3 Jan 2009

UK Tour 2008 – Day 1 (26-12-2008)

I’m back…finally~~~

One word - tiringgggggggggggg. I’m all drained out. No no no…we were all drained out. Lotsa of things happenned. Both good & bad. You’ll know why I say that.

Well, before I forget,

Happy New Year!!!

There're 9 of us in this exciting adventure - 2 cars; Honda Civic Type S (whoosh! *support our own car, wahaha*) & Peugeot 307. With Captain Jimmy & Captain Rudolf & also with God's blessings, we're able to reach our destinations on target. Let me (Honda's cabin crew) guide you through our first day.

Right, our first stop is Bristol. It took us 2 hours and a bit. Without wasting much time, we went to Cribbs Causeway Mall straight away. What else…breakfast & shopping! Then, Cabot Circus in Bristol city centre…lunch & shopping again…haha…

We took photos as much as we could…

Meet Val, Peugeot's cabin crew
The passengers in Peugeot 307
Peugeot leads the way
Honda leads - for 1 hour
AJ as the controller (playing with the walkie talkie)
Breakfast - Apple fran from Cribbs Causeway, very nice~~~
Then, Sushi at Yo Sushi! Doraemon's lunch!
The guys start stuffing themselves with the food
and so do them
them as well...
while AJ's sleeping soundly T__T took the pic myself while waiting for food
Prawn fried mee - me lunch! nice one
Chicken curry - Jimmy's lunch
Seafood fried rice - Kok Fung's
Sui~~~ Cabot circus
inside view
with the gigantic reindeer
nice mall - but it's an open mall, freezing cold T__T
finally, rest at Travelodge in outskirt of Bristol - AJ in good mood

I know...I know...you must be asking what's wrong with AJ's face? He had swollen eyes and dry skin on both cheeks. So, I had to clean his eyes every 2 hours, applied cream to his cheeks & stop him from rubbing his itchy eyes. According to the pharmacist, this was due to cold. T__T Thank God he recovered a few days later.

And oh oh oh...muahaha...I'm super happy. Thrilled! bought me wedding dress at a really good bargain. Got it at half price. Cool neh~~~ Unfortunately, I couldn't show you guys the dress yet. It can only be seen by peoples' eyes on the 30th.

Woot~~~~ 20 days to my holiday....whoosh~~~~



Alice said...

ha? no more?? apa la lu.. was expecting to read more nehh
hahahhaa jk la.. know u're super tired dy~ oh yea i received ur voice mail~~ HAPPY NEW YEAR TO U TOO~~

Scuscello said...

never been into cabot circus.. diu.. super diu.. was never finished when i was there.. finished only after i came back... seems so beautiful... diu diu diu and diu again..,

Happy New Year Mr and Mrs Ling and Mr small Ling..

Margaret said...

Alice: hahaha...patience, mate...patience...

Syjen: wahaha....who ask you to go back so early neh?? but to be honest, nothing to see la...you'll be excited just for 5 mins nia...so regret no more... Happy New Year to you too.