19 Jun 2009

Balloon aficionado

I bumped into this every single working day this week and I couldn't be bothered to go near it to see what it meant. Because I'm late for work, alright? Today, I finally was able to had a close look what it meant by Za Za Zoom.

Apparently, it's someone looking for painting job and apparently advertising his mobile using the stricking-yellow-attention-grabber bicyle. Very clever, isn't it. The owner even had the bicycle locked so that the teenagers won't took it away.


My colleagues from the different team but on the same department went to have lunch the other day and I cheekily "begged" my colleague (a guy) to get me some balloons back because I know the restaurant gives free balloons for kids. What else? They're for AJ OF COURSE and AJ so love them. haha...
not just one balloon
but two...teehee
they are soooo high up
can I do that tooo...with my legs up??

Bless my prince~~~


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