15 Sep 2008

Celebrating Mooncake Festival 2008

Yeah yeah…I know…I know. The official name should be Mid-Autumn Festival. But who cares? I don’t mind actually la. As long I know what is it and when, it will be enough.

We don’t normally buy mooncake unless we rrreeeaaaallllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy want to. We have very tight budget. Savings for our future. You know la…the wedding reception, house, AJ’s well-being. No money no talk, mate. But I’m not saying that money is everything. Love is everything.

Back to the subject. Haih…I always got carried away. Why? Why? Why? There I go again.

OK…OK...It’s not cheap though to get one. Plus, not many choices. So, I always say the mooncake here is made from gold.

It’s our first celebration together with our previous son, so we thought ah… WTH. Once a year wouldn’t hurt much. Jimmy likes mooncake so he’ll finished all of them anyway. I don’t fancy mooncake actually except for snow-skin mooncake (aka ice-skin mooncake). But but but…that one is extremely expensive. Made from Diamond/Platinum.

In the end, we decided to get one - the normal one. It looks attractive from outside. Made from Malaysia. Hurm…Not sure from the inside. We shall see. *Raising eyebrows*

Jimmy couldn’t wait to have a try once we got home.
#1/ Outside view
#2/ AJ inspects inspects... "What's that?"
#3/ Let's see the inside
#4/ Not bad..not bad
#5/ Jimmy has his try
#6/ The double yolk mooncake - Jimmy's fav
#7/ AJ have a try also
#8/ *silence*
#9/ Yum yum! Yes, AJ likes it also...

They're quite good actually.

Orite, Happy Mooncake Festival. Have a good one.


It's my first day at work. Officially. For those who doesn't know, I was still on maternity leave until yesterday. Started working since 2 weeks ago using the 10 kits days. Having this flexibility, I was able to off early after finish my work or need to off if there's a problem with AJ.

Now, full time compressed working hours Monday to Thursday 8 to 6. I'm gonna off every Friday from this point onwards and get to spend more time with AJ. Now that AJ has settled, I can work with ease mind having AJ is with someone I entrust . He enjoyed going there now. He just watch his daddy walk off when he reach his nursery room. I'm startled. The staff said they are amazed on how AJ's settled in so quickly. Others cry for weeks. Yes, that's my boy!



Alice said...

Mooncake festival is not that merry this year in KL. I wonder why. IT was like no one celebrating it and we even forgot to buy mooncake leh -.- no latern hanging around the corridor also. Really really very very much weird la ini tahun.

Zaymes said...

we here also didnt buy much mooncake....=x. Actually my gf go buy some mooncake at muar/batu pahat. Forget de (and some from her client =x). The batu pahat one very nice yum yum =x.

(nearly forget mid-autumn festival also LOL) =.=

Next year make some lantern for Lil AJ =D. It should be fun