23 Jan 2010

Roach bites!

Ouch! I've been bitten...by a roach. At exactly 10 mins to 2 am this morning, I was woken by this extreme pain (needle pain) in my left skull. Gently brushing my hair with my sleeping left hand and NEVER would I thought to feel something awkward. It's not my hair! I quickly whisked it away without wasting any MILISECONDS in the dark because I KNOW IT'S NOT HAIR. It doesn't belong to part of me. NOT A THING! Quickly switched on the lights to find out what is that and I noticed a cockroach in my bolster.

It's a young teenage roach!


A roach bit me head!

I've been sleeping here for the past 2 months and never did I came across needless to say of all the oxygen that I breathed for the 27 odd years I would ever ever ever know that COCKROACH BITES!

Why he bit? Why me? Why my head?

Was it be a revenge for his mother / father / brother / sister / cousin? I saw a cockroach in the living room before I went to bed few hours earlier so I killed it. Weird enough, I have also ensured that nothing could pass through the gap between the door and the floor. So basically I don't really know how he could get in just to avenge for his family?

Or was it from the smell of my hair that hasn't been washed for more than 24 hours? Oiii. Don't yuck me. Ask any girls around you and I'm pretty sure most girls would says they wash their hair every 2-3 days. I wash mine every alternate days. Depends on what activity, say I sweat too much or passed by smokey environment or oily cooking. Then I would wash it even I just had it yesterday. For hygiene purpose.

Thinking back, I tingled uncomfortably. Flashing back the incident everytime the pain indeed making my flesh my hair creeps. I couldn't sleep properly after just in case it would come back again. So I woke up every few hours to double check. Checked AJ is ok before I went back to sleep.

Thanks be to Lord that I'm still fine after the bite. Please God. Don't make this incident reoccur again.

Shoo roach....

Careful! Roach does bites.


What a bad experience!



Alice said...

ish.. do check if the roach laid eggs or not? cos i heard over the radio the other day that a girl was bitten by bug too one day and few days after that it started to itch and when she scratched it she found a small larva crawling out of her skin!

Marge said...

yisk...very creepy!!!! I will certainly get ah go to check over the next few days. eeeee.....