27 Feb 2009

No longer available

30th January 2009 - Fridaya sweet gift from Alice (bought 3 years ago =.=)

This is the day I couldn’t wish for more. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to be remembered till my last breath. In case you’re wondering what I was talking about (but I’m sure most of you already known) it’s Jimmy and my big day – THE WEDDING

It is the day we asked for blessings from our parents, grandparents, elders and ancestors.
- The day we proclaim to public that we’re no longer available.
- The day we introduce our prince, AJ to everyone.
- The day we make all of our family proud of us.

Actually we were legally bind since nearly 4 years ago. The wedding reception has been delayed until today due to financial, work and others commitments. Both Jimmy and I decided to take 3 weeks holiday after ages refraining ourselves from leaving the country. And so we confirmed with our family of our booked holiday and conveyed our wishes to accomplish one of our goals - our promise to our seniors for a posh (yet economical) wedding. Not only that, we would like everyone to meet AJ, the Ling’s and Lee’s latest generation.

Everyone was so excited with it and so everyone, cute ma, ah bui, Apollo and mom start getting their hands dirty planning the wedding. Our wedding was divided into different phases:

  • Area 1: funds (lead by Jimmy)
  • Area 2: AJ well-being (lead by me)
  • Area 3: main wedding reception (lead by cute ma)
  • Area 4: wedding photo (lead by Alice)
  • Area 5: groom well-being (lead by cute ma & ah bui)
  • Area 6: bride well-being (lead by cute ma & mom)
  • Area 7: wedding game (Sisters ‘Jie Mei’ lead by Hie Mee, Co Ing Ing)
  • Area 8: wedding game solver (Brothers ‘Hen dai’ lead by Teck Chuan, Co James & Siew Ung)
  • Area 9: cameraman for morning session (lead by Ong Chien Hui)
  • Area 10: wedding reception (lead by Ah Soon)
I was up since 5 am, aimlessly and sleepily taking a shower attempting to freshen-up myself after only had 3 hours sleep the night before. AJ was awake in the middle of the night and didn’t want to snooze until 2 hours later. Poor me. =.=

The hair stylist and make-up lady came around 6 something later ‘ridsecting’ (styling) my hair and make-up me face to a different person – Yiseh…not showing off but I saw myself as the most beautiful person I have seen in my life. Even AJ didn’t recognise me. He totally refused my cuddles for the first time in my life. ==”

Then the waiting game began, next games before the groom can meet his bride and son, finally respect bows to the elders.

Wedding - the morning session
while waiting for my man

one of his first tasks upon arrival
the fake lion dance
dong che...dong che dong che
Jimmy to only consume a spoon of sugar - sweet for the rest of the life
James to handle the peppery food
Trying the Shiseido mask

big baby nappy made by the men!
last last...angpao
finally...we finally met ... phew~~~
eh...shouldn't he be inseparable with me?
with my girlfriends of more than 10 years....
The class of 1999

Next, lunch thanking the brothers & sisters for their effort in making the morning ceremony a success. I was able to rest a bit in the afternoon but everyone was so busy arranging the tables for the dinner. I stayed at home bathing AJ and get him to bed for afternoon nap. Thank God, Alice and Val was there to help or else I’ll be crying even before the wedding starts. Blessed.

3 hours before the dinner… the stylist and make-up lady arrived to change me to the most beautiful woman of the night. Combining with the dress I was so impressed with how beautiful I was turned into. Woot~~~ An ugly duckling just turned into a beautiful swan…wahahaha…Again, AJ refused my cuddles. ==”

Wedding – the dinner
groomed by so many people...nice~~~~

Nelly, my make-up stylist...I love her so much!
The hall before wedding starts
while waiting for the grand entry
watch that crazy man

Meet the crowd

DJ entertaining the crowd
serving the drinks

now it's AJ's turn
AJ cutting his birthday cake in front of 500+ people
AJ: thank you everyone, cheers
'Yam Seng' to the crowd
and so did AJ
then AJ posing with the lovely ladies
"sorry Love for not spending much time with today"
Lee sisters
AJ posing again =="
Some of our friends who attended the wedding
The Ling's and Lee's family (not here - David and Jeffrey)

It was so hectic, you can imagine! The tension out there was unbelieveable. We made a grand entry with big crowd applause. Fortunately, AJ was really well-behaved for the whole night. Good boy! How stupid I was in assuming that I could have a nice meal at the dinner. But we’re so busy that I only had a few spoons. I should have had a light meal before that! Silly me.

Many many many credits to those who has helped in turning this event to a success. With your help, we’d be in great mess. In no particular order:

  • cute ma
  • ah bui
  • apollo
  • mom
  • Alice
  • Jerome
  • Jeffrey
  • Ah Soon
  • David
  • Connie
  • Patrick
  • Elvis Wong Teck Chuan
  • Wong Siew Ung
  • James Ho
  • Rudolf, Val and parents
  • Ong Chieng Hui
  • Ching Heng Bing
  • Brenda Leong
  • Chieng Hie Mee
  • Adeline Huong
  • Ah Mas (Thomas Tan)
  • Ah Bui Hua
  • Ah Chow
  • Richard Tang
  • Ah Zai
The event was a great success! It was a great relief for all of us after the wedding. It’s a huge success for all of us. I saw everyone was so tired (pulling the tiring face) but with contented expressions. We even laughed at our stupid small mistakes, which is so great.

Well done, everyone!

I’m now officially married to Jimmy Ling S H. Girls, get your hands off my man or you’ll face the consequences. Hiak! Hiak! Hiak! Aim for his brothers neh~~~


    23 Feb 2009

    AJ in holiday mood

    Here are some clips and pics we took while in Sarikei

    The almighty AJ - Grooarrrr!