31 May 2009

Lord Mayor's day

It has been quite a while since our family photo was taken, so I decided to take a few ourselves with AJ at 16 months old yesterday evening.
My favorite of all
love this shoot as well.. AJ: what a lovely parent I have.....jealous?
from another angle
ouch...mommy...my face.... =.="

Today is yet another lovely day which we wouldn't expect in May (as May is normally known to Plymouthians as raining May) and we went to the town just for a walk. Without knowing that today is Lord Mayor's day and they're having lots of functions for all parties - adults, teenagers, children even under 5. It's a day celebrating the new Lord Mayor and Mayoress of Plymouth. Sound new to me and don't know what are they for. haha...anyway, they got parades, games, concerts, burger stalls, ships exhibitions and gun displays. I even saw a group of elders dancing a Hindi song. It's so funny. haha....even AJ enjoyed his time at the hoe...

at AJ's playing area - climbing up
walk up high....
weee.....enjoyed the soft play slide
another round, mommy...another round...

Next, the adult's area
Real guns display
aiming at one of the pigeon at the sky
Hubby picked this one...haha

then, father and son time...
hia...bend it like beckham
hehe....watch me kick
in action...

go AJ! go AJ!
saw this two lovely antic cars on display - will suit for wedding

My legs are aching after 5 hours walking in the town, climbing up and down the hill. T.T as part of my diet too..... ^_^

But we're sooooooo glad that we went out today and I'm soooo glad that I brought camera along today. hahaha....Such a lovely day and memorable family event.


29 May 2009

Quick update

While most Chinese over the world having dumplings to celebrate this festive day, I went to work, so did hubby and AJ. We didn't know today it is the day until I've received wishes from my friends. Thanks to them..haha...We didn't have any dumplings either. T.T Not to worry...

At the meantime, today is the last day AJ goes to Kings nursery. He's changing to a new nursery nearer to where we live. The change is necessary for better mobility as we have sold our car about two weeks ago. It is also the last day Rudy sent and get AJ to the day care. Thanks Rudy for his huge help.

To be honest, I think AJ will missed the nursery. I've starting to miss it myself already. He really enjoyed his time there from just looking at the photos and learnt a lot from there too. He's going to a new nursery - Bambinos starting on Monday with hubby sending him off in the morning and me picking him up at the evening. Woot! can't wait...

He'll having a few hours settling in session tomorrow and I'm hoping that he'll be doing fine. Expect some tears from him. Can't escape! *wishing he won't though

Speaking of tomorrow. 3 years tomorrow. excatly 3 years I've since worked with my company. Gosh...time flies quick. Hubby is using bus to reach his office from tomorrow. Poor him has to wake up earlier as he has to walk for about 15 mins to the bus stop. A good exercise for him though.

I know this may not be new to you guys but I just watched the oscar award winning movie - the Slumdog millionaire. In short, I enjoyed it. Probably because I myself is a fan of Hindi movies. Weird, huh! I used to spend my afternoon watching TV Hindi movies and I'm a fan of Shah Rukh Khan, Aishwarya Rai, Kareena Kapoor, Amitabh Bachan.

Right, back to the movie. I love the youngest Salim. He's so cute and I can't believed he actually jumped down through the toilet hole into a pool of dirty smelly shitty just to get an autograph from Amitabh Bachan. That's so unbelieveable. Salim is not clever nor educated but the life he had since childhood had earn him the winner in the who wants to be a millionaire Hindi version. He went through a really cruel and tough life but I'm satisfied with the happy ending. If you haven't watch it, you should watched it.

Guess what! I scaled myself today and was shocked to know that I've gained 3 kg threeeee kg since my holiday. I know I've talked about going back to the diet regime but I didn't managed to stop my cravings. No one to blame in this case as this is all my fault. But I'm blaming on my nosy hands and mouth with the persuasion from my brain. So, I'm now on strict diet. No more ice-cream, less meaty, lotsa vege & fruits even though I'm so sick with them. But will have ice-cream once or twice a month to pamper myself at this summer before it ends around August/September. I'm soooooooooooooooo serioussssssssssssss!!!!!

Weather forecastor predicts that it's going to be a lovely sunny weekend so I can't wait to enjoy the lovely weekend. No definite plan though. Most probably case would be a visit to Aj's playground, to the town for some walk...etc etc....


25 May 2009

HOT kisses

It's a lovely day yesterday and the day before and today! Hot I must say. You might be wondering why I'm saying that with the ridiculously hot weather here. I used to hate the heat of it back in Malaysia not until I arrived here. First I enjoyed the cool and cold weather but now I hate it already. Especially when it comes to winter. It's so cold that you wouldn't want to leave the house unless it's work-related or food. Your skin went dry like grandma's skin. Now you see why I love the sun here. haha....

So.....in short, this post is gonna be long with lotsa of lovely photos, which I'm sure you guys will enjoy them as well...haha...weee....

Right, on Friday, we only went out for a settling in session at the new nursery which AJ is going to change next month. So, while waiting for hubby off work to enjoy the rest of the weekend, we enjoyed the heat at home.
Hot and AJ is wearing short sleeve and short...& I just realised that he has a matching sets.
trying my new beach shorts...if I have enough courage to wear it oustside


The next day, Saturday, we head to playground...just behind where we live
nuu.... from far away
wee....he made it. Bravo, son!
arriving at the playground, AJ enjoyed himself so much
with the pushchair also
climbing up high with his daddy
at the top
nearly there...
wee....down he went...unfortunately, no photos taken after this because I was at the bottom receiving AJ


Today yet is another lovely day so we decided to go out for a walk at the town centre
AJ can't wait...Fortunately, we brought enough shorts from our last Malaysia trip. And he looks so good in this shirt too. First worn since Alice brought it here last year. Thanks, Alice!
holding tight to his seat belt
at KFC for our late lunch...
posing with the tree...wow...he's going to be a famous supermodel, right? with the 6 packs or more...sui~~~~
trained to be bird-watcher as well...
it's so hot, I tell you. check out AJ's hands...hurm..I wonder why


OK, next at home. Hubby suddenly came into the bedroom after his shower while I'm playing with AJ. "Let's kiss" - teaching AJ to kiss. So, we kissed right in front of AJ's eyes...not the french kiss, ok? AJ was kinda shocked at first and wanted to learn it too...
So, we asked AJ to kiss daddy....Kiss daddy...
then he went this... haha

We showed him again and again and again
He went this..haha...with a muacks sound.
We tried again. Kiss mummy...Yeah!
and again....good boy!
daddy on the cheek because daddy got flu
I kissed hubby for his brilliant idea then kissed AJ to learn it so quick

What a brilliant idea! Thanks hubby and well done, son! HOTTTTTTTT and KISSESSSSSSSSS.... but we enjoyed every bit of it! woot!!!


21 May 2009

4 years & moving on

Me: Nah..Happy Anniversary...

Hubby: What's this?

Opening the present...

Me: Ta-dah...

Hubby: (shock) wah...so big....what's the date today?

Me: 20th la...you forgot already?

Hubby: oh no..I forgot today is our wedding anniversary.

Me: =="

trying the huge pen
while AJ watch Kungfu panda
tender pose
oouuu...AJ loves his new huge pen
cha cha cha cha....

The gigantic pen is now belonged to AJ. hehe...that's the purpose of the gift. muahahaha....

4 years ago today 20/05/2005 aka 2005 square is the day both of us are legally binded as husband and wife. I can’t believe it. It has been 4 years since. And we’ve been through a lot. I would be lying if I said we have never quarrel. Men are from Mars and women are from Venus. We came from different places have different characteristic, carries different genes and hardly shares the same hobby. Except that we love each other (although we hate each other when we have disputes), give our 100% love to AJ and trying our best to provide the best for the family.

Luv ya lots Hubby!!! You're second in my list - after AJ.

I love this month every year. Full of celebrations~~~~~ Weeeee....


19 May 2009

I love you, Rudolf!

Ok, let me be clear first as you know rumours (especially the fake) spreads really fast. I’m not having affair with Rudy nor having any marital problem with hubby nor family problem with my in-laws nor having mother & son problem with AJ. So Val, close your wide open eye and mouth or maybe you’re start laughing already haha….same thing goes to you, hubby.

Today is our first official working day CAR-LESS I repeat CAR-LESS!!! I couldn’t imagine how we can cope without Rudy’s help. If you’re reading my previous post, Sporty left us because he has a good offer from his new owner. Who would ever give up the only chance being famous and handsome as long as he lives? I believe he’s all equipped with 18” rim set of tyres and probably with leather seat. Cool~~~ I miss you Sporty.

Ok, AJ is changing to a new nearer nursery for our convenience starting next month. As our insurance expired tomorrow and as we can’t be bothered to pay for another year of car insurance, we decided to sell Sporty. The plan went smoothly and I’m indeed very proud of the smooth progress. Of course, thanks to me for managing the project so well. *hidung tinggi* tsk tsk tsk….

We are well aware of the hassle without Sporty, especially to get to AJ’s daycare which is about 10 minutes drive from where we live. And it’s not until beginning of next month that he’s going to a nearer daycare about 10 minutes walk. So we kinda ‘forced’ Rudy in a nice way of course, asked for Rudy’s help to be exact :P, to accommodate us with the car transport until the end of this month. Just to send us to work and AJ to daycare and of course subject to his availability and car availability. He will be picking hubby and AJ up later in the evening leaving me to walk home. I’m fine with the walking. A bit of exercise for me…haha…Rudy said he can see my little wee bit stomach bump…not pregnant, though. xD

Rudy’s car is now converted to a family car with a proper baby on board sign and car seat. Now he could just park his car at a wide car space strictly for parent & toddler parking area at Tesco for grocery shopping and the best thing is it’s near to the entrance and sometimes within sheltered area.

Poor Rudy, he has to wake up so early in order to help us. But I’m sure he doesn’t mind. If anyone is wondering who is Rudy - the face behind the mask. Everyone, this is him I'm talking about.
FYI, the big guy

Thanks Rudy! Thanks a lot! I love you from the bottom of my heart. Although you know you can't be the top as AJ is always the top, then hubby, then family la, la la la at least you're in my heart...always and forever. Your help mean a lot for me. A million million thankxxxxx.

Unfortunately, I’m married already and my sister is too young for you, Alice is taken already and what the heck, Rudy you yourself have already taken. Don’t beat me. girls! :P

Rudy is planning to sell his car before his car insurance expired which is the end of this month. Anyone interested with Peugeot 307 (2005) White 5 door hatchback diesel approx 95K miles in good condition? Not available for sale transfer for the next 6 working day though (till 28th). Tsk tsk tsk..I’m just being selfish..no la….seriously, who’s interested, let me know and I’ll pass your message across. If the sale goes well, I’m sure he wants to get it done before his car insurance expired.

6 more working days and counting….then on the 1st of June, AJ is going to a new daycare in his pushchair with hubby pushing before going to the bus stop to go to his office and having me to pick him up after work. Woohoooo! Can’t wait!


17 May 2009

Short & sad

Hubby driving Sporty for the last time
He's handsome, isn't he?

We truly deeply miss Sporty now. T.T We went to Somerset this morning to deliver Sporty to his new owner. In fact, I felt kinda emo from the moment we left him there. Because he had served us well good and bad every single there. Whenever we need him, he's just there, right in front of us ready to give his full support. A true gentleman.

But I'm sure he's in good hands. When we arrived at this new bloke's posh house, the bloke has already showed us the new set of 18" inch tyre which I believed he's going to get his hands dirty right after we left. Bless Sporty. He'll be a real~ Sporty soon. Lucky Sporty.

On our journey there, we saw something interesting.
At the services in the middle of the journey
We saw Proton services centre..awesome~~

Right then, back to yesterday. A very interesting day indeed. I just remembered that I had a Luna colour pencil which I bought it at Malaysia years ago =.= So, the clever me put them to use for...
painting...da da da...
dee dee dee...

Then we went to Tesco & Matalan and we found something interesting
A-Ka-Za-Ka-Boom, I'm AJ Potter
AJ, the pirate
love or life, you choose

and we bought home...
AJ's wellington boot - for use when he's in muddy area at the nursery
he look so cute in it
AJ loves it too. haha...