21 Mar 2009

How I spend my Friday...

AJ wasn't getting any better after suffering more than a week of cough and flu - poor him, so I decided to have him check up. Thank God that he's given a clear after body routine check-up. He's recovering although he looks like he's getting serious (the mucus keep coming out), according to the doc. *finger-crossed*.

He's good himself. Playing, screaming and shouting but his appetite has gone down a bit so I am hoping he will pick it up soon. He snoozed in the car after we left the clinic, we went to baby clinic for baby weighing. It has been while since he last weighed himself. It was 12:05PM that time. The clinic opens until 1:30PM. Right, so I thought to let this little naughty baby (nope, I should call him toddler now) sleep a bit longer to get his energy back.

Haih…only to realise later that the baby clinic was cancelled. =.= make me waiting in the car for nothing. Well...at least AJ had some good nice nap under the warm sun. Then, we off to Morrisons for my lunch. Tesco for grocery shopping. I had the car with me so the last thing to do before heading home will be fetching hubby later. Unexpectedly, we finished shopping about an hour early. I know AJ is sleepy and as you know he was born in pig year, he snoozed within minutes in the car as I headed off to wait for hubby at his office outside. As we waited outside with me no one to play with (AJ's sleeping), I managed to camwhore a bit. hehe...
That's the bruise AJ had from the nursery (it's getting better now)
Waiting outside hubby's office building
AJ sleeps so soundly
with my precious
The view outside - my phone was hanging as that's the best reception that it receives
Look at how his hand & feet grown
Camwhoring myself - which is the cutest?
5PM: no sign of hubby but his colleagues heading home already =.=
Here he comes



Conny said...

see the 3rd pic...
aj's face senget ki!!!!!!!!!!!

Alice said...

ur pao face is the cutest in the 7th picture.

yalo ho aj's feet and hand grown longer.

AJ is no longer a baby~~ He's a toddler *keeps reminding myself*

Margaret said...

@Conny: haha...that's the most comfy place. He snores louder than my radio.

@Alice: haha...with all my eyes shut? bo eh???

Alice said...

yea la cos it different from ur usual face
ahaha and u dun usually do that but then dont do too often also
later ppl thought u sot liao hahaha

Margaret said...

haha...i'll tried not to do that often...