9 Jun 2009

Smiley vs Cry-ley

^_^ Come & go: I know some of you may have noticed that my blog layout was changed a few days ago and is now changed back to its original-self. I didn’t like much of the new layout due to its broken links and I was kinda miss the old layout, so I decided to stick to the old layout for a while. Might change the background colour though. It’s too dark and dull I felt sometimes but mystery though. So, I might change to a bright colour in the next few days. Oh well…maybe not. Haha…Don’t know why I’m undecisive nowadays.

^_^ Record breaking: I didn’t listen to radio at work today! Shocking, right? I used to listen to radio everyday and I thought I might be going to be very sleepy in the afternoon but wasn’t afterall! Probably I was concentrating too much at my work. As long as I’m occupied with work, I can live without radio. Oh well...maybe I’ll go back to listening to radio again to keep me awake if it happens again. Again, undecisive. =.=

^_^ New routine: I should have blog-ed this last week but I couldn’t find a suitable time to do it as I was trying to get used with this new routine. It was a new routine for all 3 of us. As you know, Sporty left us about 3 weeks ago (I still miss Sporty T.T), we depend very heavily on our two legs now, leaving hubby walking, pushing the pushchair, sending AJ to Bambinos, his new nursery and having me to pick AJ up after walk. I love to get AJ after work which makes me counting the hours left at the office every single day. Funny enough, it does motivates me by completing my work within office hours and getting groceries done at my ½ hour lunch.

T.T New nursery: AJ was crying so poorly when he went to Bambinos on his first day. T.T I didn’t see him crying so I was OK but hubby went heartache and preparing to take the day off if AJ couldn’t settle in the nursery that day. He was still crying a bit the next few days as the place is fairly new for him and almost cried everytime he saw me outside the window after work. And I’m proudly to let you guys know that AJ is now fully adapted with the new nursery when hubby dropped him off this morning. Shedding not a single tears! Bravo! Bravo!

T.T Bon voyage, mate: Ruddy is leaving Plymouth tomorrow to London, off to Barcelona for a few days before going back to Malaysia until he sorted his stuff. It’s talking for maybe 2-3 months until we will see Ruddy next time. He planned to stay for the summer and Val to come over for a few months holiday. I couldn’t wait to see Val, to be honest. And kinda disappointed to the fact that Val won’t be here. Not sure when I’ll be meeting Val again soon. I miss you, Val! And Rudolf! I’m sure AJ will too. Rudolf is coming over again tomorrow for for a short chit chat before leaving for his long summer holiday. *jealous*

^_^ Hello, Samsung Tocco: Hubby bought a new phone yesterday. It’s a SAMSUNG TOCCO LITE. All touch screen except for accept call, reject call and back button. It’s so high tech. I like when the phone has 3 wallpaper which you could change at any time. So Cool~~~ Thanks to me, hubby finally bought it. His old Motorola is not working properly now. I went fuming everytime when I was to use his phone. The 0 keypad can’t be pressed at all! Actually, he was planning to look see look see at the phone store of what phone he really wants. As I know his stingy type, I am certain to make him buying the phone at the very same day and I did it by saying let’s see the phone first and feel it with our own hand. And he bought the Tocco one which I liked the most compared to LG Viewty, LG cookie and the other one which I can’t remember now. Not important though so why should I remember it! Haha *jealous*

4 smiles and 2 sad-ley. Not bad not bad. 2 jealous but extremely jealous with the last one. Make me hand itchy every now and then. Humph….