20 Mar 2009

Mental Torment

On 3 separate occasions…

A How would you react to this? You came to office as per usual right? Then you’ve been called “politely” to attend your big boss office suddenly. This meeting doesn’t occur very often as you are a small potato here and once you’re shut the door behind you, you could see your boss was pulling stressing and unsympathetic face. Ooppps…there you go, a letter / a sentence from his mouth saying “I am truly deeply regret to say that we have to let you go”. Just like that. In seconds. They totally couldn’t keep you for whatever contribution you have made previously because if you’re clinging to them, they are heading towards a really dark deep dead-end hole ‘gaung’ (Malay – suddenly I can’t remember the word).

Choi! Choi! Choi! *Touch wood* No, it’s not me nor hubby. It’s our friend’s company. A close friend of ours sighed in deeeeeeeep relief when he is saved. We too! But we’re shocked as he told us the news. His company has sacked a number of co-workers (numbers not known) today. One of his colleagues who met hubby on hubby’s interview about 2 years ago is in the employee redundancy list. Shocking, aint it?

It’s just like you’re queueing waiting to be thrown into the hot fire incinerator. Or one of those many pigs waiting to be slaughtered. Or one of the many ants who work so hard to live on then suddenly a big thump (size 10 feet) behind.. On no any prior notice! Cruel~~~~

This is MENTAL TORTURE!!! Should I be happy that it’s not me or should I start worrying that I might be in the next list? But I’m grateful that my company is still quite stable, according to the bosses and I hope will be for as long as it can.

I’m really praying hard inside…praying hard….please don’t make us joining the crowds. Please let this credit crunch over….right this minute. Right NOW!!!! Pwwwweeeeaaaaaaaasssssseeeeeeeeeeeeee!


B You deserve it, Josef Fritzl! I hate you for what you have done to your own flesh and blood 100 times 100%. You’ll know what I am talking about if you follow this hot news. Every new-alert people know what you have done. You should be living in that hell,the you so-call-second-home for the rest of your life. Surviving on only the foods that are always low and expired – just like how you say you provide to Elisabeth and your children / grandchildren comfortably. How are you going to say to that? You are so ssssssiiiiiiiiiiiick yet you’re conscious with what you have been doing for the whole 24 years!!!!!

I was listening to the radio when the newsreader said Josef Fritzl has been given the life sentence in a mentally disturb centre. I was shouting with joy inside (I was at work, ok). You may think that I’m so cruel but I’m giving not a slightest commiseration to that born-to-rape monster. I even think that life imprisonment is too easy for this type of person. Enjoy your miserable days in your new ‘home’. Shame on you, Josef!

Honestly, I couldn’t believe how Elisabeth could survive 24 years in that cellar – the worst dungeon I must say. Let alone the children seeing with their own eyes how their father rape their mother. It’s life mental torture to all of them. Both physically and mentally for as long as they live.

My heart goes to her and her children. Now that they are free from the monster’s capture but losing 24 years of her youth to her father, spending the years of harsh rapes and deprivation in the dungeon, how is she going to lead her life normally? I think she has the will to live on only for the sake of her children. I am hoping she and her children can cope living normally (although it’s extremely difficult) with continuous support and care from the authorities. She is strong she has build up all this years and to be able to live on in the dungeon for 24 years, I respect your strong will. God be with you and your children all the time.


C I miss HOME especially when I couldn’t meet my family, touch them, speak to them physically or hug them. When I couldn’t say “ular peng satu, bang”, “kampua”, “cha mien satu” in the coffee shop. T__________T Right,I gonna make my own warm ular along with kampua this weekend. Yum yum...



Alice said...

wah lao very scary~~ but i believe ur company is ok la. Else, come back lo! hahaha you know doors are always open for u guys over here.

That Josef deserved it! Such a bian tai.

Conny said...

im agree....!
u can bek anytime!
even u can leave aj at ckei and go other place with jimmy