17 Jan 2010

The 2 birthday boys

Firstly, Happy New Year. It might be a bit late but it's still not too late. C'mon guys. We're just on the 18th days since 01Jan2010. Happy New Year to all of you. A good year ahead & happy always.

Secondly, I've been attending the RCIA class - The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults, a process through which interested adults are gradually introduced to the Roman Catholic faith and way of life. With Brother Paul. Honestly, I have just attended the first class but I found it very informative. I know God and Jesus more. I felt that I am connected to Him by understanding Him. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, I have to postpone the classes for another week. Max two. Trust me, I can't wait to know more of Him!

Thirdly, shoot! My sis is always a step quicker than me in gossiping our latest life especially when this involves AJ. Birthday + not enOugh Sleep!. She just posted quite a number of photos so I have decided not repeating the same thing all over again. They're still a bit related though but I'm sure you all can't wait. Let's get it on, babey...yeah!

AJ's cake - 2 years old active loveable toddler
Celebrating at his nursery. He knew it's his big day. 
with his mates
another one with older children
He's obviously protecting his cake. Not letting it go out of his sight!
Second party in a day. Lucky boy! 
Celebrating jointly with his uncle, Jerome
A gentle reminder...for the smokers
AJ's lovely kiwi cake
Jerome hugging his blood brother

As a consolation gifts to compensate my lack of efforts in updating my blog recently, I'm presenting some of AJ's latest cheekiest activities.
showing off the trendy glasses. check out mine. Boy, AJ did that gesture purposely on the cam!
testing Apollo's ice-cream. yum yum...
climbing up the kitchen sink and 
train to wash plates...

Updated: Special thanks to all who have brought this party to success. In no particular order, Alice & Mr Wong, Hubby, Connie, Boon Ping & Lik Jian.


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