30 Aug 2008

AJ's first day at nursery

AJ had his two settling in sessions at his nursery this week...

Wednesday - first settling in session for 1.5 hrs
8:05AM - AJ first arrived his room where he’s going to spend most of his time in when we’re working. His first reaction was SILENCE. An unfamiliar place and there’s another baby sitting there playing his toys. I gave him some toys and accompany him for a few minutes. 5 mins later, another baby girl arrived, sat next to AJ playing toys. Few more babies & toddlers came in not long afterwards.

#1/ AJ reads book
#2/ Wah...so many toys
#3/ Hohoho...

8:45AM - I’m out of AJ’s sight. I’m leaving him with other babies & the nursery assistants for half an hour. *finger crossed* He saw me left through the door. Peeping from window outside checking that he’s ok. He kept looking at the door (where I left from) after a few seconds to …what else…hoping to see me soon. While I'm waiting outside...

#4/ Nursery outside
#5/ AJ's room - AJ's chinese zodiac (Piglet) ^_^
#6/ AJ plays with another baby

9:05AM - AJ cried. Went to Mary’s house for the rest of the day till Jimmy’s off work.

Today - 2nd settling in session for 6 hrs
8:05AM - Left AJ immediately when he arrives there
9:25AM - Karen, the nursery team leader called. AJ was very upset without my presence. Arrived 5 mins later. He was sleepy and dozed off when he cried. Woke up every few minutes because of the noise – buzzer, phone rings and babies (he was used to quiet room). He was crying and sleepy when he saw me. T___T I stayed with him until he gets better. Around 11, he finally dozed off.

#7/ Nap time

11:55AM - Again, AJ went upset. Didn’t finish his lunch – had only 4 spoonfuls of cereal.
12:55AM - Reach home and AJ’s all happy again. Home sweet home. Finished his new lunch – ½ bowl of cereals! Sleep soundly later. Bless him.


T___T I’m heartbroken. What else? Because of AJ’s voice. He lost his beautiful voice after long cying today. I bet he has uncomfortable throat later that day. Poor AJ. But what can I do? From Monday onwards, AJ will be spending his days at nursery. And also my first day at work. I’m expecting to receive calls from the nursery again.

Luckily, I saved my 10 KIT (keep in touch) days till the end. Each mums is entitled to use this to go back to work (not necessary full day work) during her maternity leave period and get paid in full. Hence, I have the flexibility to have a few hours off during the day or leave early in the evening when AJ needs me, especially the first few days until AJ's fully settled. This is one the many reasons why I love my company. Wahaha…

Oh yea… The nursery gave us a contact book designated for AJ. The nursery assistants will write down what did AJ do today, whether he finished his meals, how long he had his nap today, etc. At the mean time, I can write down any important info that they need to take note of, i.e. what’s for dinner, rashes on bottom, fever yesterday night, etc. Brilliant, isn’t it? The book acts as AJ’s diary whilst we are not by his side. Probably, it wasn’t such a bad idea at all – sending AJ to nursery. Homework...Homework..A working mum like me still has to do homework every working night. =.=

#8/ The contact book (sorry, have to wipe off our numbers)
#9/ Reminders I wrote
#10/ Today's summary - my note in blue ink, the rest by the nursery assistant


We have been to several nurseries before we chose this one. Bearing in mind that we have to choose the best for AJ and affordable. There is one very well known for its high standard day care and honestly, we love it! But because of its popularity, it was not until January 2009 till a decent space for AJ. Who’s gonna care for AJ for that 4 months when I start working from September? In the end, we decided this one – Kings Nursery.

Here’re some tips to choose a suitable day care for your baby
  • Book early to confirm your place (early as in months early)
  • Convenient & Reachable
  • Registered & Inspected by Ofsted regularly - Ofsted produces instensive reports of each nursery and publish on the net. These UP-TO-DATE reports are very useful for parents to find out a nursery’s environment, learning & development, health & safety and standards.
  • Arrange appointments to visit the nursery – choose a suitable time where most same age child group as your baby’s are there (lunch time if possible)
  • Child-friendly & qualified employees - children at the nursery are happy and smiling.
  • Talk to parents of the children at the nursery
  • FAQ – How do they tackle when your baby has bitten marks by the same child on daily basis? Are the cot bed sheets changed regularly and each time at nap time? How are the meals being prepared? What kind of daily activities are the children involved in?
  • Last but not least, AFFORDABLE


27 Aug 2008


BEWARN: My experience & lessons learned from Carol, Chloe's mum about baby teething

It's hard to tell whether it is teething when AJ cried non-stop without any reason. He could just cry out loud suddenly in the middle of the night. It was not being left alone in the room or got hurt. Nor because he's hungry (not the time for his feed) or having a bad dream.

Each mum can differentiate between baby cries - seeking for attention, hunger, poo, nappy wet or anxious. But this is a cry which lasted for 10 minutes straight. It's the crying of pain. My heart is broken into pieces whenever he did this. I was helpless, could not do anything but to calm him down.

When he stopped, he couldn't get back to sleep fearing that the pain could come again but you can see that he's sleepy. The only thing I can do is to keep entertaining him to help him forgetting about the pain. Not long later, he lost the fight with his sleepy eyes...

Few days later, I noticed AJ start biting his thumb finger or put anything to his mouth to chew during the day. So, I had a peek of his mouth and realised that he has sharp a white hard edge on his gum. It’s a tooth! A week later, I saw another one, its brother! Or sister! Yes, I am thrilled. Haha..not because he’s crying for the pain. I’m not that bad…It’s because he’s having teething period. Now I know the reason why he’s been crying so much lately especially in the middle of the night.

My co-worker, Gary who has a daughter of 1 ½ years, has recommended a very effective teething solution and I couldn’t agree more! Thanks, Gary. You can get one from Boots in just 2 to 3 quid. It works very effectively. Its small printed how-to instructions says this - “Under six months, half a powder, above six months, one powder, dry on the tongue, night and morning”. But for fast action, I used my index finger dipped with the powder and massage where his gum sores. It works within minutes.
#1/ Ashton & Parsons Infant's Powder

For his itchy gum, I couldn’t think a better way to help him not until recently. I gave him a dummy but it doesn’t work very effectively. After mummy talk with Carol, she introduced a loopy links teether (aka rattle). She showed me the different textures of the teether ring which Chloe’s enjoyed chewing it. While the different colors catches baby’s attention… “C’mon baby, have to try”. Brilliant, isn’t it? Thanks Carol. I got AJ the same one and check out how he’s enjoying it. Haha…
#2/ From ELC (Early Learning Centre)
#3/ AJ have a try
#4/ Another try
#5/ Hmmm...does he like it?

I’m looking forward to see AJ's two teeth fully grown, which could take up to another month or so. Watch this space...


Here comes the most important part (I know you have been waiting for this), ladies and gentlemen….the tips to ease your mind of reducing unduly prolonged dentition (sorry, I have been dragging for so long):
  • Press/Massage his gum when you wash his mouth at bath time. This will reduce his pain when the tooth comes out. Make this as a habit. AJ enjoyed it and now always expected it at his bath time.
  • Apply Ashton & Parsons Infants’ powders to soothe his pain. For fast action, use your index finger dipped with the powder to massage where his gum sores.
  • Always check his temperature and poo. Not all but some babies get diarrhoea and fever resulting from teething.
  • Avoid using any other chemical product for teething, such as bonjela. A&P is the one I only used and it’s made from herbal product that works extremely well for AJ.
  • Get a suitable teether/rattle to soothe itchy gums.
  • Start brushing his teeth as early as possible with suitable toothbrush & sugar free tooth paste

AJ is having his first nursery settling in period tomorrow for 1 hour, then second one this Friday for half day before getting his full time day care starting next week. Will keep you posted of how he’s doing…*finger crossed*


25 Aug 2008

AJ got a GirlFriend!

Curse the weather forecast! We originally planned to organise BBQ today before the summer ends. Unfortunately, it had to be called off because of that lousy forecaster predicted that it will be a rainy Sunday. It was indeed gloomy in the morning but the sky went shiny blue till late evening. =.=

But then, the day was not wasted after all. Yes, today we met Carol, Dylan & their 6 months old Chloe. Finally, I get to meet the little cute baby girl I talked about previously. Haha... we talked non-stop & basically everything. Baby care, baby talks, baby meals, families, careers, you name it! Except weather. I couldn't believe it myself also. It was like we just met yesterday (since March in London).

We originally reunited at Curva Cafe in Drake Circus, and then we took them to Plymouth Hoe & Barbican. Next, dinner at the New China Garden Chinese restaurant. Chloe is so cute! Especially at her meal time. ^_^ I enjoyed watching her having her solid food. But she's shy. Cried whenever I tried to play or hold her. She's seems fine for a few seconds with Jimmy. T___T Am I that scary?

After dinner, we went back to my home & took few photos & a video AJ with Chloe together. Because of the time when the video was taken, Chloe looked a little upset & sleepy. Yet, she's still so cute. ^_^ I am so proud of AJ when he befriend Chloe. Sayang her when she’s upset. Comfort her when she cried by hugging her. In return, she also sayang him. So adorable~~~~ They even hold hands together. The funny one was AJ smiled after he held Chloe’s hand. First time he hold a girl’s hand, wor..haha…

Dylan & Carol both are very sweet couple. We took a few photos together but on their camera. Will only get it when they're back to London. Will post it when I got the chance. But I couldn't resist to share with you all first of how AJ & Chloe got so well together.

#1/ AJ comforting Chloe

#2/ Everyone, the video

Too bad they couldn’t stay too long for they need to get back to their hotel – about 1 – 1.5 hours driving, to rest before getting back to London tomorrow. It was a short encounter but we all enjoyed it. I have learned a lot from Carol about baby stuff. Very comprehensive. SWEET!

Hoorah! AJ got a friend but she lives hundred miles away. Dylan, Carol and Chloe, it was lovely to meet you. Safe journey back to London and we’ll meet again someday.


22 Aug 2008


Today, AJ had his lunch of 1/2 bowl wheat with milk of apple flavor mixed with carrot puree & egg yolk. Surprise..surprise! He finished all of it. Haha...probably because he's very hungry. The last time he had his feed was 6oz of formulae milk at around 7:15am. Then he took his nap around 10am and only woke up around 1:30pm.

Recently, his day-time sleep hours changed. He used to take his nap around noon time for 1-2 hours then again in the evening for the same period. But recently, he sleep longer in the noon time but hardly sleep in the evening - just 1/2 hour. I'm not to fuss about this actually. He'll show signs of sleepy or tired. As long he is happy & healthy. ^___^

Right...back to the subject (why do I always got carried away?). I willl turn to kids channel at AJ's meal time. You know, to distract him, prevent him from moving around. And, we're watching this interesting cute tv programme. haha..I know I sound childish. "How old are you already? Still watching this kids programme". ==" There's nothing watching kids programme. That programme was so funny...especially the main actor. The way he walks, the facial expressions & reactions were so funny that you'll laugh on his every move.

Important: Too much TV is not good for kid's eyes and even adult's. Remember to give a nice gap when watching. Not too close & not too often!

AJ laughs at it too. haha...Oh yea, the tv programme is called Pocoyo. I found one of his episode on YouTube & you can say it's my favourite, especially the last few parts. Have a look yourself.


Tonight's dinner was Domino. Again. =.= It was Jimmy who got addicted and said he wanted it for his dinner tonight. But how can I diet like this?? T___T

We had our weekly groceries shopping at Morrisons shortly after. It was Jimmy's idea to have groceries done on weekdays then enjoying the weekend "kuan jie", picnic, so on. Good idea actually but we'll see how we get on.


Bedtime....before that, see this. In the living room...while watching tv. Sssshhhh!

Ciao... xx

20 Aug 2008


Jerome, my bro-in-law, just forward an email which I'd like to share with you all this funny but interesting and very meaningful article. Thanks Jerome.

Father: I want you to marry a girl of my choice
Son: 'I will choose my own bride!'
Father: 'But the girl is Bill Gates's daughter.'
Son: 'Well, in that case...ok'

Next Father approaches Bill Gates.
Father: 'I have a husband for your daughter.'
Bill Gates: 'But my daughter is too young to marry!'
Father: 'But this young man is a vice-president of the World Bank.'
Bill Gates: 'Ah, in that case...ok'

Finally Father goes to see the president of the World Bank.
Father: 'I have a young man to be recommended as a vice-president.'
President: 'But I already have more vice- presidents than I need!'
Father: 'But this young man is Bill Gates's son-in-law.'
President: 'Ah, in that case...ok
This is how business is done!!

Moral: Even If you have nothing, you can get anything. But your attitude should be positive.

OK, that's that. I've some new photos for you to enjoy. Tadah...

Haha...you must have thought AJ's seems different in those photos. Way lots different, mate. She's not AJ, ok? Chloe is her name.

I've just got back in touch with a friend whom I meet once. We only met for a few hours, max 3 hours at Malaysian Embassy in London. It was in March when we had to get up to London office to register AJ as Malaysian citizen then get him a passport and renew my passport. She too came with her husband and baby Chloe, whom is just a month younger than AJ, for the same purpose. You may be surprised but we get along very quickly..haha...probably due to mother instinct =.=

We seldom get in touch though ...you know lar, busy with each other's baby. ^_^ Forget that...as I just received her email & few photos of her beautiful daughter. Very very very cute! Wahaha....Super dupa cute! She's so cute that I couldn't resist to let you guys to have a peek.

I love the first one especially. Sexy lips! Woot~~~ Haha...Not that I don't like AJ. AJ's also cute & handsome. This just make me want to get another girl of my own only... but not now...wait....wait...wait till AJ gets older & our financial is stable enough.

They are planning for holiday in Cornwall soon. And will be visiting us soon which I can get to meet the beautiful Chloe in-person. AJ will also be very excited also. Wahaha....=X


18 Aug 2008

Life without her

BEWARN: This post is specially written for someone of my family. :P Don't hate me pls for you know I love you very much.

She? Who's she? It has been a week since Alice left AJ and I, 5 days for Jimmy. Erm..how to say this? I'm not good in elaborating. We felt a big part of us missing, esp. AJ. Big impact! =X

I didn't get to know Alice very well since Jimmy and I start dating. That was erm...7 years ago. Gosh! 7 years already!?! Probably being away for so long (study at KL, Kuching & UK, then work, married then baby - hectic life!). Before she came here, I thought she's going to be like... no offence, Alice... "She's gonna treat me like an outsider", "She's gonna hate my cooking - just like his king-tongue brother" or "She'll not bonding with me well". But then, it was just a thought. I know I don't have to panic so much for as long I did my best, she's to decide the best way to treat me. I'll accept whoever she is with my open heart.

She has been with us for nearly 3 months in UK. Our relationship has gone deeper day-to-day ... as in closer & closer day-by-day. She helps me whenever she can. Respect her brother a lots that she listens to every words he said & takes them seriously - well, except the f*** stuff. That's what I admire Jimmy of. Looked upon high by his siblings. Loves AJ so much as if AJ is her bf.

She wears almost all my pre-pregnancy clothes. Wahaha...I'm so admiring my previous body size. Jimmy even goes like "I didn't know your body size used to be that fabulous, Margaret". But now... T___T Diet! I can do it! OK. OK. Back to the subject, she's tough girl. A mature girl, thinks a lot more than she should be at her age. She likes to learn new things, including improving her cooking. Needless to say, she missed my cooking (that's the fact).

She loves travelling but can stay at home for more than a week without going out. But her downside is undecisive, as according to her blog. Her plans keep changing but of course I know when there's a problem, re-plan is a must even if the original one has to be scraped. Until you get to the right one. You know, Alice, when there's a will, there's a way. Gambate.

Right, what is the big impact I talked earlier? Let us see what she has left behind...

A shower cap she brought from Msia & a toothbrush from her cousin moo-moo =.=
I used to have someone to wash dishes after dinner. Now I got meself a part-timer
Clothes remain unfolded till before my bedtime
AJ's Nokia 6680. Posh leh
Slippers bought in UK. Too bad not my size
No one to play with AJ
Her beautiful photo - 1960s
and the sweetest thing is a gift from Ruldof, Val, Davy & Cliff - the family portrait

Haha...not to forget also, all the good memories. This beloved sister of mine has now gone back home for this special event. Her family will be witnessing her wearing the honored gown & walking up the stage receiving her degree certificate. CONGRATULATIONS again. So Alice, don't forget, photos!

We all miss you lotz! Love ya..


Oh yea...just got a brilliant award from her - eventhough I'm a newbie. From her post http://dejavu-world.blogspot.com/2008/08/thank-you-drumsticks.html. haha..I'm so proud. so proud.


16 Aug 2008

How I spent my Friday

Muahaha....It's a good day indeed today. With Jimmy's day off & the arrival of Mr Sun, we did some shopping - to get some nice working clothes for meself, since I have bloomed since the pregnancy.

We stopped at BK (aka Burger King) for lunch. Jimmy had his dark double whopper meal and I had chicken bites kids meal. I know...I know... I'm not a kid anymore. But I'm not very hungry, so light meal is enough. Check out what free toy we received from the kids meal.
#1/ The spongebob square pants! perfect for AJ

We continued to Primark - the cheapest clothing store in UK. Each of us brought something home except that AJ got the most. T______T It was supposed to be me bringing lots of clothes home but AJ's clothes are so cheap and we didn't realised most of them are AJ's. See for yourself.
#2/ 7 vests, 2 pyjamas, 2 long sleeve shirts & 1 jumper
#3/ Jimmy's ties

I got meself a new black bootcutflare trousers & a shiny red blouse. Sorry no photos taken, as they are in the washing machine once I got back home. haih...when I was trying the clothes, I thought the moments with Alice. T___T

I'm such a failure. Really in need to get more new ones but it's hard to get the right fashion with my size now. I'm used to choose what kind of clothes to wear, but now the clothes get to choose me. =.=

Then, Domino's pizza for dinner. We're now addicted to their pizzas. Honestly, they taste better than pizza hut's. >.<
#4/ Garlic pizza bread
#5/ Medium size pizza

What a day....Jimmy even went asleep while watching tv. AJ went to bed early. Normally 8ish or 9ish but today 7ish. *Blessed them*

Also, I had a nice and warm cuddling from jimmy yesterday. Do you know what he said this morning? "I thought I cuddled a man!" T__T Loss of appetite at lunch but then got back at dinner. hehe...don't want to miss the Dominos pizza. But but but...to prevent anymore criticisms, I'll get into extreme diet to look good for my wedding next year! Starting tommorrow!


15 Aug 2008


BEWARN: this post aims to share my experience & knowledge about weaning - when to start, how to baby spoon-feeding, what first solid food to feed, etc.

When is the most suitable age for baby weaning? Is he ready yet? What should I give him first? Spoon-feeding seems difficult? Yes, this is one of hit lists every mom is worried about.

I remembered when AJ visited his GP when he had his first cold (aged about 3 months), the doc advised to let his cold finish its course and introduce solid food. Start with orange juice or kiwi - vitamin-C-rich for his cold. Then, baby rice, smooth purees of vegetables and fruits, slowly continue with family meals. O_o

What? at this age - 3 months only!

My mother & in-law said mix baby cereal or baby rice with milk into the baby bottle - at 6 months. Spoon-feed at around 10 months.

Now what does the book says? recommended 4 - 6 months.

Dilemma...dilemma...dilemma... =="

To ensure that AJ recovered asap, I mixed the orange juice to the milk. But only to start spoon-fed him when he's around six months.

AJ was breastfed till 3 months before first introduced to bottlefeed. It took me several attempts to successfully bottlefeed him. There were times I nearly gave up & tempted to continue breastfeeding. Reason being to his continuous high pitch crying. =.= He finally get used with it and fully on bottle at around 5 months old.

About 6 months, I mixed small amount of baby rice with the formulae milk to ensure that he's full and can stand for a good 3-4 hours until his next feed. He took it well. This continued for 2 weeks.

Next spoon-feeding - failed on first attempt. Gave him baby rice as a start. He was really confused. His tongue kept sticking out - thought it's bottle. Then he got angry due to unbearable hunger. Tried again the next day and next. It even went to a stage that I had to lay him down so that he will swallow it. T___T

It worked but laying down having solid food could risk to choking. So, I changed my mind to do the right way - sitting straight up. After several trainings, he now understand and loves to try different new tastes. Yes! I learnt to spoon-feed him at least an hour before his milk feed - twice per day. Just like having snacks. ^__^

So, what's next? Increase to 3 meals per day - with variety of tastes such as fruit purees or vegetable purees. Yum...yum... He's currently having wheat with rice in apple flavour. Train him to use beaker cup. Get this into routine by changing solid foods as main meals then milk as snacks, first meal in the early morning & last meal before bedtime.

Here're some important reminders:

  1. There is no definite age of when to start weaning. Start when he's ready - when he still hungry after finished his milk. There're studies stating that children tends to get obese easily when introduced to solid foods too early.
  2. Add 1/4 egg yolk per meal - egg yolk is high in protein. Check his stools - if he's constipating after this, reduce the intake of egg yolk.
  3. Cool boiled water is important. Ensure that he drinks lots of water at all time to prevent constipation.
  4. Give him barley drink occassionaly - not too much, excessive amount could lead to asthma.
  5. Introduce fruit purees or vegetable purees when weaning is well established.
  6. Maintain at least 2 formulae milk feed per day - it is very important for his daily growth.
  7. Last but not least, ROUTINE!


11 Aug 2008

Blue Monday

As every other working people having their Monday blues, I'm having it as well even though I'm not working. Today, Alice, the only princess in Ling's family, my sis-in-law, Jimmy's only sis & AJ's only gugu, is heading towards London for a few days with Jimmy before returning to 'Boleh' land this coming Thursday.

Alice arrived on the 20th May after finished her final exam. During her stay, we have become closer day-by-day. We spent time playing with AJ, gossiping, shopping, travelling, moving & almost everything together. Down bottom from my heart, she's my sis & will love her forever.

Now a degree holder is heading back home to attend her graduation ceremony sometime next week. CONGRATULATIONS, Alice! She has yet decide what to do next but here I would like to wish her good luck. Come back soon, Alice. We all miss you very much.

#1/ Alice & me
#2/ WWF ... again
#3/ nah...just joking
#4/ Alice posing in front of the 'Posh' supermarket


As Jimmy & Alice off to London, guess what we're doing at home?....

#5/ AJ peak peak
#6/ Hmm...Still watching
#7/ Going nearer for a closer look
#8/ But.... but... couldn't touch it
#9/ awww...back to the original point
#10/ Everyone, the Toshiba Regza 32"

Bought it last week from Internet on a bargain prize, £350 & just receive it today. It has contrast ratio of 20000:1 with resolution of 1366x768 pixels. Very nice, aint it? Now, our home is completed.

I'll be watching some interesting movies at home - Wanted, Batman - the dark knight, Hellboy 2, Mummy of the Dragon Emperor & Hancock. well not with AJ since it's not suitable for him.


Aha..yes...AJ's having his first tooth coming out - bottom front. At the moment, we only saw its edge. So, I need to be extremely careful this few days. He's won't be able to sleep well this few nights due to pain & possibly fever. It seems to be one teeth currently, but we're guessing there is two coming out at the same time.

#11/ AJ's no more mongeh


9 Aug 2008


Yes! The Beijing Olympic Opening Ceremony held at 08/08/08 @ 08:08 PM (01:08 PM GMT) was indeed spectacular. We were 10 mins late due to unforeseen circumstances. But we enjoyed the rest of the show. Wahaha...luckily, I am still on Maternity Leave. Thank God that it is a sunny weather as well.

A lot people watched the ceremony with us. Especially the Chinese. I didn't realised that there are so many Chinese in Plymouth *Paiseh*. I can feel how much effort & time they have spent to ensure the success of the ceremony.

China, way to go! I salute you! You indeed have wowed us ... am proud to be Chinese. haha....^_^ Can't wait to see the closing ceremony.

Of course we didn't waste our time shopping afterwards since it is such a good day.

ok ok. photos as promised...

#1/ The big screen I talked b4
#2/ Say cheese! Who has the most lovely smile?
#3/ huh...the boss
#4/ *speechless*
#5/ heh...
#6/ Mommy: You're up to something, aren't you?
#7/ AJ: Mommy, I want a new toy. tsk tsk...
#8/ AJ: =.= Bored..
#9/ Trying to entertain AJ. Why is he so bored anyway?
#10/ Waiting for her gugu lor. What else?

p.s. Everyone, please welcome my hubby, Jimmy to the Blogging family. Check him out at http://bigisues.blogspot.com/