26 Jan 2009

Happy Chinese New Year

Goodbye the year of pig.

Welcome the year of ox.

I'm still in holiday mood. haha....but won't forget my friends.

Best wishes from all of us.


21 Jan 2009

We’re all set

Yes! Jimmy and I have been busy packing & cleaning the house preparing ourselves for the holiday lately. We always make sure that we left the house neat & tidy before we off for holiday each time – laundry, toilet cleaning, kitchen cleaning and so on. This is to make sure that the house is comfy by the time we came back from holiday. Then we’ll be all relieved and rest at ease.

Packing! Headache It’s pain really. Honestly, I didn’t expect to bring so much. The last time we went back, we only had one luggage. Now? 4! 2 medium luggage & 2 small hand carry bags. I know…with AJ, of course I expect to bring a lot. But I didn’t expect that much! I’ve tried to minimise as much as we could but still….4 plus pushchair. =.=

Haih…at first I thought the luggage will be empty leaving enough spaces to buy things from Malaysia – toys, children books, clothes, etc etc. Now….we don’t think we will bring a lot back. But hopefully can. I’m keeping my finger crossed.

See what I mean?
70% of them are AJ's

Can’t wait~~~ wahaha..I know I’ve been saying this at almost every post lately. But really can’t wait. So exciting! I even had mixture of questions from my colleagues, "Last day, Maggs. Ooo... are you excited? Nervous? All eyes are into you on the big day." Wahaha...of course I'm excited. Nervous as well....but much more excited as we're going home celebrating...Chinese New Year with families and the Wedding.

Will try my best to update my blog as much as I can when I’m in Malaysia. But most of you have already know, with the slow internet connection at my tanahair (home country) and the impatience me, please don’t put high hope.

Weather forecast says that Plymouth might be having snow at some point this week and I’m hoping to see some on our way to London tomorrow. You see, Plymouth don’t normally snow but if we do, it is from neighbouring cities. I met the snow with my own eyes only twice since I arrived Plymouth. So, I’m hoping to see some this year before the winter ends, normally after Easter. This will be the first time AJ seeing snow wo…haha…*finger-crossed*

Tomorrow, the long exhausting gruelling traumatised (nearly) journey begins. We’ll be (Jimmy actually) driving up to London meeting AJ’s far far away gf, Chloe and her parents first before heading off to Heathrow for the 13 hours flight to the Boleh-land. Carol and I have been updating ourselves with baby’s development all this while.

I’m so jealous of Carol. She is one of the best mum and she took as much baby development courses as she could to give the best care for Chloe. The courses include baby food stages, emergencies for children under 5 and so forth. I wish I could sign up for the courses too but it’s limited in Plymouth and normally held at my working time. So jealous!

The only thing I could do is learn from book and tips from my colleagues and Carol. Thanks to them for their generous tips and ideas. Haih… AJ is in his good health (except being sick often since he started nursery) and am really proud of his development. Tell me I’m not a bad mom. Tell me!!!!

Anyway, I’m hoping AJ will be OK during the trip. You can do it, son! Please pray for our safe journey.

Sunshine, here I come. Not much rain please at my holiday. Please…. Pwweeeaaaassseeeeeee~~~

Everyone, I’m coming home!!!! Eee-harrrrr! (just mimicking, ok?)


18 Jan 2009

We shall meet again

Today, we had dinner (lunch) with a bunch of friends. They are those we met in Plymouth. Through the old good times. Cliff, a funny handsome guy from Ipoh is going back home 2 days before our departure day. We have known each other for more than 3 years.

He's funny. So funny. Full with jokes and always pick on someone purposely (with no harm intention) on each night when we gather together. When there's a gathering, he'll be the most entertaining joker. Trust me. Everyone will be going home so happy. haha...I like him a lot. The way he jokes make my tummy hurts.

He's leaving UK, return to his family arms in 3 days time. So, we had last gathering dinner with Cliff before he's off. Here comes a few snap shots when i'm free.


That's that. Here comes AJ.

We shall meet again, Cliff! Safe journey. We'll miss you and take care...


13 Jan 2009

with tears...

I’m crying inside. In fact, the tears nearly come out. This is not a normal tears. This is happy tears. Proud! Pleased! I wasn’t there but the moment I heard about it, I can already feel that I was there. I do! It was like me seeing the unforgettable event. I can already imagine it. Whenever I recap that event in my mind, I know I’m so proud of him. So proud~~~

He is the one I am very proud of. The first day I saw him, I’m filled with full of surprises. Except when he’s not well. I laugh when he laughs. But when he cries, I’m so hurt. He was screaming and so happy whenever he tried to do that thing. Even though the attempts always failed after the first success, he’s craved a wide smile – satisfied. And he didn’t give up. He continues to do it again and again, of course when he feel it’s safe to do so.

Now I understand why every parent is so contented the moment their baby did their first walk unaided.





Yes! I’m so proud of my son.

Jimmy was picking him up at the nursery on Tuesday – the day he turned 1. Lovely birthday boy was so excited seeing his daddy that he screamed to his highest tone “aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!”.

There was about 1 metre gap between him and his daddy. There he was standing and then moved his right leg to the front…..by himself! Left! Right! Then left! All four steps were independent! Both arms were open wide to get a huge hug from his daddy. Smiling from ear to ear.

Both the carer and Jimmy were so surprised. Karen, the carer, said they have been encouraging him to walk by himself but he just felt not secure. And amazingly, he did his first independent walk on his first birthday! Bravo! Bravo! Horray!

We were a bit worried at first because he just had his 12 months immunisation on Monday. I had a call from the nursery that morning and thought that he isn’t feeling very well. We thought he was upset due to the injection, only to know that the reason behind was because of hunger. He was back to himself – playing happily after lunch. Phew~~~ Touch wood! Choi Choi Choi Dai Kat Lai Shi…

And oh oh oh...here are two things AJ brought home with him today. Sweet, ain't it?

What he did on Tuesday was such a wonderful thing. Both Jimmy and I tried to do the same thing again when we reach home, he tried but failed. I know…I know…his legs are still not strong enough and he’s still learning to coordinate his walks. But I really can’t wait to see him walk by himself. I can’t wait to get him showing his biggest achievement so far in front of Jimmy’s and my family next Saturday.

Woot~~~ it’s going to be exciting!!!

Although, I’m a little upset for the reason that I wasn’t there myself…nah..I’m sure I will see it with my own eyes soon…soon… *wink*

I have already start packing things up since last weekend. There’re lots of things to bring back. My wedding dresses, CNY clothes, Jimmy’s wedding clothes, AJ’s milk, AJ’s CNY clothes, AJ’s wedding clothes, AJ’s medicine for emergencies, etc etc. It was like moving home!

But it’s so worth it. We’re looking forward to meet our families whom we haven’t met for more than 3 years and so are they. I believe everyone at home can’t wait to hold AJ.

I can’t wait to have a non-stop chat with Alice the moment we land our first step in Malaysia. Chat till the next morning if I’m not tired…wahaha…

I can’t wait to eat Malaysia food which I missed so much – kampua, cha mien, kolo mee, laksa, nasi lemak to name a few. Forget diet by the time I reach Malaysia but have to watch what I eat until the wedding day.

I can’t wait to taste me mom’s cooking. My fav – billin with egg and ginger, crab meat dish, black chicken with black fungus.

I can’t wait to crash me sis’s bedroom when I stayed over at my dad’s. Gonna steal one of her snoopy back to UK. *wide wicked grin* Muahaha….

I can’t wait to say Gong Xi Fa Cai to all the families & friends. And pai nian! Pai nian!

I can't wait to celebrate the first Chinese New Year with AJ and the rest of the family.

Ooooo Upsy Daisy….7 days to my holiday and counting….

Still counting….

Still is…



Happy Birthday, AJ!

Everyone, I’m so delighted, in fact proud to say that my precious son is now 1. Officially, well by 11:57 PM tonight (GMT time), he’s 1 year old.



(Malay kinda weird when writing this)

- (Chinese)

We organised a small party for him last Saturday with just close friends. Mary took a day off and she cooked nasi lemak (yum yum), ayam merah and salted fried pork. So nice~~~ Took two videos which I believed you too will enjoy as much as I do.

He doesn't look so happy seeing the cake. Actually, the chocolates surrounding the cake has frightened him.

The day wasn't wasted afterall. Well done, my boy!

His arrival has changed both of our lives. Ups and downs but still we cherish him to bits.


Mommy loves you very much...

He has yet meet his extended family yet, apart from his aunt, Alice whom he met when he aged 4-7 months (which I believe he forgot who she is now) and is due to meet them soon! Everyone is so excited neh~~~

9 days left and still counting...........


12 Jan 2009

UK Tour 2008 - Day 7

Yeap! We spent the last dinner of year 2008 in Northampton. It is quite a long drive journey from Leeds to Oxford. And it was quite late when we started our journey. So into shopping in York. haha....Got my wedding shoes from there and few other nice Chinese New Year Clothes. Phewit~~~ And so we thought to stop by Northampton for dinner.

We hit a buffet restaurant called Yun (in Mandarin), Cloud if translate directly to English but it's called Aroma! And there's AJ posing while waiting for his chicken & sweetcorn soup.
humn....what's for dinner?
mommy, I'm so hungry neh~~~
Love the fried crabmeat
The Ling family - daddy looked so tired le....

Then, off we go to our hotel and counting the time to mark the beginning of 2009 while watching on live fireworks in London on TV. New Year celebration at Travelodge Oxford. ==" Can't blame us actually. We're all so tired of shopping, caring of AJ and not to forget, Jimmy driving all throughout the journey.

The next day, we drived around Oxford for 30 minutes. A small town, nothing peculliar to be honest. They are lots of old buildings with the Oxford university in the centre of the city. The university buildings are all very old yet delivering brilliant graduates. You can see from the photos here... p.s I stayed in the car because AJ is sleeping =.=

look at Rudolf's car..unrecognisable!

We decided to visit a shopping mall in Swindon instead of going to Stratford. Reason being, it's 1 hour drive up north of Oxford and if we go there, it would mean an extra hour driving back to Plymouth later at the day. It's already noon by the time we left Oxford plus we're so fanatic in shopping, so we decided to go there. about 1.5 hours from Oxford, not far from Bristol. Not much photos taken, but we had 2 very sweet ones....

Finally, back to Plymouth for dinner. The moment we reach Plymouth, we're so relieved. 1st, mission completed. 2nd, so much fun in shopping (especially when I got my wedding dress sorted). 3rd, it's so much warmer in Plymouth compare to cities up north. Everyone is so tired.

Lots restaurant were closed on New Year's day, but we had to have our dinner at Water Dragon restaurant. no choice =="

Mission complete! So adventourous, aint it?

Coming up trip - MALAYSIA!!!!!!


10 Jan 2009

UK Tour 2008 - Day 6

Day 6 - 31-12-2008

After hospital visit, we drove straight to Leeds.
AJ felt a lot better. We're so relieved....
Say hi to...er...I don't know
While feeding our Honda, I saw this!
McDonalds's drive through take away orders...like American...I know I sounded sakai but this has just gain popularity in UK...not just this...
Petrol driveway pay point! First time I saw it. In Leeds!
Check it out!
Jimmy had a try too...so high tech neh~~~
Right, on our way to York's designer outlet, got a snap of Rud's dirty car...hoho...he can now speed with no problem
At the outlet, AJ's doing his normal routine....playing with his tongue
Jimmy trying to get his size...
AJ wanna have a try on the starbuck's juice
but too cold for AJ neh....so no no no
then, Rud checks Val's face
looking good
the guys have a discussion
but Jimmy & Royston got so tired of shopping, so not a word.

Next, Oxford!


UK Tour 2008 - Day 4 & 5

Day 4 - 29-12-2008

Next stop, Newcastle. We were very hungry when we reach Newcastle so went straight to a restaurant.

AJ got so excited with the big mirror next to our table
While we're searching for appetizing food, we saw this! =.=
AJ is shocked too!
The boss & the lady puek (discuss) of what to order
Huh, Kok Fung got so bored taking care of AJ

Day 5 - 30-12-2008

AJ isn't getting any better. In fact worse. Yesterday night, we noticed he had rashes on both his hands and legs with fever throughout the day as well. So, we decided to get him checked by the professionals the next day.
At the hospital...Just to prove to you we're in the hospital...wahaha....

The normal health examination (temperature check, heart monitor, blood pressure, weight measurement) all went well. Doctor examined him and said he's doing fine. But she requested for a sample of his urine to check for infection. He's given a children changing pad. So, we waited for him to peeeeeee........waited & waited & waited....
while waiting
admiring the painted wall...
so lovely~~~

While waiting and waiting and waiting, we got this recorded...

After 2 hours waiting and us making the sssshhhhhhh sound, we finally got the sample. The lab test came back with a little infection in his urine. Nothing serious...Phew~~~Prescribed with antibiotic...finally~~~

And oh oh oh...we were nearly been accused for child abuse. Apparently, AJ has the mongolian birthmark on one of his shoulder and we're asked what is the mark. She said if it's not a birthmark, it will not be long till social services get involved. O.o We were fortunate that AJ has another birthmark on his bottom which we proved to her that they are birthmarks.

Not long later, two more junior doctos came to see the mongolian birthmarks. haha...It's the first time they see it with their own eyes wor. They read about the birthmark from the book and they normally appear in ASIAN baby especially in the bottom.

PEOPLE, I am NO NO NO definitely NO NO child abuser. Especially to our precious son. Don't accuse us of something we didn't do, OKAY!