29 Mar 2009

This is upsetting

I know I shouldn't write this, even just 2 days after my previous post. I am happy with the photos, admiring myself non-stop and still is. Hubby has been even praising my beauty since. "It would be really lovely, if you could make-up like this everyday?", "Man, they're so professional, an ugly duckling can turn into princess". No...no...no..he's not mean. I'm so proud for him to say that - in praising me "indirectly".

wahaha...let's cut the chase. The reason why I've been grumbling from the beginning is I've been gaining weight since the holiday. Comparing meself in those lovely wedding photos. Suddenly, I feel so fat.

Fat, urrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I realised when I'm trying sooooooooooo hard in getting into my size 8 jeans this morning . Hubby himself as well.

I've lost nearly my waistline. T__________T


This is so upsetting that I could see the tyre on my tummy area.

Ok, I lied, I've been off the diet since I can't remember when. Now that in order to gain back my curvyness (not forgetting fatty words from hubby & Connie), I've to go back to diet.

I need to look hot in front of everybody! Diet! Diet! Diet!

Hot wife!

Hot mom!

Hot! Hot! Hot!

C'mon, I need some support & encouraging words!

hurmmmmm...am gonna print one of the prettiest photo out, detailing especially my curvy waist and put it on my ceiling, setting my target of the day, every morning.



28 Mar 2009

I'm so beautiful

When I’m writing this post, I’m smiling from ear to ear. I’m superrrrrrrrrr happy today. Over the moon!!! I’ve been waiting for this moment to tell you guys. I didn’t realised today is the day until Alice nudged me. She just reaches home with lotsa of things, and they are................everyone...............my wedding albums & free gifts!!!!

She showed me over the webcam the albums. Both hubby and I were pleased with the outcome. Afterall, we’re shooting for the whole day and were forcing to give the sweetest smile reaching the end of the day.

I didn’t want to waste too much money on just wedding photos, so we took the normal package in less than MYR3000. It was a bargain. The package includes a 12” album of 20 photos, 10” album of 20 photos, big a main photo with frame to put in the master bedroom & few other bits. Can’t wait to hang this in our main bedroom when we have our very own home.

And oh oh oh, hubby said if everyday I'm that beautiful, he will listen to whatever I said wor....I should learn to make up to that standard eh?

I wish I could show you all of them but not here in this extremely public place. Please understand for privacy reasons.

Many many thanks to Alice for helping us in choosing a good package from a good studio. Really appreciate your effort, dear. Not forgetting also Ah Soon for getting my precious stuff from the studio today. While I’m still in UK, I’m leaving them to both your good hands.


As you’re aware, AJ has been unwell these past few days. Cough, cold, diarrhoea and low appetite. He has lost a lot of weight for repetitive loose stools. Poor little fella. We thought he caught this contagious virus from his day care. But we only found out that his sickness is partly due to teething. We found out his 8th tooth this morning. And believe it or not, it’s out of our expectation! I can’t show you in pictures yet, as its edge just came out and it’s invisible from a normal camera unless from an extremely good quality camera. Thanks to you, little tooth for our broken sleeps and endless worries.


26 Mar 2009

Don't miss these

Hubby received a video clip the other day and said I must watch it. Pondering why it's a compulsary, I watched it and didn't expect it would be like this. Then I tried my luck in youtube to share with you guys. Note, it may not be new to some of you.

Lizard's love story


Shampoo ads


I cried when I watched this - very meaningful. Appreciate you life!

So...what do you guys think?


25 Mar 2009

Pet Society-addict

When talking about games, I'm totally a failure. However I found myself playing quite well in the Sims or SimCity. In fact, I'm a big fan of the Sims but the games is so expensive here (UK) so I ended up occupying my itchy hands into blogging, thanks to Alice. Not until recently, Alice & Connie introduced this interesting new online game - FB Pet Society.

It was boring and annoying at first but as you are familiar with how it works, you'll be addicted. Trust me. This is my last-to-do task every night before I sleep. My pet is called Delilah. I once suggested to hubby to name our baby Delilah if it's a baby girl. But then Delilah Ling...Delilah Ling...sound so weird. haha.... Luckily it's a boy and we found the most suitable name for him.

Ok..back to Pet Society, feeding my Delilah, bathing, racing, visiting friends and so forth will be my daily routing to collect enough money. Yes..it's not a real money but the money is decorating a comfy and warm house for Delilah (I wish it's real money - easy money, eh). Delilah's house...yeah, baby...
Racing - i just noticed that the spectactors are all my friends. Peebles, Stocking, Steambot, etc
That's me house. It's a bit empty but I'm in the process gathering money. PK dy~~~~
My achievements - working so hard to get those throphy

Orite, it's kinda late when I'm doing this post.

Oh yeah, before I'm off, AJ is sick again. He's recovering well but his apettite still down. As a result of that, he has lost a bit weight. So, please can you pray for him to get well soon.



22 Mar 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Note that UK celebrates Mother's day today.

It's my second time celebrating this day as a mum. Honestly, it's really hard work, sometimes stressing, depressing and lifetime responsibility. But then I'm so proud to be AJ's mom. *trying to forget those hard days*

Between I would like to take this opportunity to with Happy Mother Day to my Mom. She spent most of her life (& still is) giving the best care to me, educating, disciplines, scolding (when I'm seeking attention) and loves me. Mom, I know i couldn't repay your kindness back 100% ('coz I'm not her mother, what) but I'm sure that I'll love you forever. FOREVER, mom! You're the best....BEST OF THE BEST!

Love you lotzzzz, mom
And also not to forget, to cute ma. (note: the girl on the right is my sister. Too young to be my mom, ok?)
How sweet when I receive this card...check out below who is it from.
My lovely son. He made it with the help of her carers. So sweet~~~ *weep*


Hubby had a long video chat session with his family yesterday. When I was talking with cute ma, she wondered who's cute ma I'm writing, I explained that it's she I'm referring. Ah bui, my dad-in-law, Apollo's my dad, and so on. Then she asked why my mom is just called mom, well...I think that mom is the most common and classic name for my mom and I'll stick with mom when refering to my mom. or mama or mommy...:)
Then, Jerome had a long free lecture from hubby
haih...he's dilemma in choosing what course to do after SPM. Poor him. I bet he should know what to do after tonight (after hubby's suggestion - sit under the clear night sky ALONE, have a few cigarettes, think of what to do next)
AJ hurt himself yesterday (on his left eye lid). Poor him. But he's totally forgot what had happened.


Then we head out to the city to feel the warmmmth of the sun. It was a really lovely weather. The warm weather which we have been longing after months of freezing.
Then I saw this. A little upset that I couldn't celebrate this memorable day with my mom. T_T
AJ was so excited when we bumped into this event.
Car racing. wah...the car is so powerful and is running under petrol. See how high it flies.
But sometimes it needs help from the car owner
Father and son riding the hippo
AJ with the flowers
so beautiful, aint it?


Next, we stopped at Rudolf's. Rud suggested hotpot for dinner and while the guys prepared the stuff in the kitchen, AJ had fun enjoying himself there.
being a boss
starting his journey
to the kitchen
play around. then back to rud's room and again to the kitchen and back again for endless time.



21 Mar 2009

How I spend my Friday...

AJ wasn't getting any better after suffering more than a week of cough and flu - poor him, so I decided to have him check up. Thank God that he's given a clear after body routine check-up. He's recovering although he looks like he's getting serious (the mucus keep coming out), according to the doc. *finger-crossed*.

He's good himself. Playing, screaming and shouting but his appetite has gone down a bit so I am hoping he will pick it up soon. He snoozed in the car after we left the clinic, we went to baby clinic for baby weighing. It has been while since he last weighed himself. It was 12:05PM that time. The clinic opens until 1:30PM. Right, so I thought to let this little naughty baby (nope, I should call him toddler now) sleep a bit longer to get his energy back.

Haih…only to realise later that the baby clinic was cancelled. =.= make me waiting in the car for nothing. Well...at least AJ had some good nice nap under the warm sun. Then, we off to Morrisons for my lunch. Tesco for grocery shopping. I had the car with me so the last thing to do before heading home will be fetching hubby later. Unexpectedly, we finished shopping about an hour early. I know AJ is sleepy and as you know he was born in pig year, he snoozed within minutes in the car as I headed off to wait for hubby at his office outside. As we waited outside with me no one to play with (AJ's sleeping), I managed to camwhore a bit. hehe...
That's the bruise AJ had from the nursery (it's getting better now)
Waiting outside hubby's office building
AJ sleeps so soundly
with my precious
The view outside - my phone was hanging as that's the best reception that it receives
Look at how his hand & feet grown
Camwhoring myself - which is the cutest?
5PM: no sign of hubby but his colleagues heading home already =.=
Here he comes


20 Mar 2009

Mental Torment

On 3 separate occasions…

A How would you react to this? You came to office as per usual right? Then you’ve been called “politely” to attend your big boss office suddenly. This meeting doesn’t occur very often as you are a small potato here and once you’re shut the door behind you, you could see your boss was pulling stressing and unsympathetic face. Ooppps…there you go, a letter / a sentence from his mouth saying “I am truly deeply regret to say that we have to let you go”. Just like that. In seconds. They totally couldn’t keep you for whatever contribution you have made previously because if you’re clinging to them, they are heading towards a really dark deep dead-end hole ‘gaung’ (Malay – suddenly I can’t remember the word).

Choi! Choi! Choi! *Touch wood* No, it’s not me nor hubby. It’s our friend’s company. A close friend of ours sighed in deeeeeeeep relief when he is saved. We too! But we’re shocked as he told us the news. His company has sacked a number of co-workers (numbers not known) today. One of his colleagues who met hubby on hubby’s interview about 2 years ago is in the employee redundancy list. Shocking, aint it?

It’s just like you’re queueing waiting to be thrown into the hot fire incinerator. Or one of those many pigs waiting to be slaughtered. Or one of the many ants who work so hard to live on then suddenly a big thump (size 10 feet) behind.. On no any prior notice! Cruel~~~~

This is MENTAL TORTURE!!! Should I be happy that it’s not me or should I start worrying that I might be in the next list? But I’m grateful that my company is still quite stable, according to the bosses and I hope will be for as long as it can.

I’m really praying hard inside…praying hard….please don’t make us joining the crowds. Please let this credit crunch over….right this minute. Right NOW!!!! Pwwwweeeeaaaaaaaasssssseeeeeeeeeeeeee!


B You deserve it, Josef Fritzl! I hate you for what you have done to your own flesh and blood 100 times 100%. You’ll know what I am talking about if you follow this hot news. Every new-alert people know what you have done. You should be living in that hell,the you so-call-second-home for the rest of your life. Surviving on only the foods that are always low and expired – just like how you say you provide to Elisabeth and your children / grandchildren comfortably. How are you going to say to that? You are so ssssssiiiiiiiiiiiick yet you’re conscious with what you have been doing for the whole 24 years!!!!!

I was listening to the radio when the newsreader said Josef Fritzl has been given the life sentence in a mentally disturb centre. I was shouting with joy inside (I was at work, ok). You may think that I’m so cruel but I’m giving not a slightest commiseration to that born-to-rape monster. I even think that life imprisonment is too easy for this type of person. Enjoy your miserable days in your new ‘home’. Shame on you, Josef!

Honestly, I couldn’t believe how Elisabeth could survive 24 years in that cellar – the worst dungeon I must say. Let alone the children seeing with their own eyes how their father rape their mother. It’s life mental torture to all of them. Both physically and mentally for as long as they live.

My heart goes to her and her children. Now that they are free from the monster’s capture but losing 24 years of her youth to her father, spending the years of harsh rapes and deprivation in the dungeon, how is she going to lead her life normally? I think she has the will to live on only for the sake of her children. I am hoping she and her children can cope living normally (although it’s extremely difficult) with continuous support and care from the authorities. She is strong she has build up all this years and to be able to live on in the dungeon for 24 years, I respect your strong will. God be with you and your children all the time.


C I miss HOME especially when I couldn’t meet my family, touch them, speak to them physically or hug them. When I couldn’t say “ular peng satu, bang”, “kampua”, “cha mien satu” in the coffee shop. T__________T Right,I gonna make my own warm ular along with kampua this weekend. Yum yum...


18 Mar 2009

Oh my...he didn’t come back alone

I know it’s nothing special when this happened. But I couldn’t help myself from getting shocked when AJ came back with a reddish scratch on his right cheek yesterday. I was walking home today after work instead of being picked up by hubby normally. He said he’ll be off earlier since he doesn’t have much things to do, so it isn’t fair for me to ask him to wait another hour in the office doing nothing and picking me up.

Jimmy did said that he’s going to the park with AJ when they reach home, hence I expect to reach home meeting no one to prepare dinner for both of us. Surprisingly, I saw AJ sitting in his high chair eating the moment I open the door into our flat. He was smiling. Sweet~~~~ I was astonished when hubby told me that he had a fight today at the daycare with another toddler over a toy. Oh no… *gasped*

I checked the scratches. Check here and there, again and again. The scratches wasn’t too deep *phew* but it seems like it’s turning into bruises. T___T It looked like AJ received a blow from a toddler not just normal scratch. We didn’t know how it happened whether if AJ started it first by snatching the toy from another toddler (don’t think he would snatch the toys from other people) or the other toddler tried to snatch the toy from him and he tried to get it back. Hubby couldn’t ask more as the person who took care of him has already left for the day when he got AJ.

This morning, as I would like to know in detail, I called the nursery to get the story. According to Teresa, a child wanted the toy AJ was playing with and tried to snatch it from him then scratched his face. AJ moaned a bit. The toy was then returned back to AJ. *sigh* That’s my boy - for not being the one who started the fight.

Son, daddy said he’ll going to teach some good stuff on how to fight back (but not fighting against your parent - This is not an advise, it’s a stern warning), not getting bullied by this bullies, be strong and independent. Protect yourself, son. And of course, soft side and patience from your mama.

This happens in nursery. I know…I know…My friend’s son even came back with teeth bites almost everyday when he was younger. Probably I didn’t expect this to come so soon. Haih…But getting involved in a fight, I am scared he would be bullied without me knowing. I guess I have to learn to be calm..well...unless the incident turns to be on daily basis and that would definitely a NO NO NO to me. Hmm...should I take him to learn some defence moves soon? Taekwando or Kungfu? Hurmmmmm...maybe I could stay at home full time to care for AJ...that’s when Jimmy earns high income. How's that sound, dear?

AJ now understand a lot more (good boy) but he also knows how to let you know that he’s the boss. ==” He would just point to a thing he wants to do or directs you where he wants to go with you next. He knows which door to go outside. Or he would just grab your hand to do something that he couldn’t do. =.= Kidsssssss~~~~

Oh yeah...one other thing, AJ was the last kid to be picked up today, according to hubby. He worked late today and nearly forgot the it's time to pick him up. By the time he reach there (10mins before 6, else we'll be penalised for being late), he saw AJ standing by the gate with Karen, the carer. He was clutching tight to the gate with his both hands and screaming as he saw his daddy. "You are late!" Bless~~~


15 Mar 2009

Diuuuu…. xD

Anyone can do online shopping nowadays. Clothes, electronic devices, sofa, plates, etc etc. Shockingly, you could as well do grocery shopping also. No joking! Simply a few clicks from from any leading supermarket (eg tesco, Sainsbury, Asda) website and they’ll be delivered to your door.

However, we prefer hands-on grocery shopping due to the fact that we could choose them ourselves. Fresh and lovely. yeah, baby~~~~ 

We would normally have our shopping on weekends. Suddenly, out of sudden, well you can say I’m crazy, I said to myself today I’d like to give it a try – grocery shopping. Yeah, why not? It isn’t life-threatening if I try it once.

Tesco is where I want to have my first online grocery shopping. We’re into Tesco lately because it’s cheaper compare to Sainsbury. But we still Sainsbury for the bananas because of its freeeeeeeeshness. Right, first I logged into my Tesco account and start choosing the things I needed.    

2009-03-15_092915Getting my milk 2009-03-15_093007Banana 2009-03-15_094053Just realised they sells oreo in Tesco. Yeah! AJ's favorite. 2009-03-15_094105Checking my items before checking out

Right, I'm all set. I then clicked continue, hoping that I could choose the arrival time frame of the goods. This evening of course. O_o. I was O_o, not just that I was 100 x O_o when I saw this.

What! What! I thought I could received it by the end of today. WHAT!?! They charge for deliver also! What. I didn't expect that! In 100 million years, I wouldn't pay for that. It's not cheap somemore. Takeaway dinner doesn't charge for the delivery (well, within their delivery service area). or when you bought a TV online. or Furniture! or some nice PS3 game!

Call me stingy or anything else but I certainly wouldn't give my money away (eventhough it might just be a small amount for some people) for just that grocery shopping. I would rather spend one hour, 2 hours the max, to get my stuff from the store myself. Well, unless I'm incapable to do the shopping myself CHOI DAI KAT LAI SHI....

Anyway, Jimmy is now out shopping. saves us lots....

IMG 047After he had his Oreo...so tasty~~~

14 Mar 2009

A normal family day

Guess what? A lovely day it is, well a bit windy but thanks to Mr Sun for his effort warming us up. We need more of you Mr. Sun! So I suggested to hubby to go to the central park for a walk. It’s just going to take about an hour outing.

On our way to the playground, AJ bumped into a few dogs and he would just go “woof woof” to greet them. Haha...he certainly loves dogs.
Welcome to AJ's castle
AJ: see me action
AJ: jeng jeng jeng...
AJ: am trying my best....yih yih yih *sweating*
AJ: haih..better give up

AJ the crocodile hunter....whroarrrr
greeting with the dogs
Loves the swing

He enjoyed his day so much that he didn’t want to leave the playground. =.= It’s his Zzzz time and I could see it from his face. and I was indeeeeeed right. Seconds after we left the playground, he snoozed so soundly in his pushchair. ==”


Here're some random photos to share with you all
Got this "LEE" from my lovely sista when I was back home but I couldn't bring it back because I misplaced it. Luckily, my sista is clever enough to post this together with the iphone so that I could use it. Thanks a lot, sis.

Couldn't believe he could sleep under the winter sun =="


13 Mar 2009

Red nose day

I received a newsletter from AJ’s nursery a few weeks ago and asking children to wear fancy dress on the 13th celebrating this fun day across the entire UK. It’s one of those days we celebrate and collect money for charity.

Wow! I’m so happy and without thinking much, I’ve decided. AJ’s costume is his Chinese New Year clothes. Red. Suits for that day. He will be stand out on that day. I don’t have to worry much as the nursery room is warm. Yippee! Yesh!

Then, I realised that the 13th falls on Friday, today, the day I don’t work and AJ stays at home with me. =.= I was hoping AJ could wear his Chinese New Year clothes sometime again soon this year before he outgrown it. Haih~~~

Anyway, not to worry much. When the summer comes, he’ll be showing it off to the public. Can't wait. Hahah...

It’s not so cold now and I’m hoping for a good day today. A day not too windy with no rain. If it is, I’m taking AJ to the big playground not far from where we live. 5 minutes walk. And then go to the swimming centre to get information (prices for kids, opening times, etc). We're planning to give AJ a good swim (since he likes to take bath so much), not just once, at least twice a month, if possible.

Happy Red Nose day, everyone!


On a completeeeeee unrelated note, I would like to wish Apollo Happy Birthday. He is my biological father, who is one of his father's many sons, who entered parenthood for the first time 27 years ago, who spend his life working hard to support his family, who argued with me endless times but still he loves me a lot, who support me who graduated with flying colours (which I never thought I would landed my first step in UK) and secured a really good job here, who is stubborn yet I still love him no matter what, who gaves me the chance to taste the different kind of ice-cream flavors, who AJ proud to be his grandson, least to say me too - proud to be his daughter (& eldest daughter, woot), who who who...who is celebrating his birthday today.

Apollo, here's a birthday cake for you. I'm sorry I couldn't celebrate this glorious day with you physically but my heart is with you always.

when there's only me in the family
him today..still handsome

and oh oh...I got a iPhone (non Apple product) when he's holidaying in Macao for with his pals.
told ya he loves me 100%


many many many happiness and God bless ya lots lots.