2 Mar 2009

Kuching & Kuala Lumpur

We heard that Kuching has changed a lot since so we decided to pay a visit a few days after the wedding. It's true but luckily I can still remember the Kuching's map. haha
At the spring...
with Lik Jian, the prawn of seafood brotherhood

with my sweet mama

Hubby got tired so he can't be bothered where and how he sleep
peek-a-boo with a friend's son. He's so cute~~~


Finally, off to KL for a few days for photoshooting
cute ma grabbed the chance too
father and son took this at Berjaya Times Square
very nice view
love this to bits..coconut chicken herbal soup...sui~~~
cute ma taking 100% care of AJ. "Nanny" while both hubby and I off to photoshooting
AJ: better digestion this way, nana
cutest of all is?
who's the boss?
pose with nana
AJ: Do we look alike?
look..who's there?
hehe...evil grin
wakey wakey..you're more piggy than me, grandad
cute ma got a new spec
how's my kicking, nana?
This is my favorite so far!

Last but not least, my old goodie friend, Kam Chung



Alice said...

ho~~ u didnt pose a picture of Yi Cheah.. she's gonna be so jealous neh hahaha

Margaret said...

eh..u just remind of to get the photos from Kam Chung. That 'bastard' never kept his promise one. Shall chase him up soon..huh