the same surname as mine..wahaha…the Lee’s family tree is expanding. We are unrelated la…but probably our ancestors were. You never know. Not to forget, the Ling’s family also growing... ;P

Boys & Girls...let me introduce Chloe's parents...wahah..ok... *mouth zipped*

#1/ Blerk... Cute, aint she?
#2/ Introducing Carol
#3/ Carol & me again at Plymouth Hoe
#4/ Dylan & Jimmy at Barbican
#5/ The beautiful princess Chloe Lee


Updates: AJ's well-being...
AJ was really upset when Jimmy sent him off to the nursery yesterday. He missed it on Monday due to his diarrhea so I thought he can go there yesterday since he has got better. Around noon, I received a call from the nursery at work saying he refused to eat and is not himself. So, AJ spent the rest of the afternoon at home. with me of course... His appetite was as normal leh when I fed him.

Probably he is ill and not in the mood...or could be because he had his first taste on the nursery's dinner & doesn't like it. Yesterday was lasagne & vege. Having sick at the same time...haih....he continued crying. When we reach home, he looked around the room several times. He must be like, Home sweet home. He seems very sleepy, so spend most of his time on sleeping...His diarrhea stopped now *finger crossed* but his coughing, blocked nose...haih...don't want to say anymore...




Get well soon, son. Mommy missed your usual self.

Not much mood to blog today...


9 Sep 2008

The jealous daddy, poor AJ T.T

Wahaha...I love the father of my son. Here's why...This conversation took place on Sunday evening.

Jimmy: Ah Fong, why AJ doesn't play with me?

Margaret: What do you mean?

Jimmy: He never play that game with me before.

Margaret: Why? You jealous?

Jimmy: A little bit..he's so attached to you..


Margaret: That's because I've been with him 24-7 since he was born. Don't worry he will play with as he gets older.

Jimmy: But I want him to play with me....


In case you are wondering what's the game we talked about, it's when AJ's trying to grab my attention when I wasn't looking at him. There were several occassions where AJ's turns / moves to where my eyes is ... asking me to look at him. He could be in his car (walker) or when he's in my arms. And he could just do the cute look asking me to talk / play with him. and Jimmy's getting a little bit envy. Even Alice and my mom-in-law said AJ's so attached to me.

Wahaha...My sweet little baby. You're my rock, my everything. You and Jimmy both makes my life complete.


Today, AJ and I stayed at home most of the time. AJ is unwell since last week. It went more serious thro' the weekend.

Fever T_____T
Diarrhea T_____T
Cold T_____T
Cough T_____T

He had loose stools everytime after his meal since last Friday. I got so worried that I took him to see doctor this morning. Doc advised it is something to do with his intestine xxx (scientific word). In English, I'm guessing it's related to harmful worms in his intestine. So AJ is pescribed with rehydration salts oral powder. He's forbidden to take milk for the next 48 hours and solid food for 24 hours. The only food he can take is the powder mixed with water today to keep himself from dehydrated. Also aims to clear his instestine as the bugs feeds on lactose from the milk and solid food.

As for his cold and cough, no medicine is prescribed. As expected, UK doctors won't pescribe any medicines for babies and toddlers. I found it strange at the beginning. But as I give more thought, I couldn't agree more! If any prescriptions are given to them, they will be depend on medicines to recover. What if the viruses/bugs are immune to those medicines? Is your baby going to depend on stronger dose medicine that could possibly brings worse side effects?

Let them run through its course. Meanwhile, help him to recover quickly by feed him with vitamin-C-rich fruits (i.e. Kiwi, Oranges, etc). I too craved myself with these fruits when I had cold or cough Xmas last year. Fight them with my own the body's immune system!

Ah yes...at our doc's surgery, the doc suddenly said "What? AJ is recognised in the system as a heavy smoker with 24 cigarettes a day!" Can you believe it!?! at this age!?! Then it is to our understanding that the system picks up certain words inputted by doctors / nurses and updates the details automatically. Obviously, this is wrong. What kind of NHS system anyway? How accurate the data is hold? Although I myself is in IT field, this kind of system is totally unreliable. Shame on you, whoever build this system!

Anyway, correction was quickly made and they should! Phew~~~ else AJ's the youngest smoker in the world (CHOI, TAI KAT LAI SHI).

I believe AJ got the bugs from other babies in the nursery. haih...that's one of the risk to put him to the nursery.

Poor AJ T_____T

I'm hoping he'll get better soon. Go AJ! Go AJ! Go AJ! You can do it! Mommy loves you.


7 Sep 2008

Nothing else...just some random photos


6 Sep 2008

AJ's new car seat

Guess what? AJ's car seat is getting smaller for AJ so we thought it's time to get AJ a new posh seat. Well, when I say it's posh, it is…considering its quality and good reputation.

AJ’s original car seat usually could lasts for another 4-5 months but he outgrew it so quick that he has to lay there with his bend legs. Not comfortable eh? Thus, I did some survey on the available forward-facing child car seats. There’re some in the market I really fancy but the price…looks too “good”.

But that’s not the important point to get a suitable one. It’s its quality. I need to make sure it’s comfortable and secure for AJ. So, after intensive mummy’s analysis, with mummy’s instinct and a green light from Jimmy, we decided to go for this car seat – Maxicost Priori XP. It’s one of the best sellers and awarded as Gold from Mother&Baby for best travel item. Ah, not to forget, it has side-impact protection, all about safety for the baby, bla…bla...bla…suitable for up to 4 years.

Posh...posh, yet we got it on a really good bargain! Its RRP is £145.00 and I got for 90.45 (incl. delivery charge). It was on offer for £95.00 and I got it for £85.50 only! Reason being to further 10% reductions by using a promotional code that Mothercare (one of the famous baby store) emailed me when shopping from their store. Wahaha…so…£85.50 plus £4.95 (post & packing), I have saved a total of £54.55 to get a new car seat for AJ.

AJ loves it too…
#1/ The Maxi-Cosi Priori XP
#2/ AJ has his first try
#3/ Snuggling ...AJ: I own you, you Maxi-Cosi!
#4/ Hmm..quite comfy...
#5/ Bored... =.=

Here’s the thing. There are 2 types of forward-facing car seat - with boosters (or high back boosters) and one without. I have chosen the one without due to unable to tilt back seat positions with the boosters! How’s AJ going to sleep comfortably when he’s sitting up right? Even adults find it very awkward. Yes, it’s true that with a booster, you won’t need to get a new one when he gets older and still require an appropriate child restraint. The law says that children<>***

How to choose a suitable car seat?

  • Award winning products with reasonable price
  • Optimum side-impact protection
  • Vital belt tensioner for a secure fit
  • Flexible headrest and harness
  • Reclining seat positions for a nap
  • Removable & washable seat cover
When to get one for your baby?

  • He weighs is >9 kg - weight that matters, not age!
  • He can sit up unaided, of course
  • Sale! You’ll realise that you’ll save a lot to get a good one on a reduced price. Shop early!