18 Mar 2009

Oh my...he didn’t come back alone

I know it’s nothing special when this happened. But I couldn’t help myself from getting shocked when AJ came back with a reddish scratch on his right cheek yesterday. I was walking home today after work instead of being picked up by hubby normally. He said he’ll be off earlier since he doesn’t have much things to do, so it isn’t fair for me to ask him to wait another hour in the office doing nothing and picking me up.

Jimmy did said that he’s going to the park with AJ when they reach home, hence I expect to reach home meeting no one to prepare dinner for both of us. Surprisingly, I saw AJ sitting in his high chair eating the moment I open the door into our flat. He was smiling. Sweet~~~~ I was astonished when hubby told me that he had a fight today at the daycare with another toddler over a toy. Oh no… *gasped*

I checked the scratches. Check here and there, again and again. The scratches wasn’t too deep *phew* but it seems like it’s turning into bruises. T___T It looked like AJ received a blow from a toddler not just normal scratch. We didn’t know how it happened whether if AJ started it first by snatching the toy from another toddler (don’t think he would snatch the toys from other people) or the other toddler tried to snatch the toy from him and he tried to get it back. Hubby couldn’t ask more as the person who took care of him has already left for the day when he got AJ.

This morning, as I would like to know in detail, I called the nursery to get the story. According to Teresa, a child wanted the toy AJ was playing with and tried to snatch it from him then scratched his face. AJ moaned a bit. The toy was then returned back to AJ. *sigh* That’s my boy - for not being the one who started the fight.

Son, daddy said he’ll going to teach some good stuff on how to fight back (but not fighting against your parent - This is not an advise, it’s a stern warning), not getting bullied by this bullies, be strong and independent. Protect yourself, son. And of course, soft side and patience from your mama.

This happens in nursery. I know…I know…My friend’s son even came back with teeth bites almost everyday when he was younger. Probably I didn’t expect this to come so soon. Haih…But getting involved in a fight, I am scared he would be bullied without me knowing. I guess I have to learn to be calm..well...unless the incident turns to be on daily basis and that would definitely a NO NO NO to me. Hmm...should I take him to learn some defence moves soon? Taekwando or Kungfu? Hurmmmmm...maybe I could stay at home full time to care for AJ...that’s when Jimmy earns high income. How's that sound, dear?

AJ now understand a lot more (good boy) but he also knows how to let you know that he’s the boss. ==” He would just point to a thing he wants to do or directs you where he wants to go with you next. He knows which door to go outside. Or he would just grab your hand to do something that he couldn’t do. =.= Kidsssssss~~~~

Oh yeah...one other thing, AJ was the last kid to be picked up today, according to hubby. He worked late today and nearly forgot the it's time to pick him up. By the time he reach there (10mins before 6, else we'll be penalised for being late), he saw AJ standing by the gate with Karen, the carer. He was clutching tight to the gate with his both hands and screaming as he saw his daddy. "You are late!" Bless~~~



Alice said...

hahahaa that little boss knows how to show his temper huh..

WA LAO EH!!!! who is that son of toooooootttttt that caused AJ bruises!!!! *fold sleeves up and throw toys at that toooooot* Babi punya baby!

Luckily AJ loves peace, didnt fight back with that toooooot

Conny said...

babi punyai baby...
u should say baby of pig...
tat baby ang mo o...duno read malay..

Margaret said...

@alice: hahaha.....i can't wait to see his expression when you threw the toys at him. He might be scare of toys afterwards....wahaha..

@Conny: haha...nice one

Alice said...

conny: hahaha wei i purposely said in malay cos it sounds more sarcastic that way haha babi punya baby babi punya baby~~~

Conny said...

dun later say wrong baby punyai babi o....!