25 Dec 2008

25th of December

24th of December is indeed a blessed day.
A sacred day, the day Jesus was born.
A day us 3 celebrating Christmas as a family for the first time in the history.
A cultural festive day celebrated by most Britons.

Yesterday, we had some friends joined us for a small reunion dinner. Each pair prepares and brings a food.

It was a really lovely dinner. Everyone digging in without wasting much time. Too hungry already. The food I love the most was turkey & pasta bake…of course not to forget, my curry chicken. So nice….And AJ tried some of the food except curry chicken. Haha...he loved the roast and lasagne. The sushi was nice as well. Haha...

Bruce Lee - kick Rud's face...

The party didn’t just end like that. The Lings have prepared pressie for everyone. Surprise! Surprise! I’m so jealous of AJ. He receives the highest number of presents. So many~~~ from Mrs Luscombe, our neighbour opposite, the nursery carers, Mary j, Rudolf, Val, Richie, Royston, Danny, Kok Fung and of course his parents. So lucky neh~~~ Now lets the photos do the talking…
nintendo DS lite from huby ... phewit

AJ so excited received present

Sexy calendar
iPod nano for my dearest
AJ got pressie again =.=
lingerie from Val...sweet~~~
AJ again =.=

AJ with his toy....
All AJ's... so jealous
Jimmy got so excited with my nintendo

And oh oh oh....AJ enjoyed the night as well. We managed to took a photo showing all his teeth. So cute~~~~

Right, Xmas trip coming up. We call it the England tour 2008. The journey begins on 26th with our first stop at Bristol, then Manchester, Glasgow, Newcastle, Leeds, Stratford-upon-tyne then Oxford. Cool~~~ will be taking lotsa lotsa of pictures….

Until then Merry Xmas and a prosperous New Year, everyone.

p.s. Alice, Val went O.o when she received the pecks. But they were dry warm and long pecks. ^_^



Alice said...

muahahahah thanks for passing the pecks for me~ muahHH~ here's one for u as welL~~ OMG NINTENDO DS LITE!!! I WANT~~~~ can i play with it~~ pweeezeee???

Oh yea i must say you look really good la da sao!! with the new hair cut and also the current figure..look at ur arm.. getting smaller~~ phewit~~~~and not to forget ah go too~~

Margaret said...

muahaha..teng kiuk...teng kiuk...

okla..let you play with nintendo DS lite for a while. My baobei..so must really take good care of it ah.....

for the record...I didn't cut my hair la...=.= my hair grew back. I lost quite a lot of hair after pregnancy. so now they grows back a little. anyway..thanks...