11 Dec 2008

Randy the Reindeer

One of my colleague brought it in this morning...and...I didn’t how it look like until my colleague gave it a little bit of carbon dioxide.

He did hell a good job while the person who sits there is not in yet(he’s late). So, we decided to reward him bonus and that’s the outcome we received. Well done, Randy! Oh, btw, Randy is named by Gary, my team leader. The name just comes out of nowhere. Haha…

Wahaha...fuh...I love my team. Everyone is so high-spirited when it comes to a festival, especially at Christmas. Ho...ho...ho...

I wonder if I can get one for AJ too~~~ muahaha...

Here comes the last of my working day of the week.

Internet-less till Monday T___T ~~~ Got AJ anyway, so who cares... =P

Have a nice weekend, everyone!


1 comment:

Alice said...

Randy pooed something on the floor~