13 Mar 2009

Red nose day

I received a newsletter from AJ’s nursery a few weeks ago and asking children to wear fancy dress on the 13th celebrating this fun day across the entire UK. It’s one of those days we celebrate and collect money for charity.

Wow! I’m so happy and without thinking much, I’ve decided. AJ’s costume is his Chinese New Year clothes. Red. Suits for that day. He will be stand out on that day. I don’t have to worry much as the nursery room is warm. Yippee! Yesh!

Then, I realised that the 13th falls on Friday, today, the day I don’t work and AJ stays at home with me. =.= I was hoping AJ could wear his Chinese New Year clothes sometime again soon this year before he outgrown it. Haih~~~

Anyway, not to worry much. When the summer comes, he’ll be showing it off to the public. Can't wait. Hahah...

It’s not so cold now and I’m hoping for a good day today. A day not too windy with no rain. If it is, I’m taking AJ to the big playground not far from where we live. 5 minutes walk. And then go to the swimming centre to get information (prices for kids, opening times, etc). We're planning to give AJ a good swim (since he likes to take bath so much), not just once, at least twice a month, if possible.

Happy Red Nose day, everyone!


On a completeeeeee unrelated note, I would like to wish Apollo Happy Birthday. He is my biological father, who is one of his father's many sons, who entered parenthood for the first time 27 years ago, who spend his life working hard to support his family, who argued with me endless times but still he loves me a lot, who support me who graduated with flying colours (which I never thought I would landed my first step in UK) and secured a really good job here, who is stubborn yet I still love him no matter what, who gaves me the chance to taste the different kind of ice-cream flavors, who AJ proud to be his grandson, least to say me too - proud to be his daughter (& eldest daughter, woot), who who who...who is celebrating his birthday today.

Apollo, here's a birthday cake for you. I'm sorry I couldn't celebrate this glorious day with you physically but my heart is with you always.

when there's only me in the family
him today..still handsome

and oh oh...I got a iPhone (non Apple product) when he's holidaying in Macao for with his pals.
told ya he loves me 100%


many many many happiness and God bless ya lots lots.


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