15 Mar 2009

Diuuuu…. xD

Anyone can do online shopping nowadays. Clothes, electronic devices, sofa, plates, etc etc. Shockingly, you could as well do grocery shopping also. No joking! Simply a few clicks from from any leading supermarket (eg tesco, Sainsbury, Asda) website and they’ll be delivered to your door.

However, we prefer hands-on grocery shopping due to the fact that we could choose them ourselves. Fresh and lovely. yeah, baby~~~~ 

We would normally have our shopping on weekends. Suddenly, out of sudden, well you can say I’m crazy, I said to myself today I’d like to give it a try – grocery shopping. Yeah, why not? It isn’t life-threatening if I try it once.

Tesco is where I want to have my first online grocery shopping. We’re into Tesco lately because it’s cheaper compare to Sainsbury. But we still Sainsbury for the bananas because of its freeeeeeeeshness. Right, first I logged into my Tesco account and start choosing the things I needed.    

2009-03-15_092915Getting my milk 2009-03-15_093007Banana 2009-03-15_094053Just realised they sells oreo in Tesco. Yeah! AJ's favorite. 2009-03-15_094105Checking my items before checking out

Right, I'm all set. I then clicked continue, hoping that I could choose the arrival time frame of the goods. This evening of course. O_o. I was O_o, not just that I was 100 x O_o when I saw this.

What! What! I thought I could received it by the end of today. WHAT!?! They charge for deliver also! What. I didn't expect that! In 100 million years, I wouldn't pay for that. It's not cheap somemore. Takeaway dinner doesn't charge for the delivery (well, within their delivery service area). or when you bought a TV online. or Furniture! or some nice PS3 game!

Call me stingy or anything else but I certainly wouldn't give my money away (eventhough it might just be a small amount for some people) for just that grocery shopping. I would rather spend one hour, 2 hours the max, to get my stuff from the store myself. Well, unless I'm incapable to do the shopping myself CHOI DAI KAT LAI SHI....

Anyway, Jimmy is now out shopping. saves us lots....

IMG 047After he had his Oreo...so tasty~~~


Alice said...

hahahah this online grocery shopping reminds me a lot of the sims gameeeee

Margaret said...

eh yeaho...reminds me of that as well..now it just makes me thinking that we people are now just like SIms game