10 Dec 2008


It’s extremely sub-zero today. The temperature hit -2 degree this morning. But I think it is lower than that. When we get ready to leave the house this morning, our car was iced. There wasn’t any snow yet so I think there was rain yesterday night and the temperature hit so low that the water turned to ice.

Grr~~~Jimmy had a little trouble opening the car door. It stucked for 2 seconds at least. Cold…too cold~~~ the car window had to be de-iced using de-icer spray and we’re sitting in the car for 5-10 minutes to wait for a clear view for driving.

Can imagine how the winter this year going to be like…..

Snow maybe soon?

Yesh! Yesh! Yesh! The broadband technicians will be coming next Friday, 19th to drill some holes through the walls and install the port. Behold, I am gonna online for the first 24 hours blogging, facebook-ing, phoning back home, downloading, bugging Alice (since she’s working at night, that’s if she’s online) and browsing~~~~ Woot~~~ Quick! Quick! I’m waiting for you, 19th.

Whoosh~~~ Long live Internet! Internet!

Val was right. It’s probably a good sign when a kitchen sink pipe burst. Are you a fortune teller, Val? =P

Running in circles hoorahing~~~~



Alice said...

come come bug meeeeeeeee aahahaha
counting the days to read more updates and to see more photos!! "The ants go marching one by one hoorah hoorah, the ants go marching one by one hoorah hoorah, the ants go marching one by one the little one starts to play his drum, and we all go marching down~~~" <---suddenly remember singing this to aj last time with his nursery rhyming book~~
Hoorah~~woo hoo~~~

Margaret said...

hehe....haha....till then...