3 May 2009

Happy day

A long weekend indeed (with my Friday off yesterday and Bank Holiday on the coming Monday, Woohooo~~~) and a sunny weekend (based on the weather forecast), can't wait! Woot~~~We don't have any plan yet to leave Plymouth town for the long weekend but we're definitely going to enjoy the weekend to the fullest! in Plymouth!

It is a very good day today indeed, so all 3 of us plus Rudolf went for driving range today. Instead of going to the China Fleet we normally go to, Rudolf brought us to another golf centre about 10 minutes drive from the city centre. The furnishings are very nicely done and the best part is it’s much cheaper! Both hubby and Rudolf enjoyed their time there while AJ walked around in the shop non-stop! I was taking care of AJ so no photos were taken at the centre.

Everyone was so hungry so we hit the town straight away to meet up with Rudolf's brothers and Kok Fung for a dinner outside. Seafood is our dinner tonight. Yum Yum....
" Tappas for two" for us two
Ritchie's food. It looks really delicious and can't wait to have it if we're going for it the next time
then a stranger stepped in for a snap. haha
Now the proper one


Also, I have creatively taken this photo today. The idea just came out of nowhere. Of course, this won't work with hubby's cooperation & good timing. haha...

No fix plan for tomorrow yet but we might be heading to town. Unless Rudolf / Teck Young have a better plan. Hubby wants to go for another golf session but Rudolf kinda reluctant. So, we shall see...haha...



Alice said...

hahahah 1st and last picture very creative! what was AJ watching o? So into the movie? Bee movie again aR?

Margaret said...

thanks..AJ was watching either Bee Movie, Kungfu panda or Monster Inc. Can't keep watching bee movie all the time. I can already memorise the script dy. T_T