11 Aug 2008

Blue Monday

As every other working people having their Monday blues, I'm having it as well even though I'm not working. Today, Alice, the only princess in Ling's family, my sis-in-law, Jimmy's only sis & AJ's only gugu, is heading towards London for a few days with Jimmy before returning to 'Boleh' land this coming Thursday.

Alice arrived on the 20th May after finished her final exam. During her stay, we have become closer day-by-day. We spent time playing with AJ, gossiping, shopping, travelling, moving & almost everything together. Down bottom from my heart, she's my sis & will love her forever.

Now a degree holder is heading back home to attend her graduation ceremony sometime next week. CONGRATULATIONS, Alice! She has yet decide what to do next but here I would like to wish her good luck. Come back soon, Alice. We all miss you very much.

#1/ Alice & me
#2/ WWF ... again
#3/ nah...just joking
#4/ Alice posing in front of the 'Posh' supermarket


As Jimmy & Alice off to London, guess what we're doing at home?....

#5/ AJ peak peak
#6/ Hmm...Still watching
#7/ Going nearer for a closer look
#8/ But.... but... couldn't touch it
#9/ awww...back to the original point
#10/ Everyone, the Toshiba Regza 32"

Bought it last week from Internet on a bargain prize, £350 & just receive it today. It has contrast ratio of 20000:1 with resolution of 1366x768 pixels. Very nice, aint it? Now, our home is completed.

I'll be watching some interesting movies at home - Wanted, Batman - the dark knight, Hellboy 2, Mummy of the Dragon Emperor & Hancock. well not with AJ since it's not suitable for him.


Aha..yes...AJ's having his first tooth coming out - bottom front. At the moment, we only saw its edge. So, I need to be extremely careful this few days. He's won't be able to sleep well this few nights due to pain & possibly fever. It seems to be one teeth currently, but we're guessing there is two coming out at the same time.

#11/ AJ's no more mongeh



-esjen- said...

congratulation AJ, the tooth fairy just visited u haha..

Anonymous said...

AJ: wahaha....thank you thank you.

Alice said...

wahhh da sao.. i look like a pregnant lady in the pic taken in front of marks & spencer neh!! hahahaha i missss u guysss sooooo much!!!!!!!