10 May 2009

Walk of joy

Yesterday, the luxury of arriving to a destination by using our sporty has been put aside. We have decided to put ourselves into trial before having our legs used to its full extent 24/7 starting next week. And we were all really exhausted. We walked to the town and walked and walked.

At first, we thought “It’s not going to be that hard to fully depending on our two important legs.” It’s not that hard really but it’s just the lack of walking exercise. We were totally out of breath in just after 15 minutes walk. =.=

Too much reliant on sporty clearly showed that I’m lack of exercise. And I need to get my arse and legs working now. Walk, Walk and walk~~~~ :P

Didn’t take a lot of photos at town yesterdya though due to shortness of breath resulted from walking.
AJ enjoyed watching the pigeons
ah~~~ so comfy

And oh oh oh HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY for those who are celebrating Mother’s day today (as UK celebrates this glorious day about two months ago).


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Alice said...

check out Delilah~ I sent sth for her. ehehehe Happy walking and happy mother's day~~