9 Dec 2008

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Remember this young lady?
the young lady on the far left


Val ish coming to UK, Plymouth to be exact, soon to celebrate Christmas with us. Woot~~ Can’t wait. Can’t wait. We haven’t been seeing each other for….like…nearly five months. Haha…I know it was just a few months. But eh….I miss her a lot neh…She’s very sweet and humble lady that AJ likes her also. As you know AJ doesn’t like stranger including Rudolf even though he’s no stranger to him. And AJ is not afraid with Val! But guys, hold your thoughts…I know what you are thinking. She’s not available anymore. =)

Too bad Alice has gone back home now, else we’ll be going out for ladies day, ladies lunch and so on…not to forget, ladies talk...yet, there’s nothing to stop us. Since I’m off on every Friday, am going to ask her to go out for a meal and chit chat and AJ will sure got pening (dizzy) and bored listening to our non-stop ladies conversation. That’s if Rudolf is not with her. Can’t wait...

Woot~~~~ Christmas is coming soon and will be having our small Christmas evening party with some close friends at home. It will be an unforgettable night. We had our first fake Christmas tree up in the lounge and with the sparkling lights on at night, we felt so…peaceful and nice~~~I’ve bought a number of pressies for the friends and not to forget, my two lovely men…

It’s our first Christmas, so we want to make it meaningful and perfect. And oh..naughty AJ will have a touch at the Christmas balls when he is close and then turned to us (check that we’re not mad), grinned, then back to touch the balls again even though we said no. Cheeky boy!

Wait till I have the Internet at home, I’ll let you guys have a peek on our Christmas tree. I’m lazy to take it, then transfer to my pen drive and transfer to my work computer at the office and then upload. Too time-consuming~~~~

And oh oh oh, I’ve been waiting for this moment to tell you guys about our imminent adventurous plan. We’re going up north this Christmas holiday with Rud and his 2 brothers, Val and Kok Fung. We’ve got our hotel booked at ridiculously cheap price at Travelodge (a good quality hotel). Thank God it is on offer when Ritchie, Rudolf’s brother book on that day. Saves us a lot of money in accommodation. Need to watch my poor wallet anyhow T___T

Anyway, we’re really looking forward to this winter trip. Jeng…Jeng…Jeng…we’re stopping at Bristol, Manchester, Glasgow, Newcastle, Leeds, Stratford, Oxford. Muahahaha....Looking forward to make many snow balls throwing at the guys when in north. Shopping, shopping and shopping…yesh~~~ with Val and AJ. Whoosh~~~~

We’re also planning to visit Gordon, Joline and Xavier at Leeds but alas, they’re going to London between that period. I’ve wanted to meet Xavier since he’s born. Not to worry much, I’ll keep bugging them to come down visit us until I get to see him in-person. *finger-crossed*

I’m been thinking of getting some nice presents for Jimmy. Any idea anyone? Must be affordable one ah…say me stingy la…but I’m saving the money for the upcoming trips – up north England before saying goodbye to 2008 and off to the east next month!

T___T am still Internet-less ~~~~~ running in circles wailing helplessly with one hand (the other carrying AJ) and Jimmy sitting in the middle.



Alice said...

huhuhuhu T____T i wanna go to plymouth also~~~~~ i wanna go back there~~~~

it's gonna be a lonely christmas here! in this stupid place.. i still need to work on Christmas~~ how worse can things be..

Margaret said...

yisk...double pay at Xmas. should work...earn more to spend at later date mah...got more money then can come here again ~~~~~

then also have good holiday off next month!!! Woot~~~~~