24 Dec 2009

Hepi Krismas everyone

As you have known, it was Winter Solstice just a few days ago and we make the tang yuen ourselves. Hubby as usual, the chef on the special day. It's very easy task. trust me, this can be done within an hour. The main ingredients are glutinuous rice flour, peanuts or soy bean flour & water.

Both of us as the audience

pour the flour into bowl - not too much nor less

the chef shows off his big belly - one whole big full of happiness :P

pour a small amount of water. enough to make it as soft dough

mix well

closer view

then make small dough. size up to your taste

cooked under boiling water for a minute or two then mix with the peanut flour. yum yum...success!

On an unrelated note, you may have noticed that my blog has been spammed with ridiculous useless comments so I, like Alice, have decided to change how it works from now on. I'll be reviewing for any comments submitted before publish to public. Just for everyone's sake.

And oh oh oh....it's christmas eve alright & like everyone else, we would like to wish you everyone a CHRISTMAS EVE & HAPPY HOLIDAYS. Wish you all filled with endless joy & excellent health always. WITH MY FAMILY...HERE...IN KUCHING...YESH!!! hiak! hiak! hiak!

yes, my family is here in Kuching for a few days holiday and I am enjoying the family gathering now which we haven't been have it for years years back. It's very merry...wahaha..with my mom's home cook meals. always delicious as before.



josephinechoo said...

Merry Christmas!!


Alice said...

AJ is so like his dad when he protudes his tummy like ah go! hahaa

I miss tang yuan (dry)!!! Can't find any grinded peanut here!!! T.T

Marge said...

@Jo: and you tooo~~~ Happy New Year!

@Alice: haha....ya..I agree. Come back on the next winter solstice