30 Jul 2009

Sushi...love it! enjoy it!

Normally I would bring lunch to work. Either bread with chocolate or strawberry spread or marble cake. Sometimes, when there’s leftover enough to cover three of us meal for the next day, I’ll bring some to work. Sometimes, we went out to BK (Burger King) for lunch but because Jimmy then changed to a new company since last year that is just outside of the city centre and now since he resigned, he stayed at home taking care of AJ. However, it seems to be a rainy July rather than sunny July experienced from previous years, so we don’t really hang out outside much now. So I would sometimes to the nearby sandwich store. But now I can’t be bothered to have any bread for lunch anymore. Fed up!

Yeah, I’m not as lucky as the easterners that can just go out to the nearby stall with colleagues and have a nice eastern meal ie Nasi Lemak satu moi! Or chicken fried rice! With Teh Peng! OMG, by just mentioning these have already made me drooling. T.T Yum yum….

I don’t know why but probably it’s because I grew up eating rice and missed having oriental meals if I missed on a meal. So, I had mostly enough with bread at lunch at work. I don’t hate it 100% but I don’t really enjoy it anymore like I used to be. It has been like this since I was studying - like for the past 6 years. OMG!

As I only have a few more days left working before we’re moving home for good, I have decided to have sushi on every working lunch day. Don’t care anymore la. I can’t keep torturing myself like this else I’ll die with this deep intense yearning for a decent oriental meals for lunch.

Sushi! Yes! Sushi! Either from M&S, Tesco or Sainsbury but I prefer M&S. It’s fresher and nearest to my office. My colleague had the sushi everyday since I don't know when and since he started to sit with me so I guess that triggers me. The seaweed is not fresh though but I don’t mind really for another few days. At least it’s better than having bread. They come from different sizes but a medium is enough for me with a selection of prawn Futomaki, Soya Edamame Maki, King Prawn Nigiri, Red Pepper Maki, Smoked Salmon Nigiri and Cucumber Maki dip with Soy Sauce. If I feel hungry again, I have fruits or something light. Easy eh…

Haih, why I didn’t think of this earlier? Could fit well with my diet. My colleague has lost a lot of weight as a result of having sushi for lunch and he ain’t get bored with it. Not yet! As if he already sat next with me since he joined the company? But blame myself for not thinking of this at the first place. Good for diet not for £££ wise. Haha…

Only for the next few days, 3 working days so I’m not really concerned about spending the money anymore just for a nice lunch. Oopps, I'm late for work! See you guys later.

p.s. 14 days to go.


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