8 Mar 2009

Yeah, baby. You rock!

This is a mission you can't avoid. For the sake of the family and your wallet, you need to solve it yourself. Unless it's unsolveable by basic methods, you should only consider for someone else help.

Believe me. If this is not done immediately, it will ruin our body system. Our body system will be affected so seriously that in the extreme case, urgent operation is required to get rid of those dirty, infectious stuff from our body system.

We realised the problem when it doesn't work as it normally do. It keeps clogging & clogging that it has left the area so messy and smelly. Makes me want to vomit. Ewww! Bluerk! Yiak!

So, I sent hubby to this dangerous "deadly" mission. Kissing him with lots of love and praying for his safe return while I stayed caring AJ. Our toilet is BLOCKED! T___T
with his belt unclipped
AJ got curious

20 minutes later, he came back "The shit is gone for good". Hoorah!!! You rock, baby! As always...Wahaha..

Luckily, we have another small toilet while this one (in bathroom) is temporarily unfunctional.

Not related but I got some interesting photos for your pleasure, my loyal readers.
caught in action!
at Every little helps...
found this cutie little dog
and this one...darn..the lady blocked its face. So beautiful~~~
camwhoring with my dearest



Alice said...

hahhaa ooo u wore the dress dy. looks nice on you~~ and you look soooo thin nehh~~~

AJ did the best smile in the third last photo. I'm electrocuted~~ hahaha

Margaret said...

really? flattered....*blush* teng kiuk teng kiuk. Everybody says that as well...haha..

I love his smile on that photo as well. so sweet~~~