14 Jun 2009

Action! Action!

AJ says:

daddy: gambate!
I'm done! Nappy change time, mom


am concentrating...no disturb please
oh...very chi gik!!!!
funny side...
the Lion King, my latest favorite movie


I'm gonna catch up soon


ahhhh~~~ I love this position the best!


Yeah! vote for me! Vote AJ Ling!
AJ Ling! I can't hear you! AJ Ling!
C'mon. AJ Ling for everything! Everything!
Yeah! hoorah!!!
my widest loveliest sweetest smile to you all
posing with my No. 1 supporter
ooiiii, too much already. My time is prevcious, okay?

Marge says: Hope you enjoy them as I do. Which one you love the best?



Alice said...

hahaha i love all of them! AJ so sexy wearing the vest only. Like wearing swimsuit.

Jenjen said...

I love all of them too... He is amusing. Love to see more about his pictures!! ^^

Marge said...

haha...thanks girls

Joline said...

he's such a handsome boy just like his yummy mummy..:*) oh not forgetting the handsome daddy too! hehe...