27 Jun 2009

Muller corner - vanilla choco balls...yum!

One of the things that I'll missed the most if I am to live in a place without it will be...
The muller corner with vanilla choco balls flavor - my favorite

There're a lot flavors in the market, blueberry, choco flakes, strawberry cakes, muller rice (which I don't like), low-fat muller, etc. It's so delicious that you'll get addicted without you knowing it at all. The packaging is also unique to ensure that you'll taste the crunchiness of the choco balls straight away in your tounge when they're mixed with the yogurt. Imagine that yogurt plus the choco balls, sweet + sour + chocolatey + creamy + crunchy + yum yum. Mmmmmm~~~~
The yogurt and choco balls separated. Waiting to be mixed
one thing I just realised this trick recently (learnt from my colleague). The packaging is designed for you to fold the choco balls side to fill into the yogurt. Quick, easy and neat. That's a good trick
into my mouth...
yum yum....tee hee...

Not to forget, fatty too. So, eat with care.


23 Jun 2009


Gotcha. Gotcha. LOL…

We have noticed the mouse existences in our flat just recently. How? Its sh.t was all over the food reachable place – near the rice bucket or the bin. They are recognisable easy enough that you knew it instantly without the need to send it to DNA test. Funny enough, we didn’t had the mouse-in-the-house issue since we moved in. So, we thought that the scaffold outside may have been the reason behind they come in.

Hubby first met it on Saturday when he cooked Bovril noodles for his late supper at 2-ish am while AJ and me were dreaming of enjoying each other in the clouds, me chasing AJ and AJ running and laughing happily Teehee. I was woken up by a sudden thump! I though some sort of burglar broke in maybe?!?!?

Reach out for my glasses and wearing it quickly for I fear the worst could have become, I first checked that AJ is beside me. Checked! Blessed him, he was sleeping peacefully with his feet facing towards me. =.= Then hubby. Not checked! However, I’m somehow half-eased for I know the noise could be made by hubby instead of a careless burglar who may have stupidly dropped his stolen goods.

With curiosity inside half-woken-up me, I decided to go to the next room to check on him. He won’t normally make such a big noise in the middle of the night if he stayed up late. When our eyes met, he said “A mouse followed me from kitchen, want to eat my hot delicious Bovril noodles…and it’s hiding behind the cupboard.”

Me: “how big is it?” *shocking tone*
Hubby: “bigger a bit than the previous one we had from the previous flat. I bet he was following me into the room”
Me: “so how? Can we catch it?”
So, I went to the bathroom to get a pail we normally used to put our dirty clothes. Using that pail to catch the mouse. Ei…don’t laugh because we caught 2 mice before simply blocking him from running away and using a pail to trap them which we then drove to an outskirt area to let them go.

We tried to move the cupboard a little bit to get the mouse run away but it’s so determined not to move a single inch in a hidden area. We gave up not long afterwards because I was half awake, not alert enough compared to the watchful mouse. I went back to sleep, leaving hubby to continue to have his supper with half of his attention to check on the mouse scaring it might jump over to have the noodles. The mouse was patient enough to wait for the next 3 hours only to escape to the door and back to where it lives.

The next day, I quickly checked my rice making sure it did not leave its poisonous poo / wee on the rice. Fortunately I had the lid covering the rice and cleaned up the surface where its poo is visible. And hubby started to put some mouse trap and glue. We didn’t get anything on the first night, but I did hear a running escape noise when I entered the kitchen.

Last night, I would go into the kitchen to warm up AJ’s drink bottle as I would normally do before I go to bed, then I heard SQUIRKssss. I felt weird because normally a mouse doesn’t make noises a lot and always scrambles off when the lights are on. Hubby said, we might have got the mouse. We can’t be bothered to check it because we know the glue is strong enough to hold the mouse till the next morning unless the mouse is huge which is pointless if we checked it that time or it peels its skin off to get away also pointless anyway. The glue is quite sticky as AJ glued his fingers when he first found the clean sheet. He went =.=, then had to wash his hands afterwards.

And surprise surprise, I saw not just one but TWO! TWO!!!

The mice trapped in a piece of a mouse trap glue paper. Hubby screamed with joy and awake instantly from his bed as he had this lazyness and enjoyment to lie on the bed until the very last second gene run through his blood…inherited from cute ma. Then the toilet would be his first task after bed, take shower, breakfast, and run to get the bus to get to work – all in an hour. =.= Trust me Alice has the same gene. Not sure for their two younger brothers though because I didn’t spend a lot of time with them.

OK back to our achievement. So hubby woke up. Because they are still moving trying to free themselves from the sticky glue, hubby put another glue paper on their top to make sure they are totally immovable. So it became mice sandwich with two mice as the fillings. Hubby then put the sandwich into a container and filling the container with water. One mouse has bled itself a little bit. We think it might be another mouse who tried to save its friend or it moves too much that its skin peeled off itself. Ewww….my skin hair stands up as I am writing this post.

I would normally use the container for my weekday lunch (eg bread, cake), bring it at the office on Monday then back home on Thursday. Today, hubby handed over the container for me to bin it on my way to office, adding with a sentence, “Enjoy your lunch”. Ewww….My appetite went down immediately come to think of it. Yucks! Bye container, bye mice.

Anyway, they’re gone now for good. I didn’t expect that there are two so I think we might have some more around. As you know, they breed very quickly. So we will put a new sheet of mouse glue tonight, secure all the foods and close the kitchen door so that they won’t come to our rooms when we’re sleeping. Oh yea, they finished the bait – left over wedges we had from Domino.

Bravo! Bravo!

Hoorah! Hoorah!


22 Jun 2009

'R.I.P' window

Thump! It felt like an earthquake. AJ dropped something? But shouldn't be felt like earthquake. Worrying sick wanting to know what happened, I had a peek look outside. Nothing-leh. Then I went to find where's AJ and what he's doing. and the next thing I saw was this...

closer look

Close your mouth. close your mouth.

We didn't know how it happened. Hubby tried to open the window to let the fresh air inside. The next thing he knew was the window went bang! RIP window T.T. Apparently the hinges went off even though it was just fixed 6 months ago. It's obvious that the repairman didn't completed it very nicely.

We had Ken over to help as hubby couldn't carry the heavy window and fixed it by himself. I watched helplessly because I myself don't have that kind of man energy and had to take care of AJ at the same time. Fortunately, we had the scafffolding outside (because of the repaint work) else the window will be smashed and the temporary framework managed to catch it in the nick of time. And then we would be sleeping with our eyes open with the open wide window tonight. T.T
Thanks to the framework, hubby and Ken managed to resurrect it temporarily
CPR - removing the hinges knob

Life-support machine - Ken connected the window to the hinges using long screws while hubby giving all his energy carrying the heavy window
wah...secured at last. At least we had it closed while our landlady get it repaired. Phew~~~

What a day. Thanks Ken for your big help!!!

OK. Enough of the 'soi' stuff. AJ had his photos taken by the professionals 2 weeks ago and they are sooo lovely I tell you! Honest. I'm not exaggerating. See them yourself. My cute sweet AJ~~~
chinese new year costume specially bought by his gugu, Alice
black & white style



19 Jun 2009

Balloon aficionado

I bumped into this every single working day this week and I couldn't be bothered to go near it to see what it meant. Because I'm late for work, alright? Today, I finally was able to had a close look what it meant by Za Za Zoom.

Apparently, it's someone looking for painting job and apparently advertising his mobile using the stricking-yellow-attention-grabber bicyle. Very clever, isn't it. The owner even had the bicycle locked so that the teenagers won't took it away.


My colleagues from the different team but on the same department went to have lunch the other day and I cheekily "begged" my colleague (a guy) to get me some balloons back because I know the restaurant gives free balloons for kids. What else? They're for AJ OF COURSE and AJ so love them. haha...
not just one balloon
but two...teehee
they are soooo high up
can I do that tooo...with my legs up??

Bless my prince~~~


14 Jun 2009

Action! Action!

AJ says:

daddy: gambate!
I'm done! Nappy change time, mom


am concentrating...no disturb please
oh...very chi gik!!!!
funny side...
the Lion King, my latest favorite movie


I'm gonna catch up soon


ahhhh~~~ I love this position the best!


Yeah! vote for me! Vote AJ Ling!
AJ Ling! I can't hear you! AJ Ling!
C'mon. AJ Ling for everything! Everything!
Yeah! hoorah!!!
my widest loveliest sweetest smile to you all
posing with my No. 1 supporter
ooiiii, too much already. My time is prevcious, okay?

Marge says: Hope you enjoy them as I do. Which one you love the best?


11 Jun 2009

Mama do uh oh uh oh

Move over, Lady Alice Gaga, Jimmy J Chow, Conny Lee Hom, Zatil Swift, Zura Spears, Mui mui Perry...I now proclaimed to you that I’m so into this young teenager. So I’m now the Marge P Lott. Marge P Lott. Marge P Lott. Marge P Lott. Haha...I love her voice to begin with. She’s sooo good when she sang the famous Apologise song and her debut song. In fact, I prefer her than Lily Allen or Leona Lewis. She’s set to be the next pop princess – I’m talking wayyyy better than Britney Spears.

Being a singer and songwriter all by herself and student at the same time at this young age – 18 no joke 18!!! is really awesome! Salute to her, honest! She also has her own looks so I’m looking good on her unless she ended up to be come like Amy Winehouse or Britney. Oh well...not going to that far now.

I love her debut song – mama do uh oh uh oh

And also What u do

And her acoustic versions....she indeed has a good voice...

She’s coming down to Plymouth at a joint concert with other singers on 1st July. And it does makes me wanna go too. If I’m going, this will be my first time I go to concert. But am still thinking whether I should go or not as I’m not like the other crazy fans who would go shouting, crying, flocking to the front just to get a real skin touch or fighting for his/her sweaty clothes. Yucks...I would be really happy if i could get an autograph from her personally on her album. Sound cool, right? In my dream neh neh...haha...

I think I would much prefer to listen to her music through radio or my computer. Save me lotsa of time and money. Still...am loving Pixie Lott now. Youtube to listen to the rest of her songs. I’m sure you’ll love them as much as I do.

Go Pixie! Go Pixie! Go Pixie! Woohooo!


Anyway on a complete unrelated note, I would like to share with you a shocking news today. I was listening to radio today and the news broadcaster went like this “A woman who works in a Plymouth nursery has been arrested yesterday for making and distributing child photonographic images. Images were found taken at where she works showing the nursery logo on her uniform.”

That’s when I was getting worried. Nursery? Which nursery? My heart went beating really really fast as you know AJ goes to nursery since he was 8 months old. What if a photo of his naked body was really taken without our consent and wer distributed to those filthy sex child abuser. God will only knows who has seen the images and what has been done with it. This is sooo utterly disgusting. I would be very very ver utterly flabbergasted as I totally put my trust on the nursery carer to take good care of AJ. They are just like second mother to AJ and AJ loves to go to nursery so much.

Rest assured it’s not a nursery that AJ went. Phew~~~ But my heart goes to those children whom had the images taken for the last 2 to 3 years. Now that the woman is arrested and has been charged for her offences, I’m hoping she will get a really long jail sentence for what she has done and deserves them what. Here’s the link to follow the news. Ptuik.


9 Jun 2009

Smiley vs Cry-ley

^_^ Come & go: I know some of you may have noticed that my blog layout was changed a few days ago and is now changed back to its original-self. I didn’t like much of the new layout due to its broken links and I was kinda miss the old layout, so I decided to stick to the old layout for a while. Might change the background colour though. It’s too dark and dull I felt sometimes but mystery though. So, I might change to a bright colour in the next few days. Oh well…maybe not. Haha…Don’t know why I’m undecisive nowadays.

^_^ Record breaking: I didn’t listen to radio at work today! Shocking, right? I used to listen to radio everyday and I thought I might be going to be very sleepy in the afternoon but wasn’t afterall! Probably I was concentrating too much at my work. As long as I’m occupied with work, I can live without radio. Oh well...maybe I’ll go back to listening to radio again to keep me awake if it happens again. Again, undecisive. =.=

^_^ New routine: I should have blog-ed this last week but I couldn’t find a suitable time to do it as I was trying to get used with this new routine. It was a new routine for all 3 of us. As you know, Sporty left us about 3 weeks ago (I still miss Sporty T.T), we depend very heavily on our two legs now, leaving hubby walking, pushing the pushchair, sending AJ to Bambinos, his new nursery and having me to pick AJ up after walk. I love to get AJ after work which makes me counting the hours left at the office every single day. Funny enough, it does motivates me by completing my work within office hours and getting groceries done at my ½ hour lunch.

T.T New nursery: AJ was crying so poorly when he went to Bambinos on his first day. T.T I didn’t see him crying so I was OK but hubby went heartache and preparing to take the day off if AJ couldn’t settle in the nursery that day. He was still crying a bit the next few days as the place is fairly new for him and almost cried everytime he saw me outside the window after work. And I’m proudly to let you guys know that AJ is now fully adapted with the new nursery when hubby dropped him off this morning. Shedding not a single tears! Bravo! Bravo!

T.T Bon voyage, mate: Ruddy is leaving Plymouth tomorrow to London, off to Barcelona for a few days before going back to Malaysia until he sorted his stuff. It’s talking for maybe 2-3 months until we will see Ruddy next time. He planned to stay for the summer and Val to come over for a few months holiday. I couldn’t wait to see Val, to be honest. And kinda disappointed to the fact that Val won’t be here. Not sure when I’ll be meeting Val again soon. I miss you, Val! And Rudolf! I’m sure AJ will too. Rudolf is coming over again tomorrow for for a short chit chat before leaving for his long summer holiday. *jealous*

^_^ Hello, Samsung Tocco: Hubby bought a new phone yesterday. It’s a SAMSUNG TOCCO LITE. All touch screen except for accept call, reject call and back button. It’s so high tech. I like when the phone has 3 wallpaper which you could change at any time. So Cool~~~ Thanks to me, hubby finally bought it. His old Motorola is not working properly now. I went fuming everytime when I was to use his phone. The 0 keypad can’t be pressed at all! Actually, he was planning to look see look see at the phone store of what phone he really wants. As I know his stingy type, I am certain to make him buying the phone at the very same day and I did it by saying let’s see the phone first and feel it with our own hand. And he bought the Tocco one which I liked the most compared to LG Viewty, LG cookie and the other one which I can’t remember now. Not important though so why should I remember it! Haha *jealous*

4 smiles and 2 sad-ley. Not bad not bad. 2 jealous but extremely jealous with the last one. Make me hand itchy every now and then. Humph….


6 Jun 2009

Happy birthday mama

I'm going to make this short and quick. Six the six 06/06, today is my biological beloved mother's birthday. Mom, I'm sorry that I couldn't celebrate this glorious day with you physically but my heart is always with you. I have make this movie specially for you. Although it's not proper but I hope you like it. Teeheee....











4 Jun 2009

made by Marge

I bought 6 duck eggs from a farmer market approx 2 weeks ago and decided to make some salted duck eggs. Oh..don't get me wrong, salted duck eggs are available at chinese groceries store by the selling price is just not worth it. It's like paying for gold eggs!!! We have them...erm...maybe once in 2-3 years since our stay in UK. As soon as I knew how to make salted duck eggs =.= which was about 2 years ago =.=. I never in my life think that it's such an easy job. All you need is lots lots lots I mean really lots of salt then disolved in water enough to cover the eggs in the salted water for like 2 weeks or more. That's it! Silly me only to realise it about 2 years ago. I blame myself for not thinking this logically.

Soooo, 2 weeks later, I took one out, have it cooked and tried it.

Not bad. not bad....Apparently, the salted duck eggs is not salted enough so I have addded lots more salt hoping to get better results in another week time.