25 Dec 2008

Reunion with Val

I know I should have post these photos sooner but it was on Rud's camera and only got the photos today.

As mentioned from previous post, me and AJ met Val last Friday and had lunch at Noodles Lounge. We chat and chat and chat and chat. So lovely and nice. The next day, off we went to Noodles Lounge again with the lads. haha...our hangout place is now the Noddle lounge which just open a few months ago. The restaurant is small yet cosy and their food is lovely as well. Affordable and nice presentation.

The purpose of the meeting was to celebrate Val's brithday. It's a surprise for her...sweet~~~ and here comes the photos
#1/ The tiramisu cake - Happy belated birthday, Val!
#2/ All of us together (except Rud, the cameraman)
#3/ The tiramisue cake...nice
#4/ AJ busy playing with Rud
#5/ Sweet neh~~~

So, I love the pic #2 the most. Val said my make-up was really nice...like a japanese girl. yisk yisk...ada sui??? Then Jimmy went "Fake japanese girl". =.=



Alice said...

yeah agreed! when i saw pic 2 i was like O.O wahhh da sao sikalang pandai make up o~~~ hahaha

Margaret said...

wahaha...thanks...Credits go to you for the big influence