28 Mar 2009

I'm so beautiful

When I’m writing this post, I’m smiling from ear to ear. I’m superrrrrrrrrr happy today. Over the moon!!! I’ve been waiting for this moment to tell you guys. I didn’t realised today is the day until Alice nudged me. She just reaches home with lotsa of things, and they are................everyone...............my wedding albums & free gifts!!!!

She showed me over the webcam the albums. Both hubby and I were pleased with the outcome. Afterall, we’re shooting for the whole day and were forcing to give the sweetest smile reaching the end of the day.

I didn’t want to waste too much money on just wedding photos, so we took the normal package in less than MYR3000. It was a bargain. The package includes a 12” album of 20 photos, 10” album of 20 photos, big a main photo with frame to put in the master bedroom & few other bits. Can’t wait to hang this in our main bedroom when we have our very own home.

And oh oh oh, hubby said if everyday I'm that beautiful, he will listen to whatever I said wor....I should learn to make up to that standard eh?

I wish I could show you all of them but not here in this extremely public place. Please understand for privacy reasons.

Many many thanks to Alice for helping us in choosing a good package from a good studio. Really appreciate your effort, dear. Not forgetting also Ah Soon for getting my precious stuff from the studio today. While I’m still in UK, I’m leaving them to both your good hands.


As you’re aware, AJ has been unwell these past few days. Cough, cold, diarrhoea and low appetite. He has lost a lot of weight for repetitive loose stools. Poor little fella. We thought he caught this contagious virus from his day care. But we only found out that his sickness is partly due to teething. We found out his 8th tooth this morning. And believe it or not, it’s out of our expectation! I can’t show you in pictures yet, as its edge just came out and it’s invisible from a normal camera unless from an extremely good quality camera. Thanks to you, little tooth for our broken sleeps and endless worries.



Alice said...

wahhahaha very efficient, fast and furious la you. So fast upload photos to FB and blog. Whahaha Love the photos.. especially the big one... quickly come back buy house then can hang it in ur bedroom~~i just realised the spinning photo album has the wedding music~~

Conny said...

i wan see the picture oso!!!!!

Margaret said...

@alice: of coz...must share my happiness with everybody. wah..got music one ah...so nice~~~

@Conny: you can see some in FB. or wait until you meet Alice. Then she'll show you the whole package. It will make you wanna do it also..

Conny said...

hmmm~im hvn 17 ner!!
not enuf age to kahwin...
then ambil gambar sama sapa?aj?

Margaret said...

ahaha...then wait lo till u found the right one...