24 Sep 2008

I now declared myself as carnitarian

To ensure that I’ll be looking good in my wedding reception next year, I’m starting a strict regime. Yes, thanks to Alice for her support. This is the best way I hope since I don’t have time to workout. Wake up 6:15, work 8 to 6, cook dinner, mother-and-son precious moments before his bedtime (8-ish), when he snoozes, bath, wash dishes, prepare our and AJ tomorrow’s lunches, left about 1 hour for homework and rest before bed. Fuh…very tight schedule.

When I told Jimmy yesterday that I’m going for vege until before cny next year, he went buahaha….buahaha….we shall see. I’ll prove to you that I’m carnitarian for the next 4 months. I’m not touching any meat from Monday to Friday. How’s that? Sounds good? So, vegetarian on the weekdays. Then one or two pieces of meat at weekend. Hehe….one month trial on this and we’ll see how it goes.


So the meats is very persuasive….I can see them wailing “Take me, I’ll make sure you smile the next few hours” or “Eat me, you’ll be fat forever”

Too much…too tempting…I wonder if I can take it. Today is the graduation day for Davy, Clif and Hong Chuan, our Malaysian friends and we are invited for a family dinner in a restaurant tonight. Should I make an exception tonight? Wah…This is only the first diet day and yet I’m already going against it! Should I?

I think I’ll eat a little bit of meat but not too much and vege on Saturday. Jimmy’s gonna be like “Oi….I thought you’re vegetarian from today?” ah…I know…I’ll stormed all veges tonight. Yeah!!!

I’ll give you the updates on this later.


Meanwhile, I read a very interesting article. It looks so comfy and cute so I get meself a copy of the image to let you guys have a peek peek. Full article can be found here The dressed chicken



Alice said...

u have my FULL support!! ganbatte!! add oil add oil!! Prove to ah go that u can do it! Prove to him that nothing can bring determined ladies down~~~ Go da sao! Go! Go da sao! Go!

AJ: Go mummy go!! You can do it~ *wink wink*

Stephen said...

Hard to tell how serious you are hear about this diet :) I'm not aware that eating meat in itself makes one fat. Obviously eating bacon everyday or eating the skin or fatty bits of meat will mean you ingest pure fat, but meat is also a very good source of many nutrients. I would simply eat lean meat, cut off fatty bits and don't eat any fried food. A balanced diet is as good as any diet :)

Joline said...

So happy for you guys that you'll be going back for holidays next year. wish we can too! sobs. maybe next year end I hope. Gordon's sis is getting married so we're likely to go back for the occasion.

oh about losing weight, my friend lost like 10 kgs in 6 months. you can have heavy breakfast and lunch but something really light for your dinner, for example soup with lots of vege and a little chicken breast. You can still have meat but maybe only chicken breast. That way you don't crave for meat. The more you try to quit something the more you crave for it. This is simply based on my own experience and human nature too! hahaha. hope this helps. huggies.

Joline said...

oh oh oh most important of all you should have very little rice. you should avoid carbs and sugary stuff more than anything actually. ring me if you need more details. huggies.

Margaret said...

alice: tq tq for your support..

stephen: what do you mean by "hard to tell"? I'm very very very very very very very very serious. I wanna look good next year. so that they won't say "Hey, look at that fat lady!" :P Anyway, thanks for the advice.

joline: cool. you keep a really good figure. wahaha....thanks for the good recipe. I'll ring you if I'm can't control myself to touch the meat & need a new recipe. wahaha....:P

all: suddenly I'm full of energy with so many supporters... DIET DIET DIET....

Stephen said...

Ahh, ok, you are serious :) Have people been saying you are fat? How do you know you are? Have you calculated your BMI? This will tell you if you are scientifically overweight or not :) Anyhow, even if not, just eat a sensible diet, cut down on fizzy drinks, crisps, cakes and chocolate and you will be fine. A brisk walk each day for 20 minutes is good :)

Margaret said...

haha....okok...I know what you are trying to say...i'll be sensible. don't worry