19 Feb 2009

Home 4 Chinese New Year

We managed to arrive at London Heathrow airport on time. It took us 6 hours to reach Carol's house. I know it should only took about 4 hours to reach London but we don't want to rush things so Jimmy drove slowly and took about 1/2 hour break in between. Plus our flight is 10PM evening.

Unfortunately, we didn't leave enough time to catch up with Dylan and family. Airport taxi arrived quite early leaving us to rush things off to airport to avoid any traffic. =.= But we didn't worry much because we still have time to catch up when we return.

So, arriving at the airport, we quickly reunited with Mary J and checked in without wasting much time. Phew, everything went on smoothly. Our luggage were not overweight...Thank God for that....here is a photo of us while waiting to go

God bless AJ as he was alright during the flight journey, except his bed (aka basinet) is too small for him - too short). He couldn't sleep properly so he woke up sleepily every now and then. At the end, I chose to let him sleep in my arm so that he could have enough sleep.

KLIA is full of Chinese festive decoration....sweet~~~


Preparing for the event with Jimmy, ah bui & Jerome's help

long crackers le....
night view
with AJ inside as we watch from outside
nearby fireworks
and here the videos...


The next day, daddy's open house
my daddy distributes ice-cream to everybody as usual...generous of him
I was totally shocked when I saw my dad's very own spacious living room
the goodie old friends - came from many places
not to forget, lion dance (nb AJ is so cool watching the lion dance)

note: ah bui (aka my dad-in-law) is called by Alice. He will be known as this nick in this blog.



Alice said...

hahaha u still remember i call dad ah bui ar.. cham lo it becomes a habit already.. do u have the lion dance video?? i think i transfered the video right? or is it still with me.. hmm..

Margaret said...

of cox i remember....haha...i got the copy of the video...it's from your mobile.