16 Feb 2009

Emo Valentine

I’m back. Back to reality. T___T

The holiday was amazing. Extremely superb! We grew closer day-by-day. Everybody enjoyed the company of AJ. So did AJ. He brought joy & happiness to the house. Everyone was smiling non-stop and laughing ka-ka-ka-ka all the time.

But I didn’t realized that the day we left Boleh-land has left everyone heartbroken. T___T The flight returning to UK was indeed horrible. The moment we (with my in-laws) at KLIA, we were all in tears. T___T We were speechless, hugging each other. Just like what Jimmy’s mom said in fuchow, “tieh gao wu yiang”…means weep until unrecognisable.

Everyone except Mr. Wong & AJ. ==”. AJ was sleeping (don’t know what is happening). Mr. Wong leh…he’s cruel enough not to shed any tears until when he’s out of idea to comfort his gf. I know Mr. Wong was crying inside. He had to comfort Alice so he has to hold on to that. I can see that everyone will be missing AJ the most.

The flight journey was unpleasant to be honest. I threw up twice during the journey. Poor Jimmy had to deal with AJ’s tantrum. I wasn’t aware until I heard this myself from Jimmy. AJ was sitting on Jimmy’s lap playing with the small tv. Then aiyoyo... naughty him pat an air hostess’s bottom as she passed by. As normal human would react, she turned over and immediately Jimmy pointed AJ. “It his doing not mine. I’m not taking the blame” Jimmy thought. Blessed~~~~

Right, the vomiting didn’t end just like that. We arrived at my friend’s on time. Then I had diarrhoea the next day. T___T We planned to drive back to Plymouth the next day but due to my sickness, we ended up arriving Plymouth nearly midnight.

A really unpleasant journey, I can say. My tears kept coming when I think of my family (the Ling’s and Lee’s). This is our first time celebrating Valentine’s day on the air but ended up to be an aweful and unforgettable Valentine. At least Alice got an expensive pressie from Mr. Wong. So jealous neh.

We woke up around 5 the next morning. Jet lag~~~~ Checked Alice and Connie’s blog. Alice’s post makes Jimmy and I burst to tears…again. Why oh why, Alice? Why do you have to post such an emo post making us sobbing?

Orite. Enough of this upsetting drama.

I still have a few days off allowing me enough time to adjust AJ’s jet lag and then catch up with UK’s life. Not to forget, back to blogging life. Hehe…

Coming up…we’ll show you how well did we enjoy our holiday, especially AJ. Watch this space!


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Alice said...

sorry neh.. but couldnt help it. It's ok~~ *pats on ur back* everything will be ok before we know it xD

yes! back to blogging!

AJ's cheeks is soooooooo red when I saw his pictures in fb while he was playing with Chloe.