30 Jul 2009

Sushi...love it! enjoy it!

Normally I would bring lunch to work. Either bread with chocolate or strawberry spread or marble cake. Sometimes, when there’s leftover enough to cover three of us meal for the next day, I’ll bring some to work. Sometimes, we went out to BK (Burger King) for lunch but because Jimmy then changed to a new company since last year that is just outside of the city centre and now since he resigned, he stayed at home taking care of AJ. However, it seems to be a rainy July rather than sunny July experienced from previous years, so we don’t really hang out outside much now. So I would sometimes to the nearby sandwich store. But now I can’t be bothered to have any bread for lunch anymore. Fed up!

Yeah, I’m not as lucky as the easterners that can just go out to the nearby stall with colleagues and have a nice eastern meal ie Nasi Lemak satu moi! Or chicken fried rice! With Teh Peng! OMG, by just mentioning these have already made me drooling. T.T Yum yum….

I don’t know why but probably it’s because I grew up eating rice and missed having oriental meals if I missed on a meal. So, I had mostly enough with bread at lunch at work. I don’t hate it 100% but I don’t really enjoy it anymore like I used to be. It has been like this since I was studying - like for the past 6 years. OMG!

As I only have a few more days left working before we’re moving home for good, I have decided to have sushi on every working lunch day. Don’t care anymore la. I can’t keep torturing myself like this else I’ll die with this deep intense yearning for a decent oriental meals for lunch.

Sushi! Yes! Sushi! Either from M&S, Tesco or Sainsbury but I prefer M&S. It’s fresher and nearest to my office. My colleague had the sushi everyday since I don't know when and since he started to sit with me so I guess that triggers me. The seaweed is not fresh though but I don’t mind really for another few days. At least it’s better than having bread. They come from different sizes but a medium is enough for me with a selection of prawn Futomaki, Soya Edamame Maki, King Prawn Nigiri, Red Pepper Maki, Smoked Salmon Nigiri and Cucumber Maki dip with Soy Sauce. If I feel hungry again, I have fruits or something light. Easy eh…

Haih, why I didn’t think of this earlier? Could fit well with my diet. My colleague has lost a lot of weight as a result of having sushi for lunch and he ain’t get bored with it. Not yet! As if he already sat next with me since he joined the company? But blame myself for not thinking of this at the first place. Good for diet not for £££ wise. Haha…

Only for the next few days, 3 working days so I’m not really concerned about spending the money anymore just for a nice lunch. Oopps, I'm late for work! See you guys later.

p.s. 14 days to go.


Chrome or IE?

Forget IE. It’s absolutely no doubt that you get quite a number of annoying errors with latest IE version. It’s either not responding or the takes its time to load the page *yawn*. Yes, I get annoyed too. Especially when there’s news about virus attacks into IE especially with the latest version IE8.

Then I came across with Google Chrome the other day. It’s not new but I can’t be bothered to change IE to Chrome. Reason being I have all bookmarks in IE and changing to a new web browser would mean I need to mange the links at two different places at two different time. I tried Mozilla Firefox as Firefox offers better security but again, Firefox manages bookmarks in a different location. Argh…why couldn’t they use the bookmarks from the same place and I can save a lot of time synchronising them?

I decided to give it a go on Chrome last weekend when we reformatted our pc and I couldn’t get the latest IE version because it requires validation on genuine windows =.=. So, I’m use the old IE version IE 6. Still some website requires latest IE to be fully operational ie Facebook. To my surprise, Chrome offers the most simplistic web browser I have ever seen and spacious even with user-friendly design. It's so simple like learning 1-2-3.

Unlike IE, Chrome loads the page really quick, like in 1 sec. Trust me. IE could take 1 minute even though we’re using the super fast 10 Mb broadband, ok, I don’t have the super fast broadband here but I’m using 2Mb here which is fast enough to load a page in less than a second using Chrome and I can’t understand what IE is doing at the background to just load a page. Sometimes it went non-responsive mode leaving me no choice but to close it down and a message saying window is busy bla bla bla do you want to continue? Of course I want to close it down because you’re wasting my time seeing the blank page and not responding at all even if I leave it running so why do I want to wait anyway?

The best example to show you is the blogger sites. Did you notice with IE, it’s taking some amount of time to load my blog main page with the side menu fully loaded? But it’s not with Chrome! It just loading 100% I repeat 100% so fast that I got so excited to scroll down to get updates from the other bloggers right at the next second!

Still, do use firefox to access into your internet banking or any sites which requires money related transaction for firefox offers better security than IE and not sure for Chrome since I’m still testing on Chrome. I wouldn’t risk accessing to money matter sites using Chrome yet!

Chrome. Chrome. Chrome. I love the Chrome name. Sounds so flashy yet royal. Somemore, it’s free! That’s the topmost important rule, don’t you agree? So, what are you waiting for? Google for Chrome!

p.s. 15 days left and counting...


28 Jul 2009

Yoplait Petits Filous

Needless to say, calcium is one of the essentials minerals for growing up babies and children. Every babies and young children (no exception) loves yogurt. I don’t know why but it’s very addicting. I love it myself as well too but as mentioned from previous post, I love muller yogurt more more. Oh my, these food manufacturers are doing brilliant jobs, aren’t they? – the taste are just so delicious and loveable.

Yoplait Petits Filous (aka Little Rascals in French) is one of AJ’s favourite yogurt. I can tell you that his appetite would go up the moment he sees yogurt. He wouldn’t take his hands off from it until he sees the empty pot. Cheeky eh. I only allow two yogurts per day though ok maybe extra one if he finished his meal beforehand. No harm but I am limiting so that I can give him other food at the same time.

True enough, babies as young as 4 months can be introduced to this high-calcium-best-for-bones yogurts. However, I personally don’t recommend this until 6 months or later. There’s no hurry to wean your young one for milk is always the best meals for babies. Plus, the organs may not be ready to digest the yogurt. So, do continue to nurse your baby with breast milk exclusively as much as you can, otherwise formula milk.

I have only started introducing AJ the yogurt at about 1 year old. He first took it well in the nursery so I continue with the same routine he has at nursery days at home. Now it’s his favourite and a must have every day! His favourites are strawberry or raspberry.

There’re a lot of yogurts out in the store but I didn’t know this bestest one until recommendation from my friend. Thanks, Joline! There’re lots more children’s yogurt out in the store for different ages and you should give it a go! I guarantee your babies will love them too.

Now I'm a bit worry if I could find a similar one when we move back to Malaysia. *thumb-rolling*

p.s. 17 days left and counting.


25 Jul 2009

How would you make the most of your wedding?

How would you have your wedding when you walked down the aisle to get blessings from the God? What songs? the slow mo walk and song and spending thousands on it on that day?

I was reading a news and I found this very funny but the best ever wedding video I have watched so far. It's indeed the happiest and most memorable wedding the couple will ever forget and indeed us the audience. I love it straight away and can't stop watching it. It's such a clever & most wicked idea. Bless the couple...and you know that in just a few days since the video uploaded, there has already been 3 million people watching it. You should watch it too.


19 Jul 2009

Heinz baked beans with pork sausages

It’s very normal when moms get frustrated in preparing meals that looks tasty for kids and full of nutritions. I’m no exception. Because AJ is still learning the proper way to chew the food properly, I always make sure that the food he consumes is easy to digest, soft but not too soft to allow him to taste the different textures of the food in his mouth before swallowing them. Therefore, I always allow more water so that the boiled rice is soft & easy to chew while keeping the texture. Same goes to vegetables, cut them into small chunks to mix with the rice. It’s quite annoying when it comes to meat for its stiff texture and takes a longer time of chewing for easy digestion.

When AJ starts weaning, he skipped the porridge part. He hates the porridge so much that he would rather not eating it. So he jumped straight from milk to cereal then to rice. Strange, he hates the meat too. He would start complaining because of the hard surfaces and refusing to swallow it. True enough I am worried because he’s not getting the required nutrition from the meat substance.

Then one day a friend of mine, mom of two, introduced a high substance of proteins soft enough to be baby’s daily weaning meals. Baked beans with pork sausages by Heinz food company. And AJ fell in love straight away! Rich in tomato sauce, obviously good source of protein – just as the one I’m looking for.

I tried not to use it every day for you know children have demands over food. Children around the same age as AJ love to explore more and if he starts complaining over having the same taste every day, that’s not strange. Fortunately, AJ took it well and thanks to my friend he now is accepting meaty meals.

Meat mince is a another good choice and I choose turkey mince over the other meat mince. Turkey mince is softer yet tastier compared to pork or beef mince. Sometimes, chicken or pork cooked with added sugar for softer texture and cut into smaller chunks. Not too forget, fish!

Moms, you definitely should give it a try. I wonder if I can get this when I moved back. *finger-crossed*

p.s. 26 days left. Woot!


13 Jul 2009


Life in my dictionary:

= Live It-to Full Extreme - buggy jumping, parachuting, rock climbing. I haven't done any of this in my life before. I would try it if you ask me 5 years younger. But I've spend my 5 years actually 6 years in Plymouth, UK through good and bad high and low, I have became a different person from the experience. I am going through the normal life just like the other normal people are doing, you know studying, involved in relationship(ssss for some people), graduating, looking for jobs, competing with other applicants to secure a jobs, moving homes (when you’re still renting), buying some gadgets to pamper myself, supporting my life, saving those money for use in rainy days and now I'm a mother. Now, my fullest excitement so far is to see AJ in my own eyes and held him myself on the 13/01/2008.

= is about no pain no gain – it’s all about indirect gambling in your life. Study or not study (for a better life), graduate or not graduate (to secure a good job), buy or not buy a car (for easy transportation or save for future), buy or not buy a house (for long term investment), marry or not marry (for long life commitment), be a parent or not a parent (for a complete family), travel or not travel (for leisure), for better or worse. The only thing you don’t get to choose to gamble is the family condition you get to be born from and when you die. I’m so far quite satisfied with my life, good huband, good healthy family and in-laws, a healthy son, holding good degree, am healthy myself so far though there’re some obstacles in my life. What else could I wish for?

= is about no regrets, no looking back – yes. I agree everyone makes mistakes about making decisions. It’s great when you are not looking back after decision making but you do sometimes look back those wrong decisions you made, When I feel that I make mistakes (like bought a clothe that I don’t like, not studying hard enough to get an A for my moral in SPM), I know I can’t turn back the time. I do have regrets which of course I cannot erased it from my memory but I will remember it so that I won't do the same mistake in the future. That’s why they call it the optimistic thinking!

= is all about taking risk all the time - We are taking a big challenging risk this time by leaving all the things we have build so far here in UK since 2002 and moving back to Malaysia starting fresh. I will be lying to you if I say I do not have any worries at all. But we’re going to give it a try. Sure it will be hard, least to say culture shock but I’m sure with the optimistic thinking, family and friends support, we can do it. That day is coming soon, in exactly a month time from today. *finger-crossed* Tee-hee...

This is my life. And what’s yours?


12 Jul 2009

Glosson's blog

Would you believe it if I say there is a blogger at just 11 years old. True enough. He's indeed just 11 year old boy. I didn't expect there is such a young boy would be interested to blog especially when you're just primary 11. However, this boy is brilliant - having to be able to memorise ABCs at just one year old is indeed one of the extraordinary. He is!

The interesting part is he gets to meet the PM and our first lady. Gosh! He's so lucky. I'll be over the moon after I get the chance. and now a poet even. Amazing, isn't he? He's really a talented young entrepeneuer. I'm sure his parents are extremely proud of him. His English is good as well.

I salute you, Gloson! Go and have a look at his blog. worth to read, guys http://www.glosonblog.com/


9 Jul 2009

Evian Roller Babies

This is so cute, m8. The producers are very creative indeed. I love every actions in the movie. haha....


5 Jul 2009

Funny AJ

Check out AJ's new video. Enjoy, everyone!

and a few latest AJ photos AJ enjoy being in the baby cradle
up he goes
get set
go....pressure here then there
more weight there
Enjoy the massage job, eh?

Here comes the end of the weekend. We felt quite good this weekend - peaceful, at least AJ and me got better now after dreadful days of fever, cough and flu. Anyway, looking forward to go back to work again and enjoy the summer!


Credit Crunch

As recession hits everyone, us included as well. Well, it's not about work. It's hubby whom suddenly said "Let's do it!". He went to the kitchen straight away with the utensils and he started it with No.1 and I finished it off to make sure a satisfied outcome is delivered. No turning back.
Erm...this bring back some memory of a famous actor "San Kai" in Young and Dangerous HK movie.

I wonder if AJ will recognise him or not tomorrow now that his daddy has the same hair style as his.

Argh! When is this recession gonna end?

p.s. I have only worked 1 day in this week because of illness - fever, cold, cough. but rest assured it's not swine flu. phew~~~ I am getting better now thanks all the wishes.