27 Dec 2009


yo yo yo....have been really occupied for the past few days. If you came from my sis's post "All about him", yes, those were our daily endless tasks, which includes of entertaining our big boss, AJ. So instead of talking repeatingly about AJ today, I'm going to write about food we had on Xmas eve. It's sooo delicious that we'll definitely go there again.

Trust me. You couldn't resist them yourself. Even with your 200% full stomach. and you'll definitely get your hands dirty on first glance. It was already 10 ish when we brought my family to 101 for a light supper. We thought to have just light LIGHT SUPER LIGHT as I'm watching my diet and surprisingly, my dad ordered a lot back after just a few minutes visits at the stalls. I don't really know the real name though so I'm naming them myself. Ladies & gentlemen, boys & girls...

the siput bakar (aka grilled snails)

fork out the meat using a sharp end stick

mix with your saliva then chew before swallow. yum yum...

fed by our big boss, AJ

super duper fresh grilled fish

not forgetting also, AJ have his milk showing off his new shoes by his cute Gma

AJ spent the rest of the evening running non-stop with the kids footcan-ing at an wide open space. He was forced to be taken back into the car, sweating heavily. I have to admit, he's an energetic kid. Pretty sure it's from the milk. ==" Ciao...Marge

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