25 Mar 2009

Pet Society-addict

When talking about games, I'm totally a failure. However I found myself playing quite well in the Sims or SimCity. In fact, I'm a big fan of the Sims but the games is so expensive here (UK) so I ended up occupying my itchy hands into blogging, thanks to Alice. Not until recently, Alice & Connie introduced this interesting new online game - FB Pet Society.

It was boring and annoying at first but as you are familiar with how it works, you'll be addicted. Trust me. This is my last-to-do task every night before I sleep. My pet is called Delilah. I once suggested to hubby to name our baby Delilah if it's a baby girl. But then Delilah Ling...Delilah Ling...sound so weird. haha.... Luckily it's a boy and we found the most suitable name for him.

Ok..back to Pet Society, feeding my Delilah, bathing, racing, visiting friends and so forth will be my daily routing to collect enough money. Yes..it's not a real money but the money is decorating a comfy and warm house for Delilah (I wish it's real money - easy money, eh). Delilah's house...yeah, baby...
Racing - i just noticed that the spectactors are all my friends. Peebles, Stocking, Steambot, etc
That's me house. It's a bit empty but I'm in the process gathering money. PK dy~~~~
My achievements - working so hard to get those throphy

Orite, it's kinda late when I'm doing this post.

Oh yeah, before I'm off, AJ is sick again. He's recovering well but his apettite still down. As a result of that, he has lost a bit weight. So, please can you pray for him to get well soon.




Alice said...

Oh no~ Why AJ is sick again =(
Hope he recovers soon and never get sick again.

Erm... ngai lo.. addicted to pet society until Delilah is wearing a paper brown bag hahaha Steambot has that unfinished apple hat too! very funny! I once got an ugly tyre as clothe~ hahahaa

I found another new game!! hehehe

Margaret said...

yalo...hope so lo...=.=

what's the new game?? is it the one I intro last time?

Alice said...

no no it's called the restaurant city
also by playfish. Facebook game hahaha

Margaret said...

restaurant city...eh..sounds interesting. will give it a go...