15 May 2009

Oh dear

The carer told hubby yesterday evening when he came to get AJ at the daycare that she thought she heard AJ said Oh dear. Bless him. Unfortunately, AJ refused to say it again after wards, according to her. I was so excited then I said it again hoping that AJ would say it too. Guess! Guess! Guess! He said it. again and again.haha..it's kinda cute when he said. Well, he didn't pronounce it correctly. But you could hear it just about on the right tone! Oh dear! Oh di! Oh dea!

And guess what! AJ's carer gave us a genuine photos of what AJ has been doing in the nursery last month. I loved all of them! I can see that AJ enjoyed every moment there. On the other hand, I felt so guilty already now T__T that I have missed a lot of precious moments with him.

Red here! Red there!
who cares.....
thumbs here...there...my signature
hmm..yellow or red?


Baking time
Look at him! He's so cute in the little apron
First, sugar...
flour..a cup would be enough
water...mix well


Jing Jeng...
painting again....A-D-R-I-A-N
hmm....can't decide with the colours...


Cooking time
AJ is in a wee bit moody
mix with flakes
check out his eyes
He fell asleep =.=

Bless him..... Love ya lots, son...muacks.



Alice said...

hahaha i made the same comment i made in FB, AJ is super cute in the apron~~ and he looks like Phua Chu Kang leh with his yellow socks on. Add on a fake mole and he's little chu kang already! Hahaha SO CUTE LA!!!! GErAmmmm

Margaret said...

hahaha...yeap...i look at this particular photo every day. My favorite