12 Jan 2009

UK Tour 2008 - Day 7

Yeap! We spent the last dinner of year 2008 in Northampton. It is quite a long drive journey from Leeds to Oxford. And it was quite late when we started our journey. So into shopping in York. haha....Got my wedding shoes from there and few other nice Chinese New Year Clothes. Phewit~~~ And so we thought to stop by Northampton for dinner.

We hit a buffet restaurant called Yun (in Mandarin), Cloud if translate directly to English but it's called Aroma! And there's AJ posing while waiting for his chicken & sweetcorn soup.
humn....what's for dinner?
mommy, I'm so hungry neh~~~
Love the fried crabmeat
The Ling family - daddy looked so tired le....

Then, off we go to our hotel and counting the time to mark the beginning of 2009 while watching on live fireworks in London on TV. New Year celebration at Travelodge Oxford. ==" Can't blame us actually. We're all so tired of shopping, caring of AJ and not to forget, Jimmy driving all throughout the journey.

The next day, we drived around Oxford for 30 minutes. A small town, nothing peculliar to be honest. They are lots of old buildings with the Oxford university in the centre of the city. The university buildings are all very old yet delivering brilliant graduates. You can see from the photos here... p.s I stayed in the car because AJ is sleeping =.=

look at Rudolf's car..unrecognisable!

We decided to visit a shopping mall in Swindon instead of going to Stratford. Reason being, it's 1 hour drive up north of Oxford and if we go there, it would mean an extra hour driving back to Plymouth later at the day. It's already noon by the time we left Oxford plus we're so fanatic in shopping, so we decided to go there. about 1.5 hours from Oxford, not far from Bristol. Not much photos taken, but we had 2 very sweet ones....

Finally, back to Plymouth for dinner. The moment we reach Plymouth, we're so relieved. 1st, mission completed. 2nd, so much fun in shopping (especially when I got my wedding dress sorted). 3rd, it's so much warmer in Plymouth compare to cities up north. Everyone is so tired.

Lots restaurant were closed on New Year's day, but we had to have our dinner at Water Dragon restaurant. no choice =="

Mission complete! So adventourous, aint it?

Coming up trip - MALAYSIA!!!!!!



Alice said...

*wide evil grin*

Why aj cried when mary j wanna cut cake with him.. he seems scared with the cake hahaha he doesnt like the cake huh? not colourful enough. xD

The End said...

cute blog