26 Mar 2009

Don't miss these

Hubby received a video clip the other day and said I must watch it. Pondering why it's a compulsary, I watched it and didn't expect it would be like this. Then I tried my luck in youtube to share with you guys. Note, it may not be new to some of you.

Lizard's love story


Shampoo ads


I cried when I watched this - very meaningful. Appreciate you life!

So...what do you guys think?



Alice said...

wahhhh u teared me up *sob sob*
but then i heard a lot of people saying that Thailand commercials are mostly good. The lizard one is like Romeo n Juliet. haha the shampoo one really funny.. aiya u made me laughed then cried.. like a mad girl

Margaret said...

@alice: haha...mad girl. not that serious la....