12 Dec 2009

he's all set

Ít's UCSI open day today so I accompanied Jerome to UCSI university this morning. It's raining, alright but we're not put back by the bad weather. hehe..And we're the first to arrive!! Because we were the first visitors, we're on everyone's eye. They open at 9 and we arrived at 9:02 am. haha...I thought it's best to arrive early to avoid crowds as I don't like to squeeze myself in the crowd just to get a few minutes sessions with the lecturers. Plus being the first always allows us to ask as many questions as we can even they're ridiculous.

Jerome got himself a place for a place for A-level course for January intake. We met a few lecturers and the programme leader who coordinates the A-level programme. Asked general questions to know more in detail about the A-level. And it's all done within half an hour.

Then we're given free refreshment in their newly-open cafeteria. Although we're full after heavy breakfast just half an hour ago but since it's free I don't mind. sit there and chit chat with one of the administrators there. haha...I asked a lot like I'm the person studying not Jerome >.<

Then a free car wash...whoosh!!! First car of the day! Spot the purple umbrella at the right corner? It's my new umbrella. Cute leh...

The car wasn't 100% clean though. The car washer boy left out one side dirty. So it's half cleaned. T.T Then then...I saw a few small scratches. T.T So, never take things for granted. Freebies aren't always that good though.

Anyway...Jeromé is all set. I bet he can't wait to go back to study life. He's all excited....haha....


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Alice said...

jerome's hair is very very ugly.