24 Jan 2010

Me wish list b4 Lunar year 4708 begins

Whoop! Whoop! Yes, as every malls are now playing the Chinese New Year songs...Gong xi ya gong xi...sin nina fa da chai...nian nian you yu, it's obviously not long now. I haven't heard these songs for quite a long time. 6 years back...shocking aint it? Everybody is looking forward to go back home celebrating this glorious event but a gentle reminder to all travellers....travel safely. Think your family always.

Anyway, I just got my leave approved. Yeah! It was kinda late when I applied for the Chinese New Year leave and as I was still in probation so I started a bit worried when I didn't get any reply back few days later. I guess I was worry a bit too much after all. wahaha...can't blame me. This is my first important Chinese New Year since I moved back from UK, so surely I can't miss it. It would be a sin for me to miss such an important events!

In less than 3 weeks, I still have lots of things to do.
1/ Hair do. My hair is short now but since my hair cut which is about 4-6 weeks ago, it grew longer and yes indeed messy. I have not idea the new hair style but I bet it's going to be shorter than now. As you know the price goes up when it gets nearer to Chinese New Year so I definitely need to get this done by at least a week before the big day. I'm kinda looking for a bit curler to pump up my less hair but it's a no no from hubby. hump....
2/ AJ Hep A booster. AJ is due for his booster jab this month. He had the first injection last year and now it's due. Must be done by the end of this month. And also to catch up with any immunisation provided by the health authority here that he missed.
3/ Work clothes aka CNY clothes. Arghh!!! The sale is everywhere and yet I'm still with no new clothes for the big event. ==" I must be hard at shopping starting new week. Imma dragging my sister along to get her opinion. I just realised I couldn't make a good decision in hunting for nice clothes. I desperately need someone with me. and Jerome too! shop for clothes! & CNY shoes!
4/ Shopping
5/ Hair cut
6/ Shopping
7/ Hair cut
8/Getting Angpao ready ==" nah...not going to care about this much as as long this makes everyone happy (of course especially AJ), it's more than I could wish for.


23 Jan 2010

Roach bites!

Ouch! I've been bitten...by a roach. At exactly 10 mins to 2 am this morning, I was woken by this extreme pain (needle pain) in my left skull. Gently brushing my hair with my sleeping left hand and NEVER would I thought to feel something awkward. It's not my hair! I quickly whisked it away without wasting any MILISECONDS in the dark because I KNOW IT'S NOT HAIR. It doesn't belong to part of me. NOT A THING! Quickly switched on the lights to find out what is that and I noticed a cockroach in my bolster.

It's a young teenage roach!


A roach bit me head!

I've been sleeping here for the past 2 months and never did I came across needless to say of all the oxygen that I breathed for the 27 odd years I would ever ever ever know that COCKROACH BITES!

Why he bit? Why me? Why my head?

Was it be a revenge for his mother / father / brother / sister / cousin? I saw a cockroach in the living room before I went to bed few hours earlier so I killed it. Weird enough, I have also ensured that nothing could pass through the gap between the door and the floor. So basically I don't really know how he could get in just to avenge for his family?

Or was it from the smell of my hair that hasn't been washed for more than 24 hours? Oiii. Don't yuck me. Ask any girls around you and I'm pretty sure most girls would says they wash their hair every 2-3 days. I wash mine every alternate days. Depends on what activity, say I sweat too much or passed by smokey environment or oily cooking. Then I would wash it even I just had it yesterday. For hygiene purpose.

Thinking back, I tingled uncomfortably. Flashing back the incident everytime the pain indeed making my flesh my hair creeps. I couldn't sleep properly after just in case it would come back again. So I woke up every few hours to double check. Checked AJ is ok before I went back to sleep.

Thanks be to Lord that I'm still fine after the bite. Please God. Don't make this incident reoccur again.

Shoo roach....

Careful! Roach does bites.


What a bad experience!


22 Jan 2010

The Pink Theme

Ehem, for the pink boy of course....is it a coincindence? You decide yourself.
Red (close to pink) to school on the day he turned 19

Had the pink towel for shower. Showing off his muscle...urgh

The hansome ekhem ekhem cool side

Then surprise! surprise!

The biggest ever present for the birthday boy...fold-blinded

AJ to merasmikan the ceremony

getting there

found his pink ribbon pressie

photo shoot first...before the grand opening (aww...he's so cute in it!!!!)

the show begins

after tremendous fight tearing the 'mahjong brown paper' wrapper. Cheap & served its purpose so who cares?

the interesting part begins here...

got the first one...

and still hunting...

after double triple check...

it's confirmed, he got a really posh pen from hubby & Lik Jian

testing the pen and ooppsss.....nice 'boat'...

another kick...

Mr handsome trying the pen

Sexy chocolate's turn

the owner's turn

the end....

Happy belated birthday boy. Good luck in your studies and wish you many many happy returns....Love ya always...


17 Jan 2010

The 2 birthday boys

Firstly, Happy New Year. It might be a bit late but it's still not too late. C'mon guys. We're just on the 18th days since 01Jan2010. Happy New Year to all of you. A good year ahead & happy always.

Secondly, I've been attending the RCIA class - The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults, a process through which interested adults are gradually introduced to the Roman Catholic faith and way of life. With Brother Paul. Honestly, I have just attended the first class but I found it very informative. I know God and Jesus more. I felt that I am connected to Him by understanding Him. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, I have to postpone the classes for another week. Max two. Trust me, I can't wait to know more of Him!

Thirdly, shoot! My sis is always a step quicker than me in gossiping our latest life especially when this involves AJ. Birthday + not enOugh Sleep!. She just posted quite a number of photos so I have decided not repeating the same thing all over again. They're still a bit related though but I'm sure you all can't wait. Let's get it on, babey...yeah!

AJ's cake - 2 years old active loveable toddler
Celebrating at his nursery. He knew it's his big day. 
with his mates
another one with older children
He's obviously protecting his cake. Not letting it go out of his sight!
Second party in a day. Lucky boy! 
Celebrating jointly with his uncle, Jerome
A gentle reminder...for the smokers
AJ's lovely kiwi cake
Jerome hugging his blood brother

As a consolation gifts to compensate my lack of efforts in updating my blog recently, I'm presenting some of AJ's latest cheekiest activities.
showing off the trendy glasses. check out mine. Boy, AJ did that gesture purposely on the cam!
testing Apollo's ice-cream. yum yum...
climbing up the kitchen sink and 
train to wash plates...

Updated: Special thanks to all who have brought this party to success. In no particular order, Alice & Mr Wong, Hubby, Connie, Boon Ping & Lik Jian.