14 Mar 2009

A normal family day

Guess what? A lovely day it is, well a bit windy but thanks to Mr Sun for his effort warming us up. We need more of you Mr. Sun! So I suggested to hubby to go to the central park for a walk. It’s just going to take about an hour outing.

On our way to the playground, AJ bumped into a few dogs and he would just go “woof woof” to greet them. Haha...he certainly loves dogs.
Welcome to AJ's castle
AJ: see me action
AJ: jeng jeng jeng...
AJ: am trying my best....yih yih yih *sweating*
AJ: haih..better give up

AJ the crocodile hunter....whroarrrr
greeting with the dogs
Loves the swing

He enjoyed his day so much that he didn’t want to leave the playground. =.= It’s his Zzzz time and I could see it from his face. and I was indeeeeeed right. Seconds after we left the playground, he snoozed so soundly in his pushchair. ==”


Here're some random photos to share with you all
Got this "LEE" from my lovely sista when I was back home but I couldn't bring it back because I misplaced it. Luckily, my sista is clever enough to post this together with the iphone so that I could use it. Thanks a lot, sis.

Couldn't believe he could sleep under the winter sun =="



Alice said...

that kid at the end of the video sounds so annoying..

ah go looks like he is sun bathing.. haha

Margaret said...

yala...that's why the video didn't last long...don't want the video full of his sounds...

Conny said...

dulu aku bodoh ke?
kau la yg bodoh...
salah tmpt o!
u're welcum~